Ableton Push 2 - $866.58 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Hallo all,

Excellent price on Push 2 from Amazon UK atm.

For comparison:

StoreDJ: $1049
Mannys: $1049 (also StoreDJ)
Ableton: $990

I bought one a few days ago and held off posting until there was more stock.

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  • I had the push 1. It was awesome fun for messing around, and teaching friends how to make music, but it couldn't replace the productivity of a mouse and keyboard. Personally I think a quality midi keyboard is a better purchase if you can only afford one.

    • I agree - though it really depends on your setup. Hard to do without a decent controller keyboard IMO!

      I've been using the Ableton template on Maschine Studio as a general controller for a few years now, and it's definitely a big help to my workflow. Though I don't expect it to replace a keyboard / mouse.

      I ended up getting this just because I so rarely use the Maschine software, and if it's just going to be an Ableton controller, a Push 2 is a better option..

    • I bought mine for composition, but it has found itself into my singing booth* It's actually a lot better than a mouse for playback and recording takes. For that application, it is absolutely brilliant, if expensive. I never touch the mouse in ableton. I would think it would be absolutely dynamite if you were a DJ type.

      (*I'm not rich or good, I just didn't want to be heard).

  • Ive had this in my cart for a bit on Abletons site + Suite upgrade from Standard. $999 +$419
    Its quite highly thought of in the Ableton scene. Anybody have and can recommend?

    Maybe this is a sell off before Push 3? Theres a thread on Abletons forum about Push3 but its all specualtion.

    • I think it really depends on your setup and how you like to work, tbh.

      I don't feel like there's much value in Suite for me - it's a lot of content I won't be likely to use. I've got far too many sample packs already, and most of the time I'd rather use synths from Arturia / NI / Serum than anything they bundle with Live. Ditto effects (I love Fabfilter!).

      Still, if you're starting out it's probably a decent bundle to have access to. I just don't personally have a need for it.

      • Serum is good, ive been trialing it and intend to buy it any day. I think ill hold off on the suite upgrade for a while,

        • You should check out the Serum deal on Splice if you haven't!

          Essentially rent to own - you pay a monthly fee until the total hits RRP. Then you own it.

          It's such a lovely synth, I use it for lots of things ;-)

    • from my research on reddit etc i dont think a push 3 will come in the next year or two unless they have a standalone device planned or something special like midi 2 being released. EDIT: shit it was released 1 month ago…who knows.

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