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$20 off a Single $120+ Spend Online @ Woolworths



Received this offer via email, possibly targeted?

Simply spend $120 or more at Woolworths Online before Sunday, 30th August and enter promo code SHOPNOW20 at checkout.

Our Personal Shoppers are ready to pick your order just the way you like it (just leave them a note at checkout against your chosen items). Plus, enjoy convenient and contactless shopping with our Pick up and Delivery services.

To make getting started even easier, we’ve also created some handy hints and tips and saved everything from your last shop in one place.

  1. $20 off your order offer
    To claim your $20 off your order you must spend $120 or more (excluding bag fees) at www.woolworths.com.au in a single transaction, select Pick Up or Delivery and enter promo code SHOPNOW20 at checkout. Offer valid once per shopper only between Monday 17th August and Sunday 30th August inclusive. Offer can only be redeemed by the recipient of the email containing this offer. Minimum spend amount excludes any vouchers or offers, delivery charges and Delivery Saver items, tobacco/smoking products, gift cards, egift cards, mobile recharge, travel cards and tickets and Pre-order Kiosks and Auto-order products. Orders may be cancelled by us without notice to you if the above terms and conditions are not adhered to. Please note that to redeem your $20 off offer, your order total must be $120 or more after any other discounts or offers. click here for full terms and conditions. Woolworths reserves the right to vary the terms of this offer at any time without notice. 

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  • "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion."

    Likely targeted.

  • Test run worked :)

  • Finally got one of these targeted deals

  • No go for me unfortunately "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion."

    Good deal if it works for you.

  • If you're getting the "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion." when you first go to checkout to see if it works, add $120 to your cart and then try it.
    Initially got the error when testing it, but then added $120 worth of stuff to cart and it worked! Thanks OP.

  • My last order with them has 8 items missing.

    There was also this random bottle of Vegetarian Oyster Sauce also (which I didn't order).

    • I've ordered 6 times (all pickup) and had 3 issues on 2 separate orders. They were sorted out within about 30seconds by the virtual assistant inside My Account > Invoices (Was your order incomplete?)

      I was blown away how smoothly it all went and refunds landed in my account the next day. I had a few broken eggs due to bags being packed stupidly, I had incorrect number of vegetables and also a particular fruit that was of pretty bad quality. All refunded in full almost immediately. I didnt have to talk to anyone or show photos of the problem. I work in digital product area (not Woolies) and it's prob harder to impress me than most with a good user experience like that. There are some items out of stock at the moment but that's another problem altogether (damn you Korean glass noodle shortage at my local :( )

    • Vegetarian Oyster Sauce? I got Vegetarian Chicken Sauce. Made from corn fed chickens. The sauce had a yellow tinge.

  • Got it.

  • How do they target for this promo? I've been spending lots - maybe I need to shop at Aldi this week so they can win me back with a promo. I got a spend $15 or more on meat and gets x5 reward points :( not great compared to this targeted deal

  • Not eligible

  • Got it on a old email account :D

  • not eligible… damn

  • Tops - worked! Thank you!

  • Be wary of all their promos. They say "buy 5 of these and get 100 points each" - and the item is ALWAYS at full price. Wait for it to go on special unless the savings are equal to the points savings. And they list items that won't sell and are within a few months going out of date. Always check the expiry date and compare the points bonus to the cycle of discounts. I boost all their offers, but have cut back on this scam now I've woken up.

  • Promo came on the page as soon as I logged in to Woolworths. Applied it at checkout after over $120 was in the trolley and said cannot apply to your order? What are they playing at! Back to Coles I go

    • Yes had the same issue… WTF

      • I had the same issue and I had over $140.00 in my cart - I spend at least that weekly so not being eligible is bullsh*t

    • Did you get an email? I got one and the code worked.

      • It shouldn't matter if you got an email or not. Not seeing the deal on homepage and then logging in to see the $20 off deal flash up, of course should mean that you're eligible. That's just poor service and cheating to get people to purchase. I'm sure there's plenty of people this happened to and just thought (profanity) it.. Il just pay anyway since I've spent ages filling up my cart.

        • Yes, I usually test it by just ordering several kilos of lamb cutlets up to the required amount. This offer works for me but about 25% of cost has disappeared from the order over 3 days due to out of stock items.

          • @Yola: I don't think you're getting what I'm saying. If you see a promo on the site when you login then everyone would think that it will work for you. Shouldn't be a need to test it by filling up your cart with pointless items. Honestly feels like a cheat tactic to get people to shop with them