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[PS4, XB1, Pre Order] Far Cry 6 $69 + Delivery @ Big W


Just saw this. Probably a good deal for pre order.

Release date: 18/2/2021

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    Same price @ Amazon with free delivery.

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      Amazon has not been able to make release day delivery's for me, so I'd rather pick it up.
      Amazon was ok before covid-19 but, like most mail, has been a bit unreliable now.

      • They’re using regular parcel post even for prime expedited customers

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    Gus Fring Lives

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    Someone will beat $69 closer to release date for sure.

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      69 is hard to beat.

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      Yeah, hard to justify ordering 6 months early.

      • Least with Amazon, they have the price guarantee and you don't pay until it ships. So it's worth doing a super early pre-order.

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    You get free upgrade to PS5 version too.

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    Release date: 18 February 2021

    Hope it's better than New Dawn. FC5 was good though.

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      I wouldn't even classify New Dawn as a Far Cry franchise, it's an insult to the game series.

      it's in the $19 bins at JB and other game retailers..
      they're selling for $10-$13 on gumtree

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        Fair call, it's by far the worst user-reviewed of the series.

        Got downvoted by some New Dawn fanboi :/

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      Yep that game was so boring, you could tell it was one of those games after 5 minutes of playing it.

      I got to about 45 minutes in and just refunded it as it wasn't enjoyable whatsoever.

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        I got bored eventually and just watched a Let's Play to see if the story was worth it. Spoiler alert: It wasn't

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    Why on earth would you preorder this now…

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      Yeah, no need, no bonus. I'll wait until February 2021 before I start thinking about buying it.

      • Started taking that approach after Cyberpunk, held off on my pre-order and was rewarded with two delays for my patience.

        Both brought meager, but some discount to the online price.

        Another delay to the November date will be the icing on the cake.

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      Or at all

      I have several Far Cry games. Most recently bought Far Cry 5 a year ago for $5.

    • No need to ever preorder in this day and age.
      I think the only game to 'sell out' in stores over the last decade was Zelda, and you could still go digital if you were desperate.

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    Remember; Never preorder.

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      also, preordering, from Ubisoft of all companies, is a terrible idea.

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        Unless you're Reddit, who apparently say Never pre-order, unless its CDPR :)

        I still wouldn't pre-order shit, there's no stock issues, it's a digital world folks.

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          These days more to lock in the price. The Steam tax is super high lately and ran out of Indian VPN credits.

          Also remember, you can't trade in a digital game

        • Yeah i was thinking of writing except CDPR. I often do when making this statement.

      • I find Ubisoft are pretty solid tbh. I like their games. Much less money grubbing than EA or other AAA Publishers

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          Ubisoft hid a culture of sexism, homphobia and workplace abuse for years.

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            @Eyespy: Horrible workplace conditions, no doubt. But how does this affect you personally as a consumer?

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              @ThePriceMatchGuy: Ethical positions can influence consumer choices.

              If nothing else, buy used so they don't get any money.

              • @Eyespy: I 100% agree, brands capitalising on consumer emotion is a huge conversion tool. Just sucks that the majority of gamers don't care for the employees and just want the game haha

    • Pre ordering doesn’t really have any bearing on a games quality . The best AAA games of all time are all heavily pre ordered e.g Any Rockstar game , Nintendo , Naughty dog etc

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    You know what the real meaning of insanity is? Buying the same game over and over and expecting something different.

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      So Fortnite?

      • There's only one fortnite. There are like 7 Farcry games, all the same with a different skin.

        • Meant more like the matches themselves, play over and over to get the W, and when you do, play some more.

          In farcry, the game be the same, but at least there's an ending within a reasonable amount of hours so you can throw that shit away at the end. Games should be an experience, not a massive grind.

          If that isn't insane, I don't know what is.

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          They've remade FC3 four times. 1-2-3 are different enough.

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        I think he means he has multiple copies of FC5 LOL

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      So iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, 11… Right, buying half or 1/3 of those phones obviously cost "less" than buying all those Far Cry games.

      Halo 1, 2, Wars, 3, Reach, 4, 5, Infinite… Microsoft has no issue with that.

      Relax, just some games, you don't need to sell your kidney for them.

      • You forgot Call of Duty in there.

      • Are there many people who have bought everyone of those phones?

  • Dear lord is that Gus Fring?

    • Yes, it actually is Giancarlo Esposito.

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    That's Gustavo from breaking bad. Real bad ass using him as a character. Far cry games are cool but allways run bad on pc so I only have number 3 4 and primal. Don't know if I would ever buy any ubisoft games again. Why can't they make games run properly.

    • I've played and finished FC3, 4, 5 and New Dawn on PC and have not really experienced any bugs.

  • As much as I like the series (barring primal), and will most definitely be playing it come release, it will be on a ps5 so won't be preordering just yet.

  • Just finished FC 3 today. It just wasn't for me. But this one has Gus. Maybe I get to check this one.

  • Xbox version also

  • Isn't this just rrp?

    • RRP is probably $99.95 given that’s what EB has it listed as and they don’t make a habit of deviating from it for new releases. I don’t think $69 will be hard to come by however.

      • I don't understand EB's strategy. Who are they trying to fool when Amazon are around, and when the savvy shoppers are going to Big W instead.

        I walked in their store in Jan and 25% of the merchandise on display were physical copies of games, the other 75% is random merch like mugs, figurines, plushies etc.

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          If I had to guess, their focus is in
          - non savvy shoppers
          - adding ‘value’ to titles by buying up exclusive rights to preorder DLC and exclusive editions. EB far and away is the more likely to have this sort of content included with a purchase and it probably drives a lot of sales
          - second hand games, where their margins are probably far greater than new sales
          - having a physical presence

          I still buy a percentage of my games from EB due to that second point, although I have a local store that will let me get bonus content or items and still price match Big W so it’s a best of both worlds scenario there.

          But as you noted their shop front has a smaller percentage dedicated to games. They’ve no doubt observed that all platforms are pushing consumers to buy content digitally meaning in 10 years time they may not be doing much in software sales themselves. As such they have pivoted their focus towards pop-culture products like all the toys etc you see, which are probably high margin but also something MS, Sony and Nintendo aren’t going to sell you digitally.

          In the mean time I’m guessing they don’t want to be caught in a race to the bottom for the lowest game sales, and instead look to keep a margin possibly at lower volume, win sales with exclusive content and also keep their second hand market until digital only content kills that too.

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          Oh you don't understand our strategy? I sold a copy of Days Gone to a customer yesterday for $99.95 and subsequently a copy of FIFA 20 for $69.95, much cheaper elsewhere but hey not complaining.

          The number of people I come into contact with like this is alarming.

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            @ThePriceMatchGuy: Wouldn't it be better, for example, to make 5x more sales at $69 than 1x at $99 ?

            • @Blitzfx: The amount of money lost by EB price matching a new release to $69 on launch is crazy bad for the company. The argument that 'why does Big W do it, or JB?' Well their margin on video games is crazy low, so they'll lowball EB on the price in hope for an upsell of a TV or computer later down the line..

              The amount of people that don't understand this, frustrates me..

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              Wouldn't it be better, for example, to make 5x more sales at $69 than 1x at $99 ?

              Not necessarily for a few reasons:

              • For that equation to actually work out you need to know the profit margin per a title. Hypothetically, if they only break even at $64 then 5 sales at $69 only nets $25 where a single unit at $99 nets $35 profit. I'm just pulling numbers out of a hat there but.
              • They may have done the numbers and found that dropping the price down to $69 wont get them 5x more customers, maybe they only get 50% more. It could be that some gamers will buy digital irrespective, or that for those looking for physical copies cost isn't the most sensitive factor (good games will sell irrespective of price, crap ones won't)
              • More trade means needing to hold more inventory and also having more staff to manage it, increasing costs. Some EB stores aren't necessarily massive, especially compared to a Big W or an Amazon Warehouse. When retailers pay based on the size of a store, thats an important factor to consider
              • More inventory means greater risk to the business. If a product doesn't sell then they have to reduce it further to move it and they're already working on low margins under that model.
              • 5x more sales presumably means 5x more customers which might cramp spaces, cause longer lines etc and make the experience worse (I'm sure many will say EB's customer service can't get worse….but hey)
              • Huge point here. Lower new sale prices devalues their second hand sales, which now need to be sold for less too. Game retailers do a lot of their software business dealing in second hand titles rather than new ones. Big W and Amazon aren't in this space. Not only that but EB looks to encourage people to sell back old games which then reduces the price to get new ones by offering promos and loyalty schemes. If you're on their email list and have purchased games from EB, they go so far as emailing you a personalised targeted email that shows you the games they know you have purchased and stating if you traded those in you'll get $XX back off something new.

              Maybe they'd be better off, but I tend to think these big businesses do consider the lower price to volume ratio when they make a decision to price above competitors. In all honestly they're probably aware as much as anyone else that their days selling games will soon be numbered so rather than getting into a race for the bottom with Amazon they're focusing on diversifying their product lineup in anticipation for the not too distant future where most game sales are digital.

              Target used to share that same price bracket as Big W and they got out of gaming entirely. There's been plenty said that Amazon isn't making much or anything on games at those prices either and really are just locked in a staring competition with EB/Gamestop who if they were to drop off, would remove their biggest competitor and give them free reign to put prices back up. So it may not be a particularly profitable price point or model for software.

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    Amazon has the same price with free shipping.

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    Giving BIG W free interest on your money with this one

  • Is there going to be a next gen version of this too by the time it's out?

    • Yes, and with a free upgrade from the PS4 or XBONE version.

      • Oh cool. Maybe I should preorder this last gen game.

      • Is that confirmed for a disc version though?

        I couldn't imagine them shipping out next gen copies, and if it's a digital upgrade, what is the redemption, a slip inside the cover?

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    Has there been any other information other than the original cinematic trailer?

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    I'd rather just hold onto the $69 and buy closer to launch - all they'll do is invest the money you give them for 6 months!

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    Real mates never let their friends pre-order.

    Not even once

  • Stop pre-ordering games!

    Ehh I can't believe I had to sign in to say that…