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[NSW] Ozito PXC Blower and Lawn Edger Kit $80 (Was $199) @ Bunnings Goulburn


Not sure if this price is store specific or nationwide. Great price considering it includes battery and charger.

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Bunnings Warehouse

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      Bunnings Goulburn

      as per the title

  • old price seems to be $150 per the sticker, still good price tho

  • This is the average clearance price for this discontinued promotional kit.
    Many Bunnings in Vic already cleared this out a few months ago.
    So finding it nationwide is probably unlikely.

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    FWIW they've had a few of these at Coffs Harbour for the same price - very good value as the edger skin is $149 alone….and the blower kit is $99 alone but that only has a 1.5aH battery, with this kit having a 3aH.

    • Cheers, I will drop in to the Coffs store this arvo to see if they have any!

      • Update: Coffs had one but it is $159 and they would not price match :(

  • Damn I need this kit for this price..cant find in Caroline Springs

  • I've been on the lookout for an edger. Too bad I'm in Victoria :(

    • Is there a way to buy these clearance items in Victoria right now? As they are not on the website for click and collect…

      • I looked on the site and couldn't find them either. As far as I know Victorian Bunnings stores are only operating using click and collect but I'm not 100% sure.

        • :(

        • Open to trade, with power pass (some check at carpark entry)

  • this is still $159 at Rouse Hill and $139 at McGraths NSW :(

    • would they do a price match?

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        i called Rouse Hill, they won't price match unfortunately

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      They are my local as well but I was down in Goulburn for work and spied this deal. I have found that the mcgraths Hill don’t always have the discounted price displayed. It may pay you to take it to the checkout and scan it.

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      Got one from Mcgraths! 😁😁😁
      They still have 3 at the moment. Aisle 20

      • Just called them up. They are all sold out.

    • Its being sold @ Rousehill for $80 since this morning. Bought 1, 3 still in stock

      • Couldn't find any in the aisle 21.
        Staff couldn't find any in stock neither

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          Must have been sold out… It was in the front on a clearance trolley nearby the returns area

  • Desperate for a clearance price on a petrol edger/whipper snipper.

    Have been waiting so long haha

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      Oh man. That petrol engine will be so close to your vital parts.

  • This is where I miss the projectsuit tracker. I’d see if any stores within around 80km from me had stock and go for a drive.

  • I need one for my mum if anyone is heading in to Canberra?

  • Ah DAIM! I got the blower alone for $80. The blower is kinda weak compared to plug in 2500w blower but still useful to blow light leaves around.

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      The double battery blower isn’t weak..

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      Doesn't work on dark ones?

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    Would buy this in a heart beat alone just for the edger.

  • Spoke to Staff Bunnings Balgowlah is showing stock

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    I would be really surprised if 18W is powerful enough for an Edge Trimmer.

    • I got the little ozito power x 18v chainsaw last week and it works quite well for what it is. Better than i expected. Based on that i would think this should be OK.

    • I bought this a month or 2 ago and the edger works a treat!

    • I have the Ryobi One 18v trimmer and it's shit. Their lawn edger is amazing tho.
      Also have the blower. It's ok for small jobs.

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    I just called the Goulburn store on 02 48232400 and ordered one unit to be posted to me.
    Price $80.00
    Postage $14.00

    Total $94.00 delivered to Sydney

    I had GREAT service from NODDY of the Special Orders team.

    They still have 5 in stock…

    Good luck

    • Just did that mate. Thanks.

    • Champion, got 1 too.

    • No more left, they had 6 and sold all.

      • Other stores will price match

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          I haven't had much luck with price matching and delivery before… I might give it a shot now :)

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          Not my local, say its a local store decision.

          Anyone had any luck around Brisbane?

          • @cooperdog: Nope, was just at Newstead for other stuff and they have theirs marked at the bargain basement 'yellow-ticket' clearance price of $159.

        • Sadly they don't tried heaps of times, no go :-(

        • They usually tend not to price clearance items between stores.

    • No idea that they would do that!

  • $159 in Innaloo WA.

    What's the barcode on these?

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      I/N: 0123309

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    yep blower only just blows..
    I have one I eventualy upgraded to an ego.. this is why:


    • I've had the big Milwaukee blower and two Ego blowers. The Ego blowers are incredible.

  • I checked and no stock in Canberra stores
    now that i have gone this far is there a forum for garden tools kits?

  • Anyone seen any in SA?

  • None in Bayswater WA.

    • 159 in Osborne Park

  • 5 year warranty is great for a product like this. My old Ozito lawnmower dies after some punishment 2 years into a 3 year warranty. Took it back to Bunnings got a brand new one.

  • Anyome know if it's in the Newcastle stores? Really need the edger

  • Waiting for a decent deal on their line trimmer. Upgraded to the brushless Blower Vac which does an awesome job, this blower is cheap and light and single battery, but I personally needed something with a bit more oomph.

  • Any luck anywhere else in NSW today?

  • Got my delivery from the Gouburn store today. Only tried the blower so far, its noticeably weaker than my older Ozito blower (same model and specs). Definitely the motor in this newer one is not the same despite both supposedly being 210km/h max. Definitely at least 20% weaker.

    • For anyone curious, tried out the edger today and it works fine. A few spots i had to go back over but to be fair it was buffalo that has not been egged for at least year if not longer. Happy with it, and sold the blower for a few bucks so all is well!