ANZ Home Loan Refinance $3000 Cashback Plus 0.18% Bundle Rebate From Celebration Finance



Switch your home loan to ANZ and get $3K cashback^

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Variable rates from 2.64%** Plus.0.18% Bundle Rebate (Celebration Finance Only)
*** 0.18 not applied on any product ..
Term and conditions applied for 0.18% rebate..
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Our policy is to beat any competitor/broker/lending manager with our rates and rebates, so will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for you But only from estalbished banks.

ANZ's current up to $3000 Switching Cashback Discretion is extended to 23 November 2020. Previously, the last date for submitting an application was 30 August 2020. Eligible loans must now be drawn down by 22 January 2021 (previously it was 30 November 2020).

ANZ refinance cash back of up to $3000
For eligible customers refinancing home lending of $250,000 or more from an OFI (which may include some additional new lending), a higher cashback amount of $3,000 will be available.

** Please note the eligibility criteria for cashback discretion include brokers submitting an OFI Refinancing Payment form for the customers they have offered cashback (once their loan has drawn down), and that the cashback amount must be paid to an eligible ANZ transaction account.

We have some of the lowest rates, and can get pricing discounts up to 1.9%.
Our policy is to beat any competitor/broker/lending manager with our rates and rebates, so will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for you.

Please send your contact number if you sending enquiry by email..
Enquires without phone numbers will not be responeded..

Gurbinder kler
Celebration Finance.
M: 0414750586
E: [email protected]
ACL 337294 ACR 501789

Please note: this is not a new campaign. ANZ is extending the application end date and loan drawdown date for the current switching cashback discretion period. The other eligibility criteria continue to apply.

Mod: Financial services deal posting guidelines: Deals that specify a loan offer from a financial institution should link directly to the financial institution. The only case where the deal can be linked to a loan broker is if the deal is exclusive to the broker.

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  • ANZ are currently taking ~3 months to look at submissions.

    • that's changing - they brought a fkton of new people on to check and approvals are back to normal now.

      • They're definitely not back to normal.

        • Yup. I'm a current ANZ customer. Applied for a very simple refinance at the start of June, through a broker. Still waiting. If that wasn't bad enough, they just plain lie as well. I was conditionally approved two weeks ago, subject to 1 doc, which I explained to the broker wasn't necessary. The final date passed, and ANZ told the broker that doc was no longer needed, but now they wanted a different one, that was never mentioned before. And has already been provided. But still pushed out the final assessment by a further TWO WEEKS!

          TL; DR - don't bother.

    • I would never go with them again. Submitted application in April and still waiting……

      • Did you go direct or via broker?

      • We went via broker, submitted mid-May and got docs from ANZ mid-June. If it wasn't for HSBC taking a month to discharge the existing mortgage, would have been under 2 months to completion.

        • Well if that’s the case then there is a certain broker who’s promoted anz deals here before that I’d steer clear of.

    • Mine just had a three week turnover, end of July submitted, and back yesterday.

    • Submitted on 31st May … Still not approved.. I am going to look around now

  • Switch your home loan to St.George and get $3K cashback^

    So is your deal applicable for St George too?

  • ANZ is a waiting game and not getting better. St George queues have increased.

    Make sure you guys read the credit quotes on these deals where they offer commission rebates… if their service is horrible you might be locked in or have to pay them back if you move decide to move.

  • I note you say "Variable rates from 2.59%".

    What would the rate be on a $500k mortgage (on a package with an offset)?


  • This is purely more of marketing. I mean there is not one statement which says ‘this is’ the rate you would get on a loan amount of say xxx (or even better). Rather states starting ‘from this’ %age. What’s so different here than any other broker on OzB. They all claim to beat competitor.

    So just to get to know what rate I/or anyone would get, have to call/contact you. Which may again be a case that one may not be happy to proceed ahead. Deal maybe good. But could be better with right details put.

    • Everyone's rate is different and subject to pricing request for special rate. It depends on factor such as purpose (investment/owner occupied), LVR etc.

      • They claim to beat anyone’s offer.
        Why not, instead, put an offer here that no one else can beat?
        Which one do you think could be worthy OzB offer and has certainty without taking pain to call broker?

        If someone has to call broker, better go find on internet and compare their ratings and decide which broker to chose.

  • Usually how soon can you re-finance; initiated a re-finance and to be settled soon. So if need to re-fnance - can I know when can that be; any min period before looking to re-finance?


    • Usually no minimum period, but if you have a fixed rate loan there may be break costs associated with paying out the loan prior to expiry of the fixed rate period.

      • With this deal I assume 2 years as this is the claw back period on comms and he won’t want to be out of pocket..

        • Yep that's correct for this deal, although most brokers do not clawback their commissions from their clients if they leave.

  • Hello Everyone , We deal with all banks and above offer applied to St george and Suncorp bank too.
    Our most deals with ANZ settled within 2 months.

    We hope it helps.
    Thank you.
    Feel free to email us with your phone numbers.We will make sure your application is processed quickly.
    St george offer expirying next week.

  • Its available For ANZ , St George and Suncorp..we are allowed to put add only with one Tittle..thats the reason Its saying ANZ .but we deal with all banks..

    • Can you please answer my question above?

      "I note you say "Variable rates from 2.59%".

      What would the rate be on a $500k mortgage (on a package with an offset)?


  • Hypothetically if someone received ANZs $4k Cashback back in March, then subsequently refinanced away from ANZ, could they go back for another $3k? I can’t see why not as it’s a new loan.

    • Not sure you'd want so many hits on your credit file … Plus the wait time with anz has been terrible. I lodged my application in late May and I'm still waiting 😢

      • Depends how much you value your credit score vs net $2k cash in your pocket. I’d rather the cash. And depends on your credit score to start with… if it’s high already then no issues. Would be interested to hear a brokers thoughts on refinancing again if you already received the Cashback earlier in the year.

        • It's not necessarily the credit score, it's the fact that when you go to refinance next year and they see 4 different lenders on there over a 1 year period - they'll likely come to an unfavourable conclusion.

          Mortgage churn unlike credit cards is not an entirely riskless strategy. Good luck.

  • What are the terms and conditions on your 0.18% cashback? You've put asterisks there but nothing that references it?