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Huawei P30 128GB / 6GB $597 Delivered @ Amazon AU / Officeworks


Huawei P30 on Amazon has dropped $100 to $597. Makes it slightly cheaper than the recent Mobileciti deal. Take my ozbargain card away, I bought it last week for $697 :'(. Great phone though.

Dual Sim Mobile Phone with 6.1-Inch OLED Display and Leica Triple Camera(40MP+16MP+8MP), 6GB+128GB, Aurora - Australian Version. Band 28 and NFC.

Also spotted for $597 at Officeworks with more colour choices, but limited stock: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/huawei-p30...

Edit: Initial batch appears to be sold out, now shipping "within 1 to 2 months"

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +11

    Don't buy Huawei.

    • -10

      Yeah no more update

      • +2

        can you pls explain more ? tempting to buy

        • +1


          Further restriction so I don't think they can access Google latest update anymore, what they have already on the device is OK but not newly release.

        • +30

          Ignore that comment. People are just jumping the gun.

          Their trade license has expired but Android updates and support for all existing phones are unaffected.

          • +9

            @Freezies: With all these new restrictions do you think they can still survive outside China? If that is the case why would they still keep you update? Do you still think unaffected?

            • +2

              @superforever: Of course they will. Licensing ony affects anything made after the expiration. You'll be fine if you buy one.
              I'd buy one too as it's a really good phone at a really good price, I just don't like the Aurora colour. Petty yeah, but last time I bought a phone in a colour I didn't particularly like, it bugged me for 2 years. :/

              • +4

                @Freezies: Just expect to use it for 2 years shouldn't be any problem but not for long.

                Without latest chips and Android they won't survive outside China.

                • +6

                  @superforever: I can still use my old lollipop tablet with most things even today, so official Android updates don't mean all that much, especially with the short lifespan support of phones nowadays.

              • -21

                @Freezies: The US has banned Huawei for a reason. If you really care about your privacy you better not buy it.

                • +52

                  @amirkh: You care about privacy and have no problem with the worse offenders on the planet like Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft etc? After being investigated they found no evidence of spying whatsosever and everyone already knew it had nothing to do with that. Yeah, Huawei are being banned for a reason, just not the one the US are claiming.
                  What happens when the country making all your products are making their own which are not only better, but also cheaper? Are there really still people who think this has ever had anything to do with privacy?

                  • -59

                    @Freezies: Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft come from a democratic country and government that almost everything is transparent. Huawei comes from a dictator country and a communist government that has an office in every company to give orders directly. There's no transparency in that country and government everything is under control of the government and the government power is unlimited there. Just do your research to see how China has speeded COVID on purpose.
                    I personally don't trust the Chinese government and their companies at all. How do you trust them when they employ millions of people to read Chinese people's chats!

                    • +21

                      @amirkh: brainwashed much? Do you have any evidence of you are claiming anyway?

                    • +15

                      @amirkh: "come from a democratic country and government that almost everything is transparent."

                      You think everything that happens in the US is transparent?

                      To be young and naive. How cute.

                    • +4

                      @amirkh: Has the critical thinking skill used to be taught in school been removed? Have to worry about the education system these days…

                    • +6

                      @amirkh: "Too young too simple, sometimes naive!"

                    • +3

                      @amirkh: LOL, democratic turd is good turd?

                    • +3

                      @amirkh: Are you crazing thinking a country would spread the virus on purpose?
                      Do you think there are millions of peoples employed to read people's chats, and no one stand out to say?

                      Poor narrow minded to bring politics to Ozbargain.

                    • @amirkh: Nothing is transparent boy, no matter where you are (in Kratos's voice)

                  • +3

                    @Freezies: Do you have any idea why Google, Facebook, etc. are banned in China? Just curious…

                • +34

                  @amirkh: The US banned Huawei because the US is losing the 5G race, simple.

                  Privacy? All big corporations are abusing my privacy anyways so I would rather choose based on the product.

                  • -7

                    @FOX: We have bad corporations that are American and the worst companies that are Chinese. you better choose the first ones.

            • @superforever:

              do you think they can still survive outside China

              Easy. Maybe not thrive but their domestic market is massive aswell.

              • +3


                Maybe not thrive but their domestic market is massive aswell.

                Yes but they will disappear outside China.

              • +1

                @Skinnerr: Will this tech trade war continue when Trump is out of the office? Not saying he will be out, but curious if this situation might reverse under a different POTUS

                • @CoronavirusVaccine: I think it would reverse. Trump's protectionism approach actually has some merit (offshored labour at low wages, local manufacturing decimated) but I don't see Biden (or the people making decisions for him) following suit.

        • +15

          I have one. I got the 10.1 update a few weeks ago. I get Android security patches fairly often.

          Great phone, and a great blend of features for the price.

          It is the last Huawei to get Google Services for the foreseeable future. Once it's approved, it stays approved. So don't stress overly about people naysaying over updates.

        • +2

          I've had two Huawei phones, they're great. Android updates are still pushed in Australia so you have no worries.

    • +8

      Yep. Time to start weaning ourselves off Chinese crap.

      • and you will soon find yourselves can't even afford the diapers with way worse qualities…

        • +3

          No. This was a wake up call to the world not to put all your manufacturing eggs in one basket. I predict big changes.

          • +2

            @Skinnerr: Yep. Change happening already. Samsung is closing its last factory in China. The Japanese government is offering their companies financial incentives to return home, and of course, Donald Trump taking China on.

            • @R4: Sounds like you know the world well but in reality you are just sitting in the well imagining the world outside… Samsung got their memory foundry expanded in central western China and that is just one example to let you know how little you know bout the world… so stop showing your ignorance please…

          • @Skinnerr: I cannot deny on that, China is planning for the industrial upgrading anyway…that's why you see plenty of low end manufacturing industries are moving into south east Asia…that's good for everyone.

        • +1

          Nope. I can afford most things not made in China - and that's what I'm doing. If there is a non-Chinese option, I'm buying it , despite the price difference.

          Diapers? lol!

          • @R4: Funny huh?
            China must really hurt you so badly… simply put, you are willing to pay more for less just because of the manufacturer on the tag… and you also spend time searching bargains here…
            Well that's funny

            • @UCB:

              that is just one example to let you know how little you know bout the world… so stop showing your ignorance please…

              Funny it seems R4 was right and you are wrong.


              Quite galling to lecture and belittle someone as ignorant when in reality they were right to begin with. Maybe educate yourself first before you criticise.

              • @Skinnerr: Oh really? guess the term like “memory foundry” sounds really alien to you guys… I am not interested in giving you lessons on semiconductor industry cause that really takes more time and higher level of intelligence to understand than those laymen articles. It's not you, it's me that overestimate your education level and sorry for that. The link below might ring the bell… or not… try your best to understand…
                Do I have to point out the difference between "Last factory" and "Last PC factory" to you?
                "Maybe educate yourself first before you criticise." Well said… well said…

                • +2

                  @UCB: We were talking about ALL Chinese production, not just one plant that you cherry picked (God knows why).

                  The link below might ring the bell… or not… try your best to understand…

                  Great ad hominems implying I'm too stupid to read to bolster your arguments. This article is 5 months old, right before the pandemic blew up. And after another lecture it's nothing more than a puff piece promoting their new memory technology. So I read another

                  At the moment, the Xian plant is Samsung’s only chip factory in an overseas land


                  Apparently you are of too high a level of intelligence for us mere plebes to understand - despite ignoring the evidence I showed, special pleading about one factory and ignoring the state of the world, which has already been forced to use alternative methods of production. Nope it's China full steam ahead brother! 🇨🇳

                  • @Skinnerr: Well guess I should start with some fundamental critical reasoning principles in order to answer your question regarding "cherry pick one factory"… It just takes one counter example to prove the original argument is invalid and I was not intended to waste too much of my time illustrating what happened to Japan and the US, so Samsung itself is more than enough to indicate my point that China is now eliminating low end manufacturing while the investment on some cutting-edge techs are increasing.
                    Meanwhile, I ain't imply anything and your response is quite self explanatory that you really know nothing bout semiconductor industry… it takes billions and years to upgrade the entire pipeline in order to produce new gen chips for a foundry and I really cannot understand how the fact that "Xian plant is Samsung’s only chip factory in an overseas land" can serve to illustrate any of your point.
                    I am not ignoring anything you showed, I actually read that forbes article line by line, but it turned out to me that the only thing I could tell from that article was you did not realize the difference between "factory" and "PC factory"…that's all…
                    It's another boring Sunday afternoon here and I know I have wasted too much of my time in saying something to someone that is not able to fully understand… but that's okay, I ain't really care that much and so shouldn't you…
                    Giving all that's been said, Chinese production is not crap and China is doing just fine…

            • +2

              @UCB: Yep - spend my time on here searching for non-chinese made bargains. Every time I buy something, if there is a non-chinese option, I'll get that.

              Happy days and everyone's a winner.

              I've been to China. Great country, lovely people but their state, government, CCP (whatever you want to call it) is pathetically immature and arrogant - and their leader, Xi Jinping is a childish, petulant moron. Anything I can do to not support them, I'll do it. The people of China need to realise that they are being led into a bleak future.

              • @R4: Well then, glad to see your further elaboration of your opinion towards Chinese people. I am no fan of CCP and Xi Jinpin either, or I wouldn't be migrating here in the first place, but after years in living studying and working in western world I found their(the Chinese government) way of running such a big country is not without any merits especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the so called democratic world ain't that different in dealing with losing competitions or Huawei wouldn't be choked like this and TicTok won't have to be forced to sell their overseas business. I am not trying to persuade you to believe what I've been thinking in these highly controversial area, only time can tell.

      • I can understand what you think based on what you read. But what you read may not be what it is.

  • +3

    So amazon can still sell Huawei?

    • +2

      They could just be clearing their remaining stock and stop selling them, who knows…😁

  • +5

    So is the story now that the P30 series was supposed to be safe from the ban but since the temporary license has expired the details aren't concrete anymore? Sounds like P30 devices will get to keep GWS, apps and security updates but may lose access to new Android versions, or have no support from Google if Huawei integrates EMUI into new Android versions and something breaks? Is that correct?

  • +25

    Was considering a Huawei phone, but after a good half a day of research I decided that its probably not the best economic choice. For this price I think I will opt for the Google Pixel 4a which is due to be released in the coming months.

    • +3

      Do you even understand phone specs? The P30 is much better and for this price is easily the best economical choice.

      • +22

        Specs aren't everything

        • +2

          If it has an true SD card slot, it would be a bargain, the speed, battery and the screen and quality build

        • +4

          Beside how a phone looks, they are literally everything. If you want to buy your phone based purely on the shape and colour, fine but to say specs don't matter is completely ridiculous. If specs don't matter, go buy a $50 phone from kmart.

          • -4

            @Jamets: 🤦‍♂️

          • +14

            @Jamets: wrong. specs arent software. and with locked bootloaders, the phone is only good as long until huawei stops updating it.
            a brand new 4a will have more support in future, and can be squeezed for more even after official support ends.

            • +3

              @crentist: He/she never said they are software, what are you even talking about? The original comment was claiming the 4a was the economical choice against the P30 which is untrue. You may want to look up what economical means. The 4a came out 2 days ago and the P30 over a year ago. I wonder which one will have longer support?!!
              The P30 has superior hardware and is 5G the 4a is not, so even beyond both their lifespans and without the support, the P30 will still be the most relevant and useable of the two so your point is completely invalid.
              Google will likely charge people for a different model 4a that has 5G. Perhaps the choice would be to wait until that phone comes out, or maybe the one after that? So many people have an opinon on things they don't even understand because they read something.
              The P30 is a much much better phone for the price. The updates lifespan for the P30 is also unchanged from what it would have been had the licensing not expired and being 5G, it will outlast the 4a which will become useless sooner. The economical choice would be to get the superior phone that will also last the longest, and even without official OS support later on, that is still the P30. None of your reasoning is relevant. May as well get a samsung a51 as its pretty much the same as the 4a but has 5G or maybe wait for a newer one blah blah blah.

              • +4

                @Kupotan: P30 isn't 5G.

                The P30 has superior hardware and is 5G

                So many people have an opinon on things they don't even understand

                Maybe you should take your own advice

              • @Kupotan:

                He/she never said they are software, what are you even talking about?

                the claim that specs are everything

                The P30 has superior hardware and is 5G

                its not 5G

                The economical choice would be to get the superior phone that will also last the longest, and even without official OS support later on

                not if you care about official support. although I mentioned the locked bootloader because that would be unofficial. The pixel will have longer support, but also be able to load unofficial roms. with that, you can keep it going for many more years. you could probably get a pixel1 and squeeze another 5 years out of it if you wanted

                As someone with a 1st gen iphone se, the ongoing software support keeps this thing working very well, which has made it very economical.
                Even then, it ends when apple decides, and then my phone slowly becomes worse to use as security drops, and newer software is unavailable

                You may want to look up what economical means.

                no u

      • -2

        Not sure why you were downvoted there. People here seem to have their logic blinkers on. The Huawei P30 is 5G the Pixel 4A is 4G. Even without the superior specs, the Huawei would still win out for longevity.

    • +2

      @solidice The Pixel 4A is a 4G phone. Maybe you mean the 4A 5G which Google might bring out later, but that will have a higher price point so your point is moot.

    • +14

      Thanks for letting us know.

    • +4

      Great, more for me :)

  • +3

    ordered one, any recommendation on casing and screen protector.

    • +4

      it comes with pre-installed protector and a clear case, unless you want glass screen protector and rugged/other stylish case :)

      • i wanted a better protection. Allof my phones were broken due to fallen on the floor.

        • +1

          I think there were some Ansell deals earlier.

    • +1

      Tons of cases available at Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress etc. Try to get hold of a Spigen one.
      I also had got this one for 2.19 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544714

    • Why did you opt for this over the soon to be released Pixel? Just curious as I am searching for a phone.

      • +1

        My friend having this phone, the camera and performance well worth this price. Never checkout Pixel thought.

  • +8

    Amazon offloading stock before the OS cannot be updated?

    • +7

      very concerning

      • +3

        It is and I bought a P30 Pro last year. Awesome camera but no updates = no deal.

        • +8

          Just last week received an update for P30. It's up-to-date.

          • +1

            @bajirao: Great but isn't the license expiring soon and Trump hasn't renewed it? For the old devices Huawei has supported since the ban.

            • +2

              @noscopedJFK: It has no bearing on all current phones. Support continues as normal. The P30 is and will still be updated just as long as it would have anyway.

        • +5

          I just got an update for the P30 recently. Your comment = unbelievable

          • @0FoxGiven: Maybe I should have clarified with 'no future updates = no deal'. Thought you could have read that from my first comment to OP.

            • +4

              @noscopedJFK: Future updates are still available, read comments above.

              • @FOX: Yep, I've just read it after Jamesx reposted it down there. Thanks!

    • Yep, no point jumping on a sinking boat.

  • +5

    the only concern now is future update(s) due to TGL expired already

  • +7

    Great price on an excellent phone.

    I bought this before Trump got mad at Huawei. Loved the phone. Returned the phone for full refund as soon as it was announced that Google may not support it, bought the much hyped Pixel 3. Hated the Pixel 3's shit battery life and I found it buggy. Sold the Pixel 3 and bought the P30 again few months after it was announced the phone would continue to be supported by Google.

    • +1

      Could you link to a source that shows that the phone will be supported by all updates and software into the future?

    • +3

      Hated the Pixel 3's shit battery life and I found it buggy.

      Pixel phones in a nutshell, bugs are (profanity) infuriating

  • +9

    You can tell the Huawei owners by the amount of negs people get in the comments. Hilarious.

    • +6

      So true. Not sure why phone brands brings out the tribalism in people.

    • +6

      Agreed, no idea why people get so defensive almost as if it's a personal attack.

    • +5

      Most of the negs here are bases on facts, ie no Google, no updates etc.
      Many posts after tderevko didn't even read the post - https://www.gizchina.com/2020/08/18/huawei-phones-will-still...

  • You better don't buy it because of privacy concerns. They're murdering two people because Canada has arrested a manager of Huawei. Don't reward a communist government.

    • +4

      How many black people murdered by USA police? Should we not buy Apple products or use Google?

      • +6

        What's the relationship between murdering black people and privacy?!

          • +1

            @Patrick D: What he was trying to say is "Canadian ppl's lives matter but not black ppl's…" I guess. What a shame…

      • +8

        Being a black person. I would much rather live in America than China. Have you see how they treat some minorities there?

        • +1

          Can't be worse than how minorities were treated years ago in America. African slaves, Chinese slaves, Native-American, etc. Some are still treated unfairly to these days. Never forget about the dark history of America (and other countries), otherwise it will repeat itself again.

          • @El Psy Kongroo: Except that has changed over time in western cultures much more so than eastern cultures. After having lived in many Asian countries as well as some western countries. The differences are massive in how skin colour plays a role in eastern countries

            • +1

              @lonewolf: Not so much 'western culture' vs 'eastern culture', it's more 'capitalist' vs 'non-capitalist'. Capitalist countries or countries with similar political system take in or 'recruit' the smartest people from all race (skilled immigrants) to improve their own country. There are more and more non-East Asian people living in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc these days compared to years ago. The USA has become so powerful today that other countries will have to follow or they will not survive.

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