Heinz Big Eat Peppered Steak and Onion Canned Meal 410g $2.50 (Min Order 3) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Same price from Woolworths

Product details:
Make a classic and peppery combo in this full on flavor can
A tasty casserole meal with beef, potato, peas onion and pepper flavors
Ready meals, just heat and eat
An all day hunger buster

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  • Not really a deal if its same price as woolworths and has a minimum order. This price has been the since it came out as well (according to CamelCamelCamel)

    • Let's try that again with a shortened link lol.
      I actually agree with this.
      This one for $2 is a much better buy - also Peppered Steak but Chunky, bigger and cheaper.
      Or other big eats varieties for $1.75 instead like Ravioli Bolognese

      Seems to be cheaper alternatives rather than just the usual meh.

    • Add delivery - free with free Prime sign up.
      Some people need their food delivered!

  • OOS? but…me want BIG EAT!

  • Better buy was last night!
    Was same price, but better cashback.

    Bought another in that range (all day breakfast) $1.75ea (min order 3) to qualify for $2 bonus cashback with SB.
    $1 a 410g can after cashback!

    • Exactly what I did too lol. Haven't tried the all day breakfast before but honestly for only $1 a serve I'll give it a go!

      • Living up to your Username😉
        I've got no idea what it's like.

        But at 410g per can, I won't be eating it in 1 serve (more like 3 x 33c serves with something else)!

        • Ahaha yeah that's me ✌️
          At 410g per can I'm fat and would probably eat the whole thing at once lol
          Although I might be able to spread it out to 2 days over toast - that's a good idea!

          • @pennypincher98: Drs always tell me to stop eating so much - lose weight. When I show them how little I eat, they don't believe it! I just can't eat much.

            Yes, some toast, with maybe cooked mushrooms for me.

            • @the INFIDEL: Ahaha I'm the opposite! People see how much I eat and they are like how are you still a twig 😂

              Sure if I can find some cheap mushrooms lol although I guess not many is needed :)

  • A rubbish deal. Much better waiting for the monthly sale on soups at colesworth, $1.75 for a 505g can


    • What a rubbish comment!

      For a different product!
      Campbell's Chunky Beef Soup 505g $3.50

      Let them eat soup!
      This Deal is for Peppered Steak and Onion Meal!

      Add delivery - free with free Prime sign up.

      Not currently available half price.
      This Deal is available. Or Same price from Woolworths.

      Likely will be posted later in a Coles Deal.
      We can also buy then.

      An invalid neg vote by Voting Guidelines.

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