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Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand | 3 Monitor Stand $51.99 Delivered @ VALUEMAX Amazon AU


cheapest I found.

As always Enjoy. :)

Features & details

TRIPLE MONITOR STAND: Fits 3 monitors 19 20 21 21.5 22 23 24 27 inches, with a maximum support weight of 15.4 pounds each, using the 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA square bolt hole pattern found on the back of the monitors. Measure, in millimeters, the distance between the bolt holes in the pattern on the back of your monitor if unsure of size.
FEATURES: Free standing monitor desk stand has full motion, height adjustable arms and is made of heavy duty steel and have integrated cable management on each to keep your cables out of sight. VESA plates are removable, which makes for easier mounting. Comes with stable free standing base for desktops.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: 2 of 3 monitor stand outer arms can tilt 45 degrees up and down from center, swivel 360 degrees, and raise and lower on the middle pole. Middle screen can be height adjusted, tiled, and swiveled as well. All 3 screens can be placed and held in portrait or landscape orientation independent of one another.
EASY INSTALLATION: Triple monitor mount comes with all mounting hardware, tools, and instructions necessary for assembly. Detachable VESA plates are mounted to the back of the monitors, and re-attached with a single bolt. Non-skid free stand sits atop any desktop. See instructional video for additional tips on functionality and assembly.
5-YEAR WARRANTY: 3 monitor mount comes with a 5-year warranty and our friendly and responsive US-based customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have during normal business hours.

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  • Thanks. Grabbed one.

  • Thank you OP. Do you reckon this might fit a 34 and 2 x 24s on both sides?

    • In short no. Look at arm length, and that VESA mount must be centralised to monitor. The maximum 27" x3 would be at full extension. Unless you managed to fit something in portrait either side.

  • Will this fit 3x27inches?

    • In the pictures it says yes

      • Yea that's what I would have thought, but it shows the length for the arms. is 26". How can 3 27" monitors fit in a stand with arm lengths that is 26"

        • Actually there’s another picture that one arm is 26” so both arms at 52”. So 13” x 26” x 13”. That should fit 3 27” monitors.

  • That was quick - No longer available unless you want to pay $85 + $65 shipping.

  • Can anyone comment on the stability of this (or something like this) that isn't bolted to the desk? My triple monitor set up consists of one dual monitor mount and a single mount bolted to the desk. It's such a pain to move the setup and align the screens perfectly

  • This is not relevant to the post, but if anyone looking a stand(arm) for monitor size(34'-38'), "North Bayou F80 Monitor Stand" is not a good choice

    • 34-38" is huge for a stand that's meant for 17-27" monitors.

      • I took the risk and bought one for my 38' monitor as it looks more simplistic than the massive stand Acer gave me. Unfortunately, the monitor is too heavy that cannot hold up with the gas spring. Then I superglued the gas spring because I never adjust my monitor height once set up.

        Now, it's holding up perfectly, but there are better choices out there if someone is willing to pay a premium price.

  • With 3x 27 monitors, can the two side ones be foldeed towards you?

    The pictures show 3x 27, but all in a straight line.

  • Think the deal is over… only showing $85 from Amazon US…

    Do you think this would be able to handle a 34" ultrawide in the centre and a 24" to the right?