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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Sports Watch (Black/White/Aqua) $399 @ The Iconic


Amazing price for a great running watch.

Stack with 20% on "Sport" category cashback @ ShopBack = $319.20

Don't forget the additional $10 off with the targeted offer to get it for $309.20 after cashback.

Other styles here:

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Good price, close to 50% off RRP.

    My 645 is on its last legs… now the 245 or the Fenix 6s pro?

    • +1

      Big difference on price.
      I personally have tried my brothers Fenix and don't like the extra weight. I would go the 245 or 945.

  • Looks like the $20 sign up code negates the cashback?

    • Where'd you read that? Says it you can only stack with codes listed on Shopback, $20 for new user seems to be in that list?

      • I went from the Shopback site and you get a pop up window from there just before it goes to The Iconic site which says:

        Cashback is not qualified for:
        - Cashback is not payable on purchases through THE ICONIC App
        - Cashback is not payable on usage of codes not listed on ShopBack

        • Isn’t the $20 off code listed on ShopBack? Seems to be for me on the extension app

          • @LesDon: i got one using the $20 off code, and also got the cashback (only 3.5% tho)

  • Thanks, got one. By far the lowest price for this

    Edit: only seemed to get the 3.5% cashback - did you get the full 20% OP?

    • 20% with Shopback (you must've used Cashback)

      • 20% for "sport" category, 3.5% for everything else

        I only got the 3.5%

        • Yeh, the 245 music doesn't seem to be in the "Sports" category even though so other Garmin's are.

          • @LesDon: It is in the drop down menu at the top of the site. I wonder if you navigated to it that way if that would change the cashback?

            Did you also use a code to get $10 or $20 off in checkout?

          • @LesDon: Strange, the 245 can be navigated to via 'explore men's sport'…

            • @yourpants: It's under "Women's Sport Accessories" per URL.. so if it's not "Sport" then idk what is.

              • @mustkill: I picked one up. Thanks OP. Doesnt seemed to have tracked on Shopback yet. Will see what happens.

                Any idea how long it normally takes to track?

            • @yourpants: yep, you're right actually

              • +2

                @LesDon: dont normally check it immediately, no idea how Tycn got his confirmation Shopback (edit: I originally put "cashback") so quick haha, still waiting. will defo updated you guys. Wife said sometimes hers takes a day to show up?

                either way, iconic offer free returns for 30 days, so I figure no real risk?

                • @yourpants: Got an email confirming $12.70 cashback soon after order. Will return if they don't credit the full amount

                  • @Tycn: Yep. I only got 12.70 back too despite it clearly being under 'Sport'.

                    Will send an email to their help centre and see what happens!

                    • @yourpants: I think watches are ultimately under "Accessories". If you look at the top left corner of the site for the Garmin Forerunner 245, it says "UNISEX / ACCESSORIES / WATCHES". It's similar for other Garmin models.

  • +1

    Does not seem very clear.
    How to verify you get the ShopBack cashback before I buy?

    ShopBack says up to 20% off for all Sport Wear.
    But then ShopBack Info for Theiconic says you have to use a promo code to get your item tracked for Cashback.
    So is a promo code required in this instance?

    The Theiconic ShopBack info contradicts their 20% off all sport wearables because there is no suitable promo code to use.
    Maybe I am reading too much into this.
    I just prefer to know before I buy and find out I do not get 20% off.

  • While you can find the Garmin watches under the "Sport" category, I think watches are ultimately under "Accessories". If you look at the top left corner of the site for the Garmin Forerunner 245, it says "UNISEX / ACCESSORIES / WATCHES". It's similar for other Garmin models.

  • Accurate heart rate monitor? If not, price seems steep for the limited usefulness.

    • +2

      Yes it is however it’s not a medical device.
      If you need medical grade, maybe a 12 lead holter will suit you

  • +5

    Some clarifications as someone who purchased this deal.

    You CAN apply the $20 sign up discount to the Shopback offer, by using coupon code SBNEW20

    Shopback has only offered 3.5% Cashback on this purchase so there is a guaranteed price of ((399.99-20) * (1-0.035)) = $366.69

    However, on personally contacting Shopback regarding the possible 20% Cashback, they have stated the following:

    "We have been made aware of this issue yesterday and we are currently checking with the merchant on the rates for your transaction and according to our team, the correct cashback rate will be credited by next week."

    Therefore, while yet to be completely verified, the minimum guaranteed price can be as low as ((399.99-20) * (1-0.2)) = $303.99

    If you're a lucker dog with the targeted $10 cashback I guess you could actually go as low as $293.99.

    Will keep this updated as Cashback is processed.

    • +2

      Have checked with shopback that 20% off is closed from 17th, look for 20 & 21st afterpay promotion sale.

    • +1

      Any news from SB?

      • +3

        The cashback was not automatically credited into my account by the supposed week so I asked them again and after sending them a PDF of the invoice, the Shopback representative directly topped up my account by $56.85, in addition to the original $12.06 cashback from the 3.5%.

        So in total I paid $310. Not quite as good as the ideal full 20% off but still a great deal.
        The 20% Shopback isn't valid anymore, but anyone who purchased this deal while it was active should definitely get in contact with Shopback.

  • I cant see from garmin site, does this track golf courses? I was looking at the Venu but this is a lot cheaper and i dont need a lot other than music. Any advice would be great thanks

    • +1

      I've got a Garmin Approach X40 that's been used about five times that I'm selling, it's specifically for golf but has all your heart rate steps etc. as extra features. I'll shoot you a message. edit: send me a message as I can't send one to you.