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2 x Facebook Portal TVs (Video Chatting Camera) $388 Delivered ($194 Each)


A cheap way for video conferencing through your own TV, though limited to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger (no Zoom, Meet, Teams or Skype support) however Alexa is built-in.

Purchase 2 or more and price drops from $229 to $194 each including delivery, not a great saving but better than nothing. No expiry of the deal listed by website so could be any time.

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Portal from Facebook
Portal from Facebook

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    The absolutely last Facebook product I would buy is a camera and microphone unit. No chance.

    • +6

      For real, why would anyone buy this over a normal webcam???

      • -4

        as there is virtually no native video conference Apps on any SmartTV platforms this allows convenient video conferencing by simply sitting on the couch, no need to sit in front of a relatively tiny PC or laptop screen compared to your 55, 65" etc… TV.

        • +3

          Ok Zuck

          • @Bellpop: still wonderful to see the negatives on Ozbargain given that this like all posts on OB are is simply for anybody out there trying to save some $$$ on a product as it's not about the morality of the company that produces it!

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              @karakaan: It's not a bargain if you're selling your personal data for practically nothing.
              Privacy has a dollar value even if you don't value it.

              I do appreciate anyone posting what they believe to be a bargain, my neg isn't directed at you, but at Facebook's well documented loathsome and amoral behaviour

      • +1

        In the past I purchased a Logitech Skype TV Cam to help my family connect with elderly and disabled relatives overseas, it was a fantastic device. The problem to consider is Logitech ceased to support the device, it is likely that support would cease for this Facebook Cam sooner than a PC/mobile.

        This is a really good fit for the use case above, it is disappointing technology companies do not provide more solutions for improving accessibility like this.

    • Facebook have products?

      • +2

        Unfortunately. Which are all being forced to use Facebook accounts.

      • No, even if you pay for this, you will still be a product.

    • Facebook Fone coming soon?

  • +9

    Haha Zuck is off his nutt if he thinks anyone would buy one of these bad boys.

    • It's a Portal into (Facebook) hell.

    • I would have purchased this for my grandma to stay in touch.

      • But…

        • Passed away.

  • +5

    Mark Zuckerberg has entered the chat. “Mind if I steal another idea Winklevoss twins?”

  • +4

    Zuck off

  • +5

    Smuckerberg will no doubt have his one covered with pieces of black tape.

  • Zuckerberg covers his laptop cam up with a sticker as paranoid of being hacked and gifts the rest of us with full infiltration of our living rooms

  • +3

    From Facebook? Hahaha no chance, you spy on me enough.

  • +2

    I'd get the covid vaccination before this.

    • +3

      I'd get Covid before this.

  • Why is this even a deal?

    You have to buy two to save $70, for what? different angle?

    • +1

      You can have the other sent to a relative for free.

  • Zuck you , no way.

  • +1

    Whatsapp calls are encrypted I guess like on phones? So that's a plus. I totally get the FB hate and distrust though.
    Would be great for a neutral product like this to exist though as there is a benefit noted by OP in a comment to do easy video chat on a big TV

  • +1

    Apparently, OzBargain is no friend of Zuck.

  • +3

    I thought this was gonna be a proprietary webcam that plugs into a Smart TV over USB and integrates with a crappy app but it's basically its own mini PC built into a high quality camera and mic array.
    With that in mind, $200 doesn't seem too bad.

    It has a physical camera cover as well.

    • ………and a 2nd secret lens.

  • My Sony TV used to have skype on board as an app, bought the optional camera and sure enough Sony dumped the idea soon after.

    Kind sucks if you ask me, features like that should be honoured for the average lifetime of a TV, not a gimmick that comes and goes!

    I fear the product mentioned in this post would soon end up being an expensive paperweight..

    • It should be simple to add support for webcam input to TVs. They are a great option for family video conference calls, but I want to choose the app and have the ability to change not be locked into a single app that might have support terminated.

  • +3

    I have one. sent the 2nd unit to my parents that live in another country.
    It's delivered to its promise, especially during covid times. We're having way more video chats with family since owning it.

  • +2

    I have one and bought one for parents. They work great. Several people I’ve had over and shown to have then bought Portals for home + their parents.

    I wish there was another product like this on the market because I despise Facebook, but in this case my needs of a decent TV based video solution won.

    Prior to this, I tried things like casting to the TV from another device and using its camera (Phone/Tablet) but it’s just horrible compared to this. The microphones are amazing. The in-built gimmicks are fun for the kids. I really like it.

    Shame it’s by Facebook. Mic is muted and lens cover shut when not in use.

  • I didn't realise these things existed outside of the bond movies.

    Makes sense, can't exactly demand 1 million dollars from the president over a zoom call from your bedroom

    Has Zuckerberg bought any islands lately?

  • This is a way over priced product.
    Factor in that once you’ve set this up you’re the actual product (your data) and this should really be a lot cheaper.

  • A cheap way

    Yeah…. I get it