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TP-LINK Deco X60 (AX3000) Mesh WI-FI System (3 Pack) - $599 @ Bing Lee ($589/$579 w/Voucher)


First time posting so go easy!

Was looking for a Mesh Wifi system and this has just dropped from $738 to $599 at Bing Lee this morning. ScorpTec has it on sale for $699 so it's a great price if you're looking for a WiFi 6 Mesh pack. I actually went into the store to cancel my Google Wifi order, and ask if they could price match ScorpTech @ $699 and when they scanned it at $599 I was pleasantly surprised!

Use Bing10 for $10 off one item, or Bing20 for $20 off two items Online. Don't forget Shopback, too!

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    Thanks Mattske,

    Just ordered.

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    Does any one know if these have support for a wall or ceiling mount?

    • No wall or ceiling mounting options.

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        Well, that is disappointing :-(

        • For wall and ceiling mounting look at Ubiquiti Unifi WAPs.

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            @Twix: I know, just a pretty steep price tag on them but they are awesome! This seems a great deal for a full Wifi 6 mesh. Currently, I've got ceiling-mounted Google Wifi.

          • @Twix: Unifi = Awesome but no WiFi 6 yet?

            Unless I missed an announcement,

            The Alien does WiFi 6 but not available in Australia yet :(

            • @Ramrunner: Wifi 6 Unifi WAPs are coming. Alien maybe here in a few weeks.

  • Limited reviews out there for this. Looks like no dedicated backhaul and trades better coverage at expense of speed. Not ideal.

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      fundamentally I agree , having a 3rd dedicated band is best and provides better performance.
      Having said that , my Deco M5s don't have a dedicated band and absolutely no issue in performance (i have 3, initially hardwired but now on wireless due to my powerlines died)

      • Nice one, good to hear positive feedback. I'm on the look out for a high-ish performance mesh system without spending crazy dollars. Current TPlink C3150 router is great and satisfies 90% of our needs, but in front room of house and cannot easily change that. Throughput degrades back of back of house and doesn't cover the small backyard or garage adequately. I only need 2 units, but need one that can handle double brick and push local 4K remux from my NAS in parallel to other users with ease, so want something with a bit of headroom.

        • In such scenario mate , i highly suggest to use a Gig Powerline to hardwire them for best performance.(even 500Mbps powerline will do and they are cheap)

          I don't have a double brick house (mine a large house but weatherboard) to compare but honestly best practice is to hardwire them as I initially did till my powerlines died

          • @SamyKn: How do you find the performance of these? I've heard powerline adapters to be quite average in the past but maybe the tech has gotten better?

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              @Adamiam: I had Netcomm 505f (theoretically 500Mbps) but i could not get more then 300-350 Tops while my house is old and wiring from Victorian age…lol
              usually i test , I have a pair if you are in Mel northern suburbs and wanna test them and bring them back.

              • @SamyKn: Thanks mate! No need to test just yet as I'm thinking I'll run some ethernet long term. That said, 300-350 is pretty good, especially if it's just for internet. How do you find the reliability?

                • @Adamiam: If the wiring is not like mine , they are solid , i did once a month reset while if a surge they drop the speed to lower grade.

                  Also if you thinkin to run a eth cable , that's the ultimate good permanent solution without powerline hanging off your wall :D

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            @SamyKn: Thanks, i have considered it but to be frank the wiring here is old and every time we have had a sparky to add/fix/remove something they have commented on the dodgy mess someone has done. I also had quite poor experience with powerline kits at my old place with speed and connectivity fluctuating (though did have a good experience at a friends place). I'm not really keen to go down that path.

            • @Xizor: Understand , i have the same issue with our current wiring as they are old too
              then I suggest to test signal strentgh thoroughly with a software like signal analyzer or something like that behind the double brick to make sure of signal strength before committing to wireless mesh

              • @SamyKn: Yeah mate thanks, done that for both 5ghz and 2.4gz to know the boundaries where throughput and signal strengths drops in current setup. Based on that, a good 2 node mesh should be adequate. The challenge is finding the right one at the right price.

        • Considering the price of these… have you considering actually getting a cabler in and installing Cat5e/Cat6 cables from the front room of your house to the centre? (or then maybe to the other end of the house?).. then you can easily add another mesh system later on that uses the networking backhaul. Best of both worlds then!

          • @webbiegareth: Yes thanks mate, unfortunately not so easy due to the house being brick and internally all concrete rendered besser blocks. The existing wall cavities in the blocks for power etc are very tight (not that you are meant to run power and ethernet together anyway), the whole house is a ripe hassle beyond what i could list here lol. Only practical options there would be using external conduits on walls or possibly use external walls (there should be a gap between the bricks and blocks), but even that would be a messy hassle and cost a bit. It is a legitimate option though and one we're keeping in the back pocket. I do think a good mesh system will ultimately work as my current router does cover the house OK, I just need more bandwidth in the garage range for the backyard. Hoping to snare a Netgear Orbi RBK50 under $500 but still waiting!!

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              @Xizor: The RBK50 is awesome for problem places, can attest. That dedicated backhaul kicks arse.

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      Most Mesh have moved away from third band due to price and usage. Not many people require Gigabit WiFi and not many hardware have it yet.

      This model does not do Gigabit WiFi due to the lack of third band (maxed around 650Mbps, which i can achieve using WiFi 5), but it is cheaper for a WiFi 6 Mesh system.

      • yeah , true
        with 3rd band price hikes massively , i was looking to get M9s but was price prohibitive

        • you saw the m9 deal that was posted on ozb yesterday? x2 units for $240 via tgg commercial. fulfillment via tgg store delivery

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    Costco sells this for under 500 I think? 489 from what I remember. I'll take a photo when I'm in store. Not online unfortunately.

    • TP-LINK Deco X60 would definitely a bargain for $489

    • +3

      Costco sells X20 not these ones

      • Right. Sorry. My mistake.

  • Save money on a gimmick, a single Ubiquiti UAP will more than cover any normal sized house.

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      mate Ubiquiti is not for non-techi people specially when you go more than one and they need to manage from the controller.
      Although I agree with you, multiple Ubiquiti APs designed correclty (directional/ceiling…Omni..etc) plus controller easily beats any mesh systems.

    • +1

      They're also PoE so it's not just the AP, you're also needing an upgrade of your switch and be wired to support this. I think many people here are just looking for things they can plug in and not have to worry about getting their homes rewired for full eth.

      If I was moving into a new build, I would definitely cost this in!

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        Ubiquiti WAPs have mesh wifi functionality. Ubiquiti refer to it as wireless uplink.

        • Does the source wifi have to originate from a Ubiquity device?

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        The "standard" UAP models have POE injectors.

    • Not always

    • While I wouldn't get this particular system due to cost. I also wouldn't suggest that UAPs are a solution for a large house. I managed a Ubiquiti setup at my previous workplace, and we needed multiple for just an open plan office with a few meeting rooms off the sides. One of them would not cover my house at all.

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        There's something either wrong with that setup or some interference there, that is not normal.

  • Having bought and setup these a few weeks back for $200, I've not had any network issues about my house, when previously I was having the router needing a reboot a couple of times a week when myself and the kids were all working from home. https://www.pcbyte.com.au/store/product/tenda-nova-mw6-3-pac...

    Not sure exactly what else this setup would give you for 3X the cost?

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      Wifi 6 / AX

    • +1

      Apart from WiFi 6 already mentioned, this also offer more coverage and better speed. None of the Tenda will even go close in terms of speed to this, which is btw not even close to high end.

      If you do have Gigabit Internet, none of the Tenda is worth it. Too slow.

      • -1

        MW12 is about to be released. Wifi 5 and dedicated backhaul.

        Edit: Wifi 5, not wifi 6

      • From what I've read: "Tenda nova MW6 is a dual-band mesh WiFi system, with a total theoretical maximum bandwidth of 867 Mbps for the 5 GHz band, and of 300 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz band. This leads to a total of 1167 Mbps."

        How many people here have Gigabit internet? And that suggest it can do that anyway.

        Plus it does to wired backhaul. I have the main one connected by ethernet to one of the others, and that's a gigabit connection, not 10/100.

        I'm at a loss as to any real world difference.

        I can't comment on coverage obviously, can't do direct comparison, but it's certainly covering my 4 bedroom, dual level house without issue.

        • +4

          Neither MW6 or MW12 (already released, WiFi 5 triband) can do Gigabit WiFi. 867Mbps on WiFi theoretical speed usually translate to around 550Mbps. Some of the high end WiFi 5 devices can push 650Mbps.

          For MW6 i would think 300-400Mbps is closer to real world speed you get. It depends a lot on the hardware, just because it advertises one speed doesn't necessarily mean it can achieve such speed.

          And since you only asked what the 3x the price I just answered you. Whether you need it or not is not the point.

          • @Bigboomboom: So, fair enough then. If you actually have a gigabit internet plan, OR want to do gigabit transfers about your property over wifi, then, sure, it would make a difference.

            Certainly not worth it for me (50Mbps internet plan here, and wired where I need the gigabit transfers), but sure, it has its uses :)

            • @spoco2: It's more of a want than need to be honest. I picked up AX88U because it was cheap, and now with 1000/50 HFC plan I finally get to squeeze it. Is it needed? Probably not. It's nice to download 100GB Final Fantasy XV + DLC in minutes and not days, though.

              The only thing limiting my download speed is my SSD and CPU now. I can't break 105MB/s download on Steam and Epic Game launcher.

          • -1

            @Bigboomboom: My bad, you are correct. Not wifi 6.

  • Unless you are getting this for aesthetic/size purposes I'd recommend a Xiaomi AX3600 router and just run it in bridge mode. $200~ from banggood AU warehouse. It does 850Mb/s~ tested with iperf3 and the new iPad Pro.

    • +1

      This is a mesh system, more coverage than a single router. To my knowledge Xiaomi hasn't updated their router to do Mesh mode yet.

      Also grey import is totally different, you get close to no warranty. Didn't someone also posted on the RT-AX86U post about it (AX86U) sold in Hong Kong for $300? That's a much better router than the Xiaomi, by miles.

      • -1

        Mesh systems is just marketing to sell wireless access points. The range of any access point is determined by its antenna and gain, devices with external antennas are much better then internal ones.

        The reason its a grey import because the mentioned Xiaomi router has technology subsidised to be only sold in specific markets, in this case, China, its not even sold on Hong Kong xiaomi store.

        It would be strange if the AX86U doesn't out perform the Xiaomi AX3600 considering its almost 3x the cost lol. But for those after a bang for buck router/access point the value of Xiaomi AX3600 is unbeatable.

        • RT-AX86U is not 3x cost. Our price is different from what ASUS price them in Hong Kong or China.

          And you are missing the point, this is 3 pack so it will provide wide coverage than any single router unit. Sure, one vs one a more robust router would win.

          • @Bigboomboom: Can you share details of the RT-AX88U as I need it too.

            • @spasto: You meant the RT-AX86U? On Taobao they seems to go for about $350-$360. Though I have seen some advertised as low as RMY1,499 ~ A$300.

              • @Bigboomboom: Thanks but I can't work out how to browse Taobao without logging in. Google Translate doesn't work well unfortunately.

    • Why are you comparing a bridged router against a mesh system, they are not the same thing.

  • If only they had a 2-pack on sale as well. Don't need the third satellite as I'm planning to use a dedicated ethernet backhaul, just need more wireless range.

    • I have bought a 2 pack for $270 at Good-guys commercial

      • Was that for the X60 or the X20? Seems very cheap for the X60!

        • That was for x20, they dont have 2 packs for x60

    • The more, the merrier if you're using wired backhaul. Put one out in the shed, it's expensive but it's a one off cost for years of awesome WiFi coverage. Mount your phone on your mower and stream movies over WiFi while you mow lol.

      • Is it worthwile getting one with a dedicated wireless backhaul for that third one? I only have wired backhaul for one router/unit, the third one would need to use wireless backhaul, and the reviews on it's wireless backhaul don't seem great

  • Have been trying to buy the Netgeat RBK23 but it is sold out everywhere and not in stock for the last 3 months.

    I am currently with TPG FTTC NBN. Would the Deco X60 be a good choice?

    Also what is a wifi 6? I am assuming it’s a new generation wifi band? Will it work with my current TP Link router that came with the TPG NBN?


    • Yep the Deco X60 is suitable for FTTC and you hook up the Deco X60 to the NBN connection device.

      Wi-Fi 6.

    • Love my RBK50 setup in a VERY difficult two-level aapaartment. Easily the best system we've had, and the dedicated backhaul is great.

    • I have Orbi on back order from The Good Guys and they called a few days ago to say probable mid September delivery, not too far away if you can wait a bit for one of the best WiFi mesh systems.

      The WiFi 6 Orbi is very expensive and I read they were having early issues with it but that may be sorted by now. You may find that the WiFi 5 version is more than enough and with better coverage than other brand WiFi 6 models.

  • Just wondering, I have ordered DECO X20(2-PACK), is this a better deal, i don't have a big house

    • yes, this is better


      It has 4x4 MU-MIMO, that's why its classes as AC3000

      Model || 2.4G. || 5G
      Deco X60. || 2x2 MU-MIMO || 4x4 MU-MIMO
      Deco M5/P7/M9Plus/X20 || 2x2 MU-MIMO || 2x2 MU-MIMO
      Deco E3/E4/M3/M4/S4 || \ || 2x2 MU-MIMO

      edit: apologies for the crap formatting. I tried …

  • is this superior compared to the google wifi/google nest wifi?

  • +1

    I'm loving the discussion my first post has generated, thanks all!

    For my situation, I'm moving into a rental property so can't hardwire anything. It's 3br brick so I'm hoping both that this increases my WiFi capabilities, as well as allowing me to cable two desktops in separate rooms from the points.

    Will only be 50 or maybe 100 NBN plan so yes it might be overkill, but I will have room to grow.

    It also allows more configuration than the Google WiFi set, also the Google WiFi points don't have any ethernet connections on the points, just one on the main router point.

    So for me, this was the most appropriate I believe! Ticks my boxes of having a Lan point in each room (although essentially over the WiFi), as well as extending the WiFi, with room to move in the future when I move into a forever home with a faster NBN connection.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Can I use create a vpn network to connect my chromecast to us Netflix, whereas misses can watch aus Netflix and kid watching YouTube?

    • +1

      That's much easier said than done because Chromecast is hard coded to use Google DNS. You have to kill the Google DNS requests to force alternative DNS so you'll need to know what you're doing. Much easier would be to forget using Chromecast and set up a VPN to watch on your phone / tablet / PC.

      • Thanks. From your reply, I clearly understand that I don't know what I'm doing.
        Is it possible to create say wifi network A on 1 band and wifi network B on another band where somehow B is connected to US using VPN? If I connect to A, I can watch Netflix Australia whereas if I connect to B, I can watch Netflix US. Is it even possible?

        • You can setup router VPN connections but not like that with the Deco. It's easier to use a VPN app on say an Nvidia Shield.

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