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Up to 30% off All BABYZEN YOYO² Strollers + Free Car Seat Adapters from $599 + Free Shipping (Was $829.95) @ OneFineBaby


30% off the newborn bassinet + BABYZEN YOYO² Bundle (was $1179.90, now $825.93) and 25% off all other bundles, frames and accessories including plus the BABYZEN YOYO² Stroller Bundle (was $829.95, now $599 and including FREE Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adapters worth $89.95). FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide! Ends Monday 24th August 2020.

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  • Anyone has experience with this stroller? Is it a good price?

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      it's a decent price. The best thing about these is that when folded they fit in the overhead compartment on a plane. Pre-corona we took our 6 month old to china with one of these and it was very handy. We could wheel him around airports while waiting for our flights, and it was very easy to put in the boot of a car and take with us. If you're travelling to somewhere hot and humid and a carrier is just going to be uncomfortable for both you and the baby its a pretty handy stroller to have with you… i should also mention that I didn't get the bassinet as the baby was too big for it, but I've heard it isn't the best.

      Yoyo make some handy accessories - I'd prob recommend getting the leg rest so bub can stretch his/her legs out. I had the backpack bag, which was handy and the mossie net. They rarely come up second hand and demand is high so they usually have pretty good resale value if you keep them in good nick.

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        @simulacrum Thanks! I assume it is also good for day to day use other than travelling?

        • Yeah if you're after a compact stroller its very, very good. The tradeoff is that larger, less compact prams will have larger wheels and better shock absorbtion, be a bit more comfy, and be able to be reclined further.. so bub is less likely to get fidgety/grumpy and more likely to fall and stay asleep. But the tradeoff is will take up much more space, both when folded up and when you've got it parked in a crowded space like a train or in a cafe. I'd also reiterate that if your baby is a newborn and you want a decent bassinet that they can sleep in for a long time, I'd probably get a larger pram with a structured flat bassinet that's going to be better for their back. It's worth checking them out in person at a baby bunting or similar if you're not locked down at the moment.

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      Had one for a few years now. We have both a full sized pram, plus a compact / Yoyo

      Folds up to be very compacted, fairly limited amount of recline (normal for the class), very small wheels so makes it difficult with anything more than flat terrain. Lots of accessories (but very pricey)

  • I know this one is $200 less

    but can someone compare it with stroller in this deal?
    Looking for something decent for newborn.

    • The yoyo is really aportable/travel stroller.. these strollers makes a few compromises to allow them to take up less space, be lighter and fold up to a tiny package. Note that you have to pay more for the bassinet, which you'll notice is not as structured or spacious as the bassinet included in the stroller you linked. I believe the yoyo bassinet is soft so it doesn't really provide a flat surface for a newborn to sleep on if they're going to be in there for extended periods of time. When our baby was still bassinet sized, pre-corona, we took him out a lot and he slept in the bassinet, which is one of the reasons we opted for a full size pram, and only got the yoyo for overseas travel. See my reply to GreatLeo above for more explanation. Again I'd advise checking them out in person if you're not locked down in Melb like me.

      • Thanks for the info.
        Thats the only problem, being stuck in the lockdown and not being able to experience the things first hand. So trying to get as much input from someone experienced as we can.

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          Check out some youtube reviews too, they’re pretty good at giving you an idea of what the prawns are like. I must have watched a hundred “20 must have products for your new baby” type videos in the months leading up to D-day.

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