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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version US$28.07 (A$39.35) Delivered @ Mi Global Zone Store AliExpress


Apply coupon 4MIBAND at checkout.

Price in title inclusive of GST & Shipping

If you haven't already done so, install the AliExpress Assistant add-on for Chrome for a US $3 coupon to reduce price even further. More details and instructions here.

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  • Would anyone know if the global version is any different?

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        Again, There is no difference between chinese and global band except language.

        There are two chinese band
        one with NFC with only works in China
        second without NFC

        Non of them have SpO2

        so nothing wrong to buy chinese version without NFC

        • That sounds definitive, as in, the global NFC version will NEVER support another payment system other than MiPay.. The NFC works everywhere, it just only support MiPay right now

          I am personally holding off as I feel international payment systems will get support in the future

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      yeah, it is. Global version doesn't have spo2 tracking or NFC (or alexa, for what that's worth).

      I haven't seen what the Chinese version is like with switching language and just using those features though.

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        I don't think the Chinese version has an SpO2 sensor either, unless I've missed something. I got mine yesterday (ordered on release from AliExpress, so that's an indication of shipping delays).

        Regarding language it supports English just fine, and what seems like two Chinese languages (I can't read the kanji though). I had to select English in the Mi Fit app after pairing because it didn't automatically switch like my Mi band 2 and 4 did, but no issues otherwise.

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          That feel when calling Chinese characters kanji

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            @Save Medicare: It's called hanzi

          • -12

            @Save Medicare: Chinese characters are, in fact, kanji. FYI, Chinese, Japanese and the Korean language all stem themselves from what is called by 'kanji' by the Western world.

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              @azurell: Yes, but Koreans call that Hanja
              SOURCE: I am Korean

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              @azurell: Chinese characters are not kanji. Kanji characters are adopted from the Chinese language. Much like Korean writing originally. Kanji is a derivative, not the origin and over years there are now differences. It's quite ignorant to say the Western world calls all of them kanji.

              • +1

                @Jenus: My bad, I only recognise them from Japanese.

                • +2

                  @Alzori: Not on you mate, not expecting everyone to know what Chinese characters are called in Chinese. And we all understood what you meant clearly.

                  My comment was more for the person who claimed they are one and the same.

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      Again, There is no difference between chinese and global band except language.

      There are two chinese band
      one with NFC with only works in China
      second without NFC

      Non of them have SpO2

      so nothing wrong to buy chinese version without NFC

  • Is the NFC model compatible with Google pay?

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      Only work in China

    • Only supports Mi-Pay which only exists in China

    • No

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    My Mi Band 3 just cracked another band today. Good time to purchase a new China GPS tracker.
    Thanks OP.

    • Does this actually have a GPS?

      • +4

        Nah, it piggybacks off your phone GPS.

        • Thanks, trying to decide on an Amazfit Bip or this, and is it worth double for an in-built GPS but a bigger watch

          • @choofa: Amazfit Bip is incredible. I love it and highly recommend it.

            EDIT: Actually, let me qualify that - Amazfit Bip is incredible if you're running Android and can therefore run the 3rd-party Amazfit Tools apps.

            • @Zorlin: And I should mention I used the Mi Band 1, 2 and 2S before switching to the Bip.

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    I have got Mi band 4 for $33 about a year ago. Great product for price. Cracked about a month ago but still works brilliant even the waterproofing.
    For $39 Miband 5 would be great price.

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    I know that it's cheap and all, but not having google pay and AOD makes me question the purpose of these.

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      It makes me wonder how many smart band users actually use the pay function in reality. In my observation. Zero.

      • +2

        I do use the pay function. It’s convenient not having to pull my phone out

        • Do you have to authenticate each purchase?

          Could someone put a Square into $199 purchases (now that pay wave limit has been raised to $200) and brush up against the wrists of dozens of people on a train and collect rent money?

      • +1

        True for me I use it maybe like once a month😂

      • When you put it that way, not many people who owns a smart band actually uses it for long either.

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    Great price just ordered one yester for $42 but this is by far the cheapest. Great find op

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    Damn, pulled the trigger last week and paid $60. Spewing!!

  • Where is the best place to buy a 'English' version of the band 4? And will it fit a 9 year old child's wrist?

    • +1

      FWIW, our 9 year old has the Bip (might be worth checking out for the added benefit of GPS).

    • The chinese version has English as an option and it's extremely easy to turn it on (there are multiple videos online that guide you through it) once english is enable it is otherwise no different than the 'Global' version of the product. My partner has extremely small wrists I'd feel confident to say it would fit your child's wrist

  • Does anyone know how to automatically sync workout from mi bank to iOS Health app? I am using AIA Vitality and can get points by doing the workouts. But I never figure out a way to do it. It does automatically sync your steps to iOS Health app though.

    • Yes it does sync to iOS health app. You just need to enable that.

      • could you show me how? from how to log the workout to how to sync it over to vitality? I have got steps working so I think all permissions have been granted. it must be something I missed…

  • Would you buy this, or an Amazfit Bip for $79?

  • +1

    Which version of the Mi Band 5 has NFC supporting Google pay, SpO2 sensor & Alexa (or Google assistant)?

    • +2

      Non of them but there are one news that Amazfit band 6 is coming with all of the things which you required in that. Recently, Ali Express shown the advertisement of Amazfit band 6 mistakenly and its look same as Mi band 5 with all of the advance features.

  • Awesome price. Great deal.

  • I have a Mi Band 4, the app interface feels pretty clunky. I prefer Samsung Health and Apple Health over its UI.
    However, love its functionality and versatility, just wish the UI was better.

    • +1

      How does UI compare to daily recharge slavery (vs 3wks+), the huge price difference & feather light (not even noticing on the hand)? It does better for what is meant for. Everything else is better on the mobile.

      • Yeah I agree with you.

        I work in a setting where my watch gets roughed around, have dropped it in oil 2-3 times, banged it against a wall accidentally whilst carrying stuff, yet it is still going good with only 3 minor scratches on the sides.

        The price point ($31) is so low that since I have gotten 4 months out of it, I feel like it's given me way more value than what I paid for it. If I had something like a Galaxy Watch Active 2, I would have been constantly worried about my $350 watch getting scratched, broken, etc.

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    Anyone can tell me the differences between this and the Mi band 4? Worth the upgrade? Thanks for you help :)

    • +1

      More accurate heart rate

      • Hi Avi001,

        What's the change in the charger? Is it still required to take the main body out of the band to charge?

        • worth it for the magnetic charger alone, you don't have to remove it from the band to charge it

    • +1

      lesser battery life than mi band 4 though. 20 days (mi4) vs 14 days (mi5)

  • +3

    I wasnt able to use the OP's promo code and AliExpress Assistant add-on coupon at the same time

    • Neither

    • +1

      Thanks updated OP.

  • Miband 4 is the bomb this is even better

    • +1

      2 bombs?

  • +1

    For anyone comparing after 84 days in the mail my Haylou Solar watch arrived and I find it a better overall product that the older mi band 3 (obvs not this model) for the same price

    • How does sleep tracking compare? It's the main function I need.

      • Don't wear it to bed so far so can't comment, but tracking UI is easy and might give it a crack since I'm such a sh#t sleeper

    • Interested in your experience with haylou solar. What makes it a better product than miband in your opinion?
      Is the display on Haylou solar bright enough?

      • Display alot better than the miband. Feels way above the $50 I paid. Haven't found out how to customise the interface yet. The interface is alot cleaner and more helpful that the miband imo. Sizing is more appropriate and battery life so far is great for a comparatively larger screen. Has essentially the same basic features as miband but carries off the package, and the look, better imo

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP.

  • How long U reckon it will take to get here?

    • I buy a lot from aliexpress and is always different but is between 1-2 months

    • Haven't received my item from Aliexpress yet, It's been more then 2 months now.

  • Banner on the page says there'll be a sale on the 24th for $38.82 so maybe wait a couple days for an extra $2 savings?

    • You could wait, but then run the risk of coupon 4MIBAND which reduces price by US $4 expiring.

  • No PayPal option?

    • No PayPal option on AliExpress

      • oh rats, thank you

  • I wonder if they ever updated the way the step counter works in this model.
    My mi band 4 annoyingly counts steps in my sleep waking up to ~500-600 steps. This happens on the daily

    I love the sleep tracking and HR monitor when it works.

    • +2

      I have the 4 and no it does not count steps in my sleep, you must sleep walk….

    • Hmm doesn't happen to me? Maybe you sleep Walk unknowingly?

      Is there any pillows in the stove the next morning?

      • Definitely not sleep walking.. although I could be flailing my arms around tossing and turning? Who knows.

        It's a minor inconvenience as there is no way to subtract those steps which gives a false sense of actual count.
        I love the fact for the mi bands that you can go without charging for weeks on end

        • True that. That's why I'm finding very hard to justify my band 4 up to band 5… There is nothing wrong with it haha. Hmmm

  • -2

    My Band 4 lasted about a month before the screen went blank with nothing showing. Got a full refund but it has put my off these.

  • Is the SpO2 version available (soon)?

  • was so cheap… got one more, but I'm not sure if I need this.

  • Does anyone know if the global version (on aliexpress) has the SpO2 sensor?
    Mi Band 5 Global version listing on Amazon AU seems to list that feature. Or are these two different models?

    • +1

      Sorry none of them have SpO2 (it was just in a rumoured list of features before release)

      All the reviews on your Amazon link one also list it as missing

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