This was posted 1 year 3 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dumbbell Weights Set - 40kg (2x 20kg) $99 + Delivery @ Dshop


Edit: Back in Stock.

Previous deal is expired and this is a great price for the current market esp in VIC.

Just received mine today. The same thing at catch ebay etc were all about 200.

Sign up to an account first and youll get $10 off first order over 100. Buy something super cheap to put you over 100 from 99.

My total was 116.34 but they actually didnt deliver my cleaning towels ๐Ÿ˜‚ but ceebs raising it with them.
Edit: cleaning towels came the next day

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    This kinda thing gives me the shits when something is on sale for $1 less for free delivery.

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      I wish sites had the option to give $1 to charity rather than adding crap I don't need

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        Haha good thing is they have stuff for like $1-2 anyway. Also delivery isnt free? Just a 10 voucher for newbs. And its a 40kg prod, fair to charge delivery.

        Ps im not associated. Accidentally clicked it when replying.

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      How to get free shipping? I added $103 items but shipping is $25

    • just buy 2 and you will get free shipping.

  • Hey OP, What the weights of the individual weights that are included? Not clear on the website.

    • Thereโ€™s more pictures
      3k, 2.5kg and 1.25kg

      • Thanks

        • Yep can confirm.

          Ps not associated.

          • @thatindian: Thanks, Have pulled the trigger. Will be good for a beginner set for the son.

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      I would not recommend. I bought them last time and you they don't have an even distribution of weights to make 2 balanced dumbbells.
      Also would not use it in barbell config as bares are all plastic and screwed in to extend.

      The weights are plastic and possibly filled with concrete. The one advantage of the plastic casing it it less likely to break a floor tile.

  • what's the quality on these? it looks conveniently modular, but how solid is the long bar when converting into a barbell?
    Any equivalent models we can see on youtube for additional reviews?

    • my housemate has one of these sets. the barbell is pretty bad.. the bar bends even with small loads. but the dumbbells are alright. I would still recommend a steel barbell if youre somewhat of a serious lifter

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        Its not the end of the world. Can use for deadlift/ bicep curl but not bench.

        But can bench with just the dumbells ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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          I would not trust these for any overhead exercices (for obvious reasons).

      • thanks — I found more pics of the product on Catch — looks like the long bar is hollowed throughout to allow the shorter bars to screw in…that would explain the bending. According to the diagram on Catch, the red padding material on the long bar is 6mm thick with the steel only roughly a third the thickness. Probably would refrain from using it as a barbell, but could be a reasonable price for the free weights?

        • Yeah would only recommend for desperare times. Not ideal but it can work for those things listed above.

          Ps not associated.

        • yeah, i guess the price is reasonable if you need spare weights. we use the weights on a solid steel barbell and it works great.

    • its actually not bad, I bought the 50kg total (25kg each dumbell), the weights are PVC outer with concrete filled inside, so becareful not to drop them or I guess they have shatter, I have dropped a couple times not any issues as of yet!

      the only annoying thing is that you have to take time to unscrew and add the weights.

      not bad all, can get juicy pumps so no complaints

      • Bout sums it up! Not bed not amazing does the job

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        Do the weights vibrate loose? I've used the cheap kmart dumbells before and no matter how tight you screw the end nut on the thread after a few reps the weights start getting loose.

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          Haha yeah 100% but not as bad as the cheap metal ones. I find the cheap plastic ones last a bit longer.

        • no its pretty solid, no issues!

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    Can't comment on this item but my friend purchased furniture from them. Photos are photoshopped and edited heavily. Actual product received was garbage, damaged and not sturdy at all. Customer service isn't great at resolving the issue.

    So buyer beware…

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      Was ready to pull the trigger. Now, not so much

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        yea…it's been almost 2 months and still not resolved… my friend gave up and the furniture is now firewood…

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          If it's treated, better off throwing it out. The chemicals on it when ignited can be toxic. Sorry to hear and thanks for sharing.

    • -5

      damaged, what is there to damage, itโ€™s plastic moulds filled with concrete

      • +1

        read my post again.

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    Catch has more pictures here if anyone's interested:

    • The pictures were funny though. The bodybuilder is struggling to lift them, but the skinny guy in the blue shirt lifting them like they weigh nothing.

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    Gotta laugh at the contrast

    click on pic 4 then on pic 3. which of the two is representative of the actual difficulty :)

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    "Shipping Carrier: Hunter Express"

    No thanks.

    • Haha they delivered mine.

      Ps not associated.

    • Mine came just fine in a previous deal

      • How long did you order take to arrive? I placed an order on the 18th and received notification it was dispatched on the 19th but the Hunter Express tracking is absolutely atrocious

        • Had something sent from them recently. Melbourne to regional Vic. took 7 business days.

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      Would stay far away from these guys. I've never had any problems with deliveries before Hunter Express.

  • how do you guys get the $10 off? i can only see 5% off

  • Joined up. Got email. No $10 voucher or code so just added to cart plus kitchen gadget to get over the $100 all the way through checkout. No discount. Logged out, cleared cache etc. Tried again. Still no $10 discount which would take edge off some of the shipping?

    • +1


      • Gives me "Special Discount 'TAKE10' is invalid."

        Edit: TAKE5 worked for me and gives 5% off

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          NOW10 worked for me

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      Mine was NOW10

  • I'm over $100 in the cart but still being charged $25 shipping? Located in VIC.

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      There is no free shipping. It's $99 + Delivery Fee then minus $10 voucher. But in order to use the $10 voucher you need to spend over $100 (shipping not included in total), so you'll need to add extra to reach $100.

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    Dshop seems to have an awful rep?

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    Thanks. These will come in handy in strengthening my biceps to match my burgeoning forearm muscles during this lockdown.

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      Haha reminded me of when quagmire discovers the internet episode

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    I remember buying weights years ago and had to pick it up from thr p.o. I remember that lady got angry cause it was heavy "what is in there?".

  • I'm gonna be honest. I can't lift 20kg with one hand comfortably. It bloody hurts my wrist ;(

    • If itโ€™s hurting donโ€™t lift it haha. Is it an injury or just too heavy? If the latter lift less until your comfortable

      • Too heavy. Like I can lift 20kg but I can't do any weight training with it.

    • Wrist wraps or wrist exercises then

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    Thanks OP. "NOW10" discount code works for $10 Off. No need to sign up.

    • Amazing. Ill edit the post! Churs!

  • Wow, you can connect both dumbbells into a barbell, clever!

  • How does this compare to Kogan 20KG dumbbell? Can anyone provide feedback on below product please?

    • Kgn 1 is total of 20kg. This one is a total of 40kg.

      • Sorry! I should have been clear. My question is on the quality. I realised Kogan one is half the weight.

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    Gym gear seems to have gone up more than property prices over the last 6 months.

    • Thats why I thought id share this. They want 1 Mil on gumtree for this

  • shipping to WA $60.49

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    Link for clearance items for anyone thinking on what to buy for $1+

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    Got this 50kg dumbbell set for $160. Good quality, delivered in a couple of days to Melbourne CBD:

    • They look the same brand, so you're happy with them?

      • Yep, they are pretty solid.

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    thank you op

    • No wozza. Screw the price hikers

  • 40kg is to light, any 80kg sets?

    • 40kg is the upper limit for 1 person to move stuff for OH&S for 1 person to deliver, 80 kg would need multiple boxes so freight might get pricey.

    • +2

      Alright John Cena

  • I wonder why the original deal which was a little cheaper only got 20 upvotes

    • Yeah not sure. People are more desperate i guess. I know I was!

  • Important to realise that buying 2nd hand dumbbells is done by the KG. The cheapest I could find on gumtree was at $3/KG.

    40KG for $99 is ~$2.50/KG and a fair price.

  • Anyone have any experience doing returns with catch? I bought these from them on the 7th, but they haven't arrived - but I got them for $200. Might be worth returning those and buying these??

    • Haha I know both Catch and Kogan quite well. Chances are you bought from a marketplace seller. No harm in asking the question?

      More chance if you bought in-stock (non marketplace). Afterwards try telling how disappointed you are if they initially say no? And how bad your experience was ๐Ÿ˜œ

      • Yep bought from a marketplace seller. I haven't even received it yet so I'm more than happy to just return it for change of mind. Gotta figure out the postage costs I guess!

        • Try getting in touch asap then? But yeah you could get stuck in a weird spot where they say ok but takes a while to refund.

          Alternatively just say their products suck and its not the cheapest and their brand is a lie? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

          • @thatindian: Haha yeah I just emailed them. But I'm here thinking - shipping a 40kg dumbell back might cost way too much. OH WELL I'll figure the rest out tomorrow hahaha

            • @Ilumeo: Haha yeah just cut your losses if the product is fine. Your best chance is a faulty product. Also this just sold out.

              • @thatindian: Well shiet - Lowkey glad it sold out to save me the dilemma lmao

    • +1

      are you willing to pay return postage ?

      • Yeah I would. End of the day if it's not 100 bucks postage I think it would have been worth it! I guess I'll email em and also hopefully this deal will still be up by the time they reply

  • NOW10 and TAKE10 dont work for me.

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      Have you hit 100?

      • yeah now it works, thanks.

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    Be warned, Dshop have some very bad reviews.

  • backorder available it says?

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