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Luzhou Laojiao Tequ Chinese Baijiu 500ml $99.99 Delivered @ Costco Membership Required


Similar to Kweichow Moutai Chinese Baijiu 500ml deal but ~75% cheaper.

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he exceptional Luzhou Laojiao Tequ is a traditional Chinese Baijiu, and also a Gold medal winner at the Panama Pacific International Exposition. It is one of the most famous brand in China, with a strong aromatic style and characteristics that define quality Chinese baijiu.

ABV 52%

Edit: Available at Dan Murphy for $99 delivered( Membership required)

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    Price in title would be ideal

    • Updated, thanks

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    Good price. Bought one yesterday from local Costco.

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    Same price at Dan's delivered.

    • No stock at Dan murphy

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        It's a delivery product, shipped directly from the distributor. Free shipping for the same price and no need for a paid membership.

        • Updated the post with Dan Murphy’s link, thanks

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    Same price at Dan Murphys

  • Now this, this is a bottle I can get behind.

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    Bought 2, thanks!

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    bought one, thanks. great price

  • Liaojiu same thing as Laojiao?

    Laojiao is same as Shaoxing Wine sold in our supermarket with salt according to this guy

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      No, they're not the same things.

      Liaojiu is 料酒, or "ingredient alcohol/wine", which is comparable with Shaoxing wine.

      Laojiao is 老窖, or "old cellar", in this case from somewhere in the Luzhou area.

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        Liaojiu is 料酒, cooking wine.

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      Laojiao means old cellar. Older clay cellars are supposed to have more organics around cellar wall, therefore spirit aged in them have more nuances in flavour. Laojiao to Baijiu is akin to Sherry Cask to Whisky.

      Liaojiu means cooking wine.

    • Smells like Lanjiao

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        According to Google, username checks out.

        If you're a true Malaysian, you'd know that in Hokkien, lan jiao means penis and this phrase is used by everyone regardless of race in heated arguments.

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    Maotai is better

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      Yes, but way more expensive

  • Luzhou Laojiao Tequ

    Three words that makes no sense to me

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      "Luzhou Old Cellar Special Reserve"

      This shows you how concise Chinese is in comparsion. lol

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    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are we being conned? See an expensive bottle of some liquor I've never tried, gets me interested but ultimately cant justify, and then BAM! an affordable one pops up.
    Dammit, take my money.

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    "Similar to Kweichow Moutai Chinese Baijiu 500ml deal but ~75% cheaper"

    This statement is like saying Black Label is similar to Macallan 18?

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      Completely agree!

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      haha, very true

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    Saw Daigous loading these up in the local Costco..coming back for thirds..must be a bargain. /s

    • made my day 🤣

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    Lots of Chinese liquor on Ozbargain today.

    Maybe the Australian Government should open a dumping investigation.

    • GST included.

  • Any good though? So this is Chinese vodka?

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      Clay aged grain uisge-beatha, usually un-chillfiltered and cask strength (clay strength?) at 60%.

      Like any other spirits, first attempt will not be good. Subsequent attempts get better and better ;)

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      Well normally Maotai is like the gold standard, but has become extremely ridiculously expensive in the last 10 years.

      So, yes, is your answer.

      Has a nice warm aroma.

    • I've only had Maotai, it's very strong with an extremely distinct odour. My parents have bottles of it that were corporate presents in the 90s and it was never touched during alcohol cabinet raids when they weren't home. lol

    • Partner got a nice bottle as a gift when she was doing some training in China.

      We opened it a birthday party. Universally hated, 1 person vomited. Probably not a large enough sample size, but there is plenty of liquor I like, this is not one of them.

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    now this is a deal quite targeted. lol

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      Who is it targetted to?

      • -2


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          Ah, Thanks. Didn't realise Costco would only allow people of Chinese heritage to buy this.

  • Is not the same staff…
    you cant call all car Mercedes when is just an car.

  • This or Legoset?

    • Made in China vs made in Denmark?

  • +3

    Please consider removing the statement of comparing to Moutai. Whilst many have drawn contrast to the bottles alongside cars etc, simply put in China a bottle of Moutai 500ml is dollar for dollar… whilst Luzhou is only $29 :) far from being in the big boys league.

  • Does this also taste like a$$

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      Depends on which part you are gonna use to taste it…

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    $99 for 500mL? Must be good! Whats it comparable to in terms of taste?

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      In whisky / western terms, I'd say

      Erguotou -> Speyside. GlenGrant / Glenfiddich. Light, fragrant, easy to drink
      Moutai -> Sherried Highland. Macallan / Aberlour. Rich and indulgent
      Luzhou Laojiao -> bit similar to Moutai, maybe sherried Island (?). Talisker / Clynelish / Highland Park. Spicy and characterful

      Can't think of an Islay equivalent. Baijiu usually don't punch you in the face, lol

      • -1

        I’d rather drink Johnny red than this muck

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    This is good sh1t goes well with meat.

  • Rather spend $160 for 1573 national cellar

    • me 2, and i like fen jiu and lang jiu as well

  • Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I bought bottles of this in Chengdu, Sichuan (this alcohol's origin) for like 5 AUD per 500mL. Having said that, those bottles were "Erqu", meaning they're an secondary/inferior batch to this "Tequ" edition, but it's a 2000% price inflammation.

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      Luzhou Laojiao Er Qu is always a cheaper drink.
      That would be like comparing Johnny Walker Red and Blue. Yes the origin and company producing them are the same but different variants.

      • -1

        Yes but its reputation amongst the locals is a cheap household booze. A price differential of 2000% between their two labels means the price here is quite boosted.

  • thanks, ordered one

  • -3

    Buy Australian or western… Supporting CCP during a cold war…