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Breville BES870 Coffee Machine $629.10 @ The Good Guys


First Deal, let me know if anything needs to be adjusted here
Use code AUGUST10 at checkout to receive discount
Not the lowest its been, but the best price I've seen lately.

Edit: As mentioned below, also comes with $100 store credit. Thanks Shapers
Edit 2: It would appear they have added the silver model to the exclusions list, have updated the URL to the black/sesame model

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    You also get $100 store credit from spending $500+ when you c&c

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      Thanks mate. Added to deal

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      So if you team up with another buyer, you can potentially save $50 each.

  • Due to unforeseen demand, this product is now only available for Click & Collect at selected stores.

    • Plenty of stock(in NSW at least)

  • Black model available too

  • How do these models compare to the automatic delonghi machines? I've never used a breville but i understand it has extra steps to grind the coffee first etc

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      At this price I would spend the extra and get the delonghi unless you are passionate about grinding and tamping your own coffee. The Delonghi reduces a lot of mess and makes that whole part consistent.

      Edit: I'm not sure why I'm being negged. I bought both…

      • Which delonghi model?

        • https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/delonghi-la-specialista-manua...

          The steam wand is the only thing I don't like about it, it's auto so stops automatically while the breville you can keep going if you want to make it hotter. Mess wise it's a huge difference though, not having to deal with tamping etc.

          • +4

            @onlinepred: That Specialista is a manual machine.

            Also it doesn't come with single wall baskets, which indicates the pressure is weak, it needs help from double wall baskets.

            The only niche thing going for it is the build in tamper (manual lever), but it only presses down, it doesn't distribute.

            The grinder has only 5 settings.

            Not sure why anyone would get this over the Breville.

            • +3

              @browser: I have both, and it's naive to assume everyone who is interested in one of these, are ready to become fully involved in the whole coffee making process. Breville get LOADS of these returned, because it is not easy to make a good coffee - it's why I got a factory seconds one for $399.

              Lets say 3 major parts to making a good coffee, the grind, the tamp, the frothing. If you take 1 of those parts out, it means you can focus on the other parts of making a coffee, rather than having so many variables to change - like how you tamp - which is a huge variable. Even if the auto tamping is done automatically, it's still one less variable that someone has to deal with.

              The grinder settings are no where near as good as the Breville, but as the same time, I rarely go past 3 settings on the breville.

              All in all, I'm pretty picky with my coffees, and I would pick the Breville for when I want to spend a while getting the right configuration for a new set of beans, but mostly use the delonghi when I just want a coffee.

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                @onlinepred: You are probably right, hard to differentiate unless drinking espresso straight up.

      • What are your thoughts on the coffee quality with each of the machines? Which do you think ultimately tastes better?

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          There's a couple of comparison videos on YouTube, such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVrk9Xxhz7I

          You can see that the Specialista is noticeably under extracted.

        • +2

          Neither machine will "taste better" when used properly for a few reasons, but here's my 2 cents.

          I've owned this Breville model second-hand for a few years and can say that the quality of the coffee depends entirely on the person making it and the beans involved. Once you get the process dialled in and find some beans you like, you can get pretty consistent shots with a good taste. I now literally only use settings 16/17/18 for grind size, and the very low end of the dial for dose (grind time). And on those off occassions where the power fails, or you turn the machine off mid grind, the manually controlled grind is useful too.

          The main reason (as stated in other comments) to get a more automatic machine is take away some of the difficulty in getting to that stage, and also to make life easier in the kitchen. There are times when I'm making food and don't have the space/time/hands to make coffee, especially for more than 1 person, without ruining the meal. Automatic machines would make a better coffee in this instance due to lack of barista attention haha.

          This Breville seems like something more suited to someone who knows and enjoys coffee and milk-based espressos (I love the frother being on a full ball rotation instead of pivot/swing) and the journey of making better coffee, with the odd experimenting session here or there.

      • I completely agree. Wait for a sale - managed to get a new fully automatic delonghi eletta 45760 for $795 on Amazon Prime 2 weeks ago. Having previously used a manual coffee machine myself, with so many variables to account for - the delonghi takes all the stress away. Loving my Eletta!

    • +2

      As a consumer model this one is pretty good and quite popular as it's a all in one.
      You can still pull a decent coffee with it.

      Give beginners the option of using the pressurised baskets which are more forgiving on the grind and tamp, and if you want to experiment and play further with better beans you can use the unpressurised ones

    • +3

      I've had this machine for 4+ years now. I love it, I cannot fault it. Unless you plan on spending $2000+ then this is perfect for home use.

      • Have you ever had your machine not stop pouring when you press the button? The last week or so I've had to manually stop it every time otherwise it'll just keep pouring. I reset the pour times, still the same thing. Nothing in the manual about it either that I can see.

    • +2

      Depends if you want to stand in front of the machine to make your coffee or press a button and let the machine do it. I'd definitely go with the Magnifica S over this but to each their own.



      • +1

        I could never get a great coffee from it though, I ended up swapping for the specialista manual, it's a great in between.

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    Just a heads up, I keep mentioning just in case it helps someone save loads of money, I was able to pick one up for $399 from a breville factory seconds near me.

    • +2

      They’ve now been bumped up to $499, or at least they are at the Brisbane one.

      • Ah bummer

        • Is there a perth factory seconds by any chance?

      • Where is the Brisbane one?

        • +1


          • @aja12: it's very hit and miss! of course those stores are by nature, but i've never had any luck.

    • Nice. I got mine about $470 new from JB last December with 1kg P&R beans on redemption

      • $70 bag of beans wowsers! ;-)

      • Wow. How so cheap?? Boxing day bargain??

        • +2

          I think this was the one:


          A few stores were doing sales down to ~$490-530, and I price-matched at my local JB then jumped in with a Wicked Wednesday 5% voucher at check-out.

          I got silver as a matter of personal choice. The 1kg P&R beans were part of a redemption program Breville were running at the time.

          I remember the time sweetly lol. Not just because it was pre-COVID hehe, but because in the same week I bought a Note10+ for $1100 and the best Sony 85" LED for $4700. My peak as an OzBargainer…

      • Why so cheap was it the red one?

      • I got on the same deal, it was a P&R x Breville promotion. It was sweetened even more with the P&R 50% off coupon and Amex Shop Small earlier this year.

    • +1

      Hi, which city are you in?

      I'm in Sydney and can't seem to track down a factory outlet for Breville. I think there used to be one in Redfern, and then Ultimo?

      Does anyone know where the factory outlet is in Sydney (if there is one)?

      • Ah damn, Brisbane for me.

    • +2

      Same, I picked one up about 3 years ago from the Factory Seconds shop at Ultimo for the same price.
      Even though they said it was refurbished/demo, it appeared completely new and didn't look like it had been opened.

  • code not working "You have entered a duplicate promotion code "AUGUST10".

    *update code seems to work for black model only

    • Happened to me too, but when you go to checkout it’s there

  • SAme price thegg commercial

  • +1

    The silver is excluded from the 10% off but the black truffle isn't https://thegoodguys.sirv.com/Content/2021FY/Homepage/wk8/Doo...

  • +3

    Good machine have had it for two years and love it

  • +1

    Have mine for 4 years still going strong

  • Have mine for 5 years, no problem at all. Paid $670 (full price) back then.

  • +1

    It was $570 or lower from memory on last Xmas sales.

    • Yea it was closer to $530 during xmas on ebay.

      • Yeah I got it around that mark a couple of years back!!

        • Paid $462 for a new unit in June 2019 from the Bing Lee eBay store. eBay had some sort of promotion on at the time, with limited quantities of a few highly discounted items.

          • @Trumble: Same here. I think that's the lowest price for a new one.

            Not sure why this is a deal, but if you look at the history, you can get ones of these for under $600 easily if you wait. Under $550 is a deal.

    • Yep, I got mine for about $550 with a kilo of beans thrown in. Still, this price is pretty good… especially with the $100 voucher!

  • I'm seeing $699 and the AUGUST10 isn't working for me. Bummer… Edit: I was trying the silver option. My bad.

  • Damn I like the Stainless Steel colour over the Black Truffle, but $70 more… should I or should I not? amm…

    • +1

      I have it in black and love it but if you're not in a hurry. wait for the next sale.

    • +1

      Black is actually quite nice, considering most kitchen appliances are stainless finish.

    • +1

      Pulled the trigger, saw some of the internet pic of black sesame they are not too bad :)

  • +2

    As per others here, I've had this black unit for a few years now and it's been excellent. Stepped up from a Nespresso and based on the cost savings of beans versus pods this machine paid for itself in 14 months! The fact that it's manual and allows full control across the different steps also means that although there's a but of a learning curve you can get your coffees tasting exactly the way you want which has been a huge bonus. Highly recommended.

    • +3

      Yea spot on. I do wish sometimes I could make a really quick coffee though without mess haha ;-)

      • Yeah, agreed… but for me/us the added flexibility far outweighs the time required & the bit of mess involved. One thing I started doing a while ago to help keep things clean is to use a single sheet of paper towel on the catch tray when grinding as I usually get a bit of spill when the handle fills or during tampering. I then shake the dry grinds off the paper towel sheet into the sink during extraction then fold it a couple of times and wet one side so it's ready to go to wipe the steam wand after frothing the milk. This keeps the tray so clean that it only needs to be tipped out and quickly rinsed instead of needing a full wash to clean off all the grotty grind mess.

        There's a fancy automatic machine at work and although very quick, easy & mess-free there's no easy way to dynamically change the grind size, quantity, tamper pressure, extraction time, milk temp etc. on the fly and/or when different beans are used so I find I get quite bored of the flavour. The range of flavours & styles you can generate with a manual machine is mind-blowing… even when using the same beans! Change beans and you get to explore even more variables but of course some people are happy with 'same-old-same-old' consistency so yeah, each to their own :)

        • Oh yea, also I changed to jiggling the portafilter while the machine is grinding, then the ground settles far more and I don't get any spillage during that stage. May not suite your beans though.

          • @onlinepred: I got two plastic picnic cups - the disposable ones for kid's parties. I cut out the bottom of both of them (same height) so that they fit snug (not too tight) inside the portafilter. They act as a funnel. I can even rest the portafilter and plastic cups against the grinder (smart grinder) and walk away while it does its thing. Zero mess - every time. This hack changed my life.

            • @ilikeit: Zero mess even going from machine to ground disposal?

              • @onlinepred: Depends. I don't use a bang box. I leave it in the sink for a couple of minutes until it hardens a bit, then I just scrap the grounds into the bin - falls in easily. Quick rinse under the sink and it's good to go again. For me, there is no mess.

                This is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0n-KFIrC60

                • @ilikeit: I've stopped storing my beans in the hopper and weigh the dose each time. That's all I put through the grinder and I use a cocktail jigger to catch the grind, tap it a few times on the bench, then flip it into the portafilter.

                  Zero mess and keeps my beans fresh in a vacuum sealed cannister.

  • +2

    Great machine. Had this for about two months now and it's been fantastic. Can't say that about my latte art though..

  • +1

    Should I get this or the Sunbeam EM7000? I already own the smart grinder pro.

    • +1


      Although obviously not at that price haha

      • This the best espresso machine for under $700 you reckon?

      • +1

        Its either the Bambino or getting a gaggia classic

        • Bought the Bambino from Good Guys Commercial partly due to this comment, thanks!

          • @achyd1: I still haven't decided lol. Half of me wants to spend more and go buy a Rancilio Silva V6, but then the other half (the lazier half) is leaning towards the Bambino.

    • I am in the same boat. Love the EM7000, and have the smart grinder too. The sunbeam is such a solid machine. Unsure about switching to this Breville. (currently living O/S, with the Sunbeam EM7000, but when we come back to Oz, will need to get a new machine) It's a big decision! :)

      • +1

        I dont think there is any benefit from changing from a EM7000 to the Breville. While the EM7000 is a older machine, It's still a really good one (what I use too)
        I'd even say that if you have a grinder already, the EM7000 will be better than this Breville.

  • +1

    You can get additional 3% via Shopback, I got email from Shopback, on top of the 10%

  • +1

    I bot the Sunbeam EM5300S for $358 and happy with that so far.

    Prior to purchasing the Sunbeam, I had my eye on this for a while but just could not get myself to fork out the $$.

    How does this compare to justify the price difference? Please make me feel good :P

    • The reason the barista express is so popular, is because the grinder is really reliable and high quality. It is after all comparing a machine almost double the RRP though ;-)

    • +2

      I have the Breville at home and the Sunbeam at work. Both are great machines. The Breville is visually more appealing and the Subeam grinder is messy but the coffee is as good. The steam wand feels more powerful on the Sunbeam too.

  • Just commenting to say I bought one of these on boxing day last year, great machine!

  • +3

    I would do anything for a deal on the BES920… :'(

    • Whats the difference? Dual boiler for using milk steamer at same time?? That it?

      • +4

        At a basic level sure….
        But there's a bit more that I find appealing. Like standard 58mm portafilter. Complete temp control. Stronger steaming. Also auto on functions (I want to wake up to a ready to go coffee machine). Currently, I have a BES870, even though I can pull a shot in like 5-10 seconds after power, the group head is cold so I'm waiting >10 minutes to warm her up.

        The BES870 has served me really well for like 4-5 years… but I'm ready to step up I feel.

  • Ive heard a little about this model and how it's a single boiler. I'm keen but does anyone know if this will be a limiting factor if say I were wanting to make 2 coffees quickly (double shot in each) one right after the other? Or is there a long wait inbetween to get the water back up to temp. Appreciate any help from those who have this model! Cheers

    • +2

      I make 2 coffees in a row multiple times a week - one with a double shot, the other with a double double shot haha. You dont notice the wait time after frothing milk, pulling the next shot. I think its like 5-10 secs. Its been amazing so far. Takes a bit of time to dial in but once your in - its god's gift.

      • awesome - thank you!

    • +1

      I make 2 coffees all the time for my wife and I. By the time you clean/wipe the portafilter, grind and tamp, the water temp is good to go. No waiting for the water temp to get back up.

      • Yea you spend much more time cleaning up and preparing than you do waiting for the boiler to be ready.

    • It's not single boiler. It has thermocoil, which not the same as single boiler machines. The downside of not being able to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time is same however.

  • +1

    pretty crappy how the store credit expiry is 4 weeks

  • I called the sales line as my local was out of stock for pickup, they said they would do the 10% discount and deliver for free (1 cent). But they would not honour the $100 cashback as it was online only.

    • It's not cashback, it's $100 store credit (so they expect you to buy $100 of stuff in store). When they ran a similar online deal in June the guy wouldn't take the discount straight off my price in store, but did allow me to buy another item and then get the $80 taken off the total. You could try negotiating something similar.

      • Sorry I did meant store credit, not cashback. I could try calling again and hope for another sales person, try my luck in OzBargain fashion!

        • Called a store with stock, same situation. They offered it for $600 instead, tried for $580 but no deal. ):

          • @FrugallyMinded: Sorry for spamming the reply, but might be useful to someone!
            I'm currently in Victoria, so i'm unable to travel to click and collect and the 2 stores and main sales line said they would not honour the $100 bonus in store credit unless it was ordered online.
            So I called again to see if I could change it to delivery from the store after ordering click and collect and they said yes and I would have to pay for it. I was only quoted $10 for delivery, so I've purchased and waiting to call the store to change it to a delivery.

            • @FrugallyMinded:

              so I've purchased and waiting to call the store to change it to a delivery.

              Did it work? change it to delivery

  • Still have the machine after 2 yrs and still loving it :)

  • Thank OP, ordered. Cashrewards tracked instantaneously.

  • Any recommendations for a very budget coffee maker? What would you guys say is the minimum to get something worthwhile?

    • Wouldn't recommend but last time I bought one is from Kogan.

    • +3

      Sub $100, go for the Nanopresso - takes a bit of effort but if you value money saved over effort saved then worth it.

      Other than that, I have tried the Kmart manual & semi-automatic machines, and they made crap coffee. Ended up returning both. You may like them if you haven't been exposed to better tasting coffee:)

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