Ideas for second job

Hi all. Due to change in our family's circumstances, I am looking for a second job. I work fulltime Monday to Friday from home. Am thinking for a couple of days night shifts or weekend jobs, most likely will be jobs without specific skills. I can think of supermarket night fills, Amazon delivery. Uber is no good obviously at moment in VIC. Any other ideas that you can share? Thanks


  • i heard supermarkets were looking for delivery people

  • Pigeon trainer.

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    Judging from some comments in this forum, there is a high demand for couriers that actually deliver goods to customers.

  • Be a part time OzBargainer. Never paying retail price for things can rack you $$$.

  • Cleaners.

    • Office cleaners?

    • Just did a quick search. Lots of cleaners role for aged care

    • That's a job that requires effort, no one has the guts for it these days, weak society where people would rather be homeless than have a hard job. FYI, I have been a cleaner

      • Is the salary decent, on par with a garbage collector?

        • Depends on the type of cleaning, i was cleaning at the airport and the casual rate was 26-35 bucks an hour. Funnily enough i also collected human waste off aircraft, also decent money, just a job where "staying upwind" was a job requirement… And blustery days were a gamble..

  • Only Fans - because summer is coming and people will want fans, only fans

  • Make videos or photos, any skill level from truck to a race car driver, upwards of 100k a year.

  • Exotic dancer, harlot or pimp. Or do something on fiverr.

  • Uber Eats is still operating in Vic, them or competitors to them would probably do if you're in the right area.

  • Disability support worker? If it's something you think you could do check the hireup site or the NDIS provider in your area. You would need to complete police checks, training ect. but the work might fit your requirements of weekends and nights and the pay is decent.

  • Supermarkets wouldn't be a bad idea. My one that I work in has obviously experienced some booms and are looking for more people to accommodate the more people buying stuff.

    • Do you know if they only people who are available for any shifts, or would they consider people with limited availability?

      • Availability is definitely key, but do note you’re up against teenagers who are looking for the same roles. They’d be chosen due to the cheaper rates employers can pay them, as basic thugonomics economics would dictate.

        Depends on how your disability directly affects your role. For example, they wouldn’t hire a person with severe back pain.

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          For example, they wouldn’t hire a person with severe back pain.

          But they do hire people who are severe pains in the backside.

      • I am quite sure that they are hiring people who are available for any shift really. Maybe enquire at your local supermarket and see what they say? It will vary from store to store

  • Ideas for second job

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  • When the lockdown eases, consider fruit picking/farmhand on the weekend. Someone linked this article re WA in another post:

  • Supermarket nightfill would be good. 15yrs ago I was paid abt $29/hr. Not sure now.

    Or parcel sorter at Toll and the like. Can get hectic when the trucks all arrive at same time. Decent money too.

  • Uber eats, security guard, cleaning, traffic controller (must be white or Islander to get the job), part time tax agent, part time sales rep for a real estate agent, sell stuff on amazon (there's a whole science involved behind it), web site builder, social media manager, content writer. You may need to do some short courses from Udemy or from certified training provider but all these are life time skills, never depend on single income, NEVER!

  • Supermarket night packer

    • Yeah, have put my applications in for woolies anc coles. Apparently it may be hard tp get because a lot of people are keen to these jobs

  • If you look for other part time work, isn't this moonlighting and against your fulltime employment?

    • Depends, I suppose. I can't see how being, say an Uber Driver on the weekend, will be against terms of my employment

          • @Skinnerr: That's nice for you and your mates. It doesn't change the fact that some employers put this as their terms. I've seen it in previous terms of my employment places and I've written them down as terms and used it as a reason to terminate employees for breaching the rules due to poor performance.

            I suggested the OP read his terms. If people don't agree with reading documents they sign and are bound to. Then that's their own problem.

            • @Herbse: Incredible, it's gone from most employers to some employers. What will it be next?

              • @Skinnerr: Good talk, mate.

                • @Herbse: Yeh. Next time don't generalise the entire workforce.

                  • @Skinnerr: Yeh. Next time discuss the topic instead of deflecting about semantics

                    • @Herbse: Semantics matter when you try and force bullshit arguments. Shouldve left it at 'read your contract' which no-one disagrees with. Yes ive had contracts that stopped me from working for competitors and every industry has their own specific rules but not allowing you to work anywhere else is definitely not common. It also depends on FT/PT and casual employment. Lots of diversity.

                      • @Skinnerr:

                        'read your contract' which no-one disagrees with.

                        Its good that we're in agreement.

                        The argument about most/some/uncommon seems pointless since everyone should be reading it. And by his statement, the OP hadn't read his.

                        I'm glad we got there in the end. All the best friend.

  • You need time to sleep, eat, and look after yourself (let alone family time).

    I would say it's not a good idea to work a second or third job, it's not worth it IME.

  • Freelance consulting in a subject where you're well versed / expert in. Could be anything from sticker appraiser to strategy consulting. Personally I do parent coaching, tech and career counselling.

    • Am thinking to go through Udemy courses on AWS. Is it a realistic skill to learn for someone with IT background but not in an IT job? Where should I start?

      • Although I encourage you learn as much as possible, it will come handy at some point. But a few Udemy courses won't turn your to a AWS consultant. It's a full time job that requires few years of experience. In exchange it's probably one of the highest paying job in the industry. Daily rate is $850-$1500 depending on how good you are.

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        Sorry mate but you'll need adequate prior expertise in IT in order to be remotely competent.

        This isn't something you can just learn without on the job training or prior knowledge, no one's hiring someone with no experience to manage AWS.

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    Mate… I'm sorry to hear this. You can be proud of yourself to look after your family so well!

    From someone working in mental health… Try and look for other options long-term… Working full-time plus night shifts and having a family is going to be very hard on you… Sounds silly but 'you can't pour from a broken cup' so look after yourself! Good luck!

  • Yeah supermarket nightfill got me through uni just fine. Good luck dude.

  • Tough environment for looking at a second job especially with limited availability. Plenty of people have lost jobs so there is so many more applicants at them moment.

    But shelf stacking is a good second job If your primary job is somewhat flexible.

  • Struggling to get "a" job