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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen 3 USB Audio Interface $585 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU from UK


Similar to this deal however this is for the rack mountable Scarlett 18i20. Amazing price as it retails for over $1000 elsewhere, locally. Imported from UK so not clear whether it comes with AU power supply cable or not, but it uses IEC type cable so should be easy to find a replacement with an Aussie plug.

In case you need more input ports get yourself a Behringer ADAT expansion module ADA8200 for $247, which is a great price in itself, to add another 8 analogue inputs/outputs.

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    Username definitely checks out.

  • The power cable should be an IEC connection. Same as any computer power supply or most Computer monitors.

  • USB 🤣

    • I don't get it.

      • There’s so much latency with USB it’s not worth it, especially with so many ins/outs. You’ll have lots of lag, and it will be noticeable.

        • Ahh ok cool. Cheers.

        • I agree that USB is not ideal for audio applications, but I think your statement is a bit of a broad brush. First of all what are you using for recording? Do you have personal experience with simultaneously recording on multiple inputs with any USB multi I/O interface with more than 4 input/output channels? I'd be keen to hear about your experience.

          As for your statement, I think it depends on the use case. For tracking of external instruments e.g. a whole band or drum machine and some synths at the same time, input latency is less important since all the input tacks will have the same delay. If you want to monitor a VST or another pre-recorded backing track from your DAW in parallel with recording an external instrument, say a guitar, or a vocal then latency may be an issue. Having said that, with modern CPUs I think latency is less of a problem overall as they will accept quite low buffer sizes.

          For VST only use, you probably don't need something like 18i20 with so many I/O, but Focusrite drivers appear to be quite good these days so even for in-the-box VST-based production or digital DJing, the ouput latency should be quite low, sub 10ms.

          As for latency increasing with more tracks being recorded in parallel, I am not sure about that. My understanding is that the latency doesn't increase like that. What you are more likely to run into a problem with is bandwidth when recording multiple stereo tracks. However that would probably be more of an issue with USB1, not so much with USB2 for 8 stereo tracks (probably could handle more than 8 tracks in parallel on USB2, haven't tried it).

  • USB is easily fast enough for audio transfer unless you are using a lot of channels at high bit rates/depths.

  • $593.90 now

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