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[VIC] Box of 50 Face Masks $4.95 @ City Mart Melbourne (4 Locations)


[VIC] Box of 50 Face Mask $4.95 @ City Mart Melbourne

Address: 566 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website of this box is


105R, 224 Abeckett Street Melbourne
350 William Street Melbourne
228 Abeckett Street Melbourne
566 Flinder Street Melbourne.

Mod: Store rep has asked us to clarify: (1) There is no 1 per person limit (removed from title). (2) They have a website which offers mask products with shipping.

More photos provided by the store rep — photo 1, photo 2.

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  • Located in the CBD only?
    The only way I can buy these masks is by being a permitted worker or donating $1600 to the government for being 5km outside my PPOR.

    • We can deliver to you as well. You can buy as many as you need. Thank you 0452245546

      • Not limited to one box per customer?

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          Hi Yes there is not limit just need a common sense, less then 200 boxes for friends family, and colleagues at work. We not allowed some one to take 1000s of boxes to resales in community. Thank you.

  • How does delivery work?

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    Voted up for the good cause.
    As long as the seller is certain what they are selling is up to the standard for protecting the spread of virus.
    If these things are sold everywhere at this prices where people can get their hands on , i am sure everyone will be more reluctant to put it on at places with more people and indoors . Its a little late, but better late than never. Mask on people.

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    Mmmmm.. I like spam. Thankyou Rahimuddin!

  • Very nice and great effort - thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP

  • Got one. Nice Quality. Thanks OP.

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      which mask seller hasnt "overstocked" but are sitll selling for 20+ dollars lol
      CWH has overstocked as well.

      • Hi, we will force to think the big Stores to think about it. We will force them to make it 2 dollars boxes. Please support us to spread the news through the community why we pay $35 dollars for a box of mask??? Thank you

  • How much is shipping for one box to Melbourne? I'm 7 kilometres away so can't visit?

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    is this suitable for trump supporter? I recon nothing can fix stupid, racist, sexist

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    Rahimuddin got hired to do one job, he got fired in the evening for showing too much enthusiasm!

  • $10 flat rate shipping.

  • @Rahimuddin when ordering online and paying via paypal its in $usd?

    3 Ply Disposable Face Masks - Surgical Masks 50 pack $4.99 USD
    Item total $4.99 USD
    Shipping $10.00 USD
    Total $14.99 USD

    • i have the same problem so i choose paiy on delivered.

    • Hi,

      We refund all the order who pay though PayPal, there was an error, please help us to palace your order again. Chose cash or bank transfer on delivery. Once you receive the delivery please transfer the money in to the our accounts. Thank you very much

  • When shipping costs more than the box of masks…

    • Hi, please don’t order online, wait for few more weeks once the lockdown end take as many as you need for your family and friends. We have millions of mask in stock enough for whole Australia until next July. Thank you so much

  • Is there a coupon code required to activate the Free Melbourne CBD delivery? I added 2 boxes to my cart but delivery still showing up as $10.

    • Hi,

      Please take after the Stage4 lockdown. We have millions in stock don’t need to be worry, this in not a limited promotion, we work very hard to make this mask available for everyone for next July.Thank you

      • Not sure if you have misunderstood my question or have just posted a stock standard response but my question was around the "free delivery Melbourne CBD in 10 minutes" that you have advertised if a minimum of 2 packs are ordered. I have added 2 boxes to my cart and my address is within the Melbourne CBD however your system is still charging me $10 delivery fee, so not sure if I am missing a coupon code or something.

  • I saw your stores selling a box for 150+ during the pandemic -

    Shame on you.

    I guess what goes around comes around, you must have imported a lot and gotten stuck with it and now offloading them.

    • You do know that we are still in the pandemic. It isn't over yet!

      Just going by price though, it is a positive from me, unless you can find Australian stock cheaper elsewhere. Happy to buy elsewhere for same or cheaper price.

      If you had the opportunity to make $$$, I'm sure you would have taken it. Its just human nature, so I don't blame them for it. Its like people who purchase full price at Officeworks vs doing their homework and find a cheaper price online. I often can find IT gadgets for 50% cheaper than officeworks (and other retailers), so are we saying we should also boycott officeworks and other retailers?

      • Profiteering off disease and suffering is going to be a no in my book

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    Placed an order on Friday for delivery but still haven't heard if the order's been processed? Thanks

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    I placed an order almost a week ago (Wednesday Aug 26 4:51pm) and as advised by the order confirmation page, I immediately emailed [email protected] with the direct deposit receipt. Then on Sunday I got this:

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error.
    [email protected], ERROR CODE :421 - Host not reachable.

    I have received no confirmation that my order has been shipped. Has anyone who ordered online for delivery outside Melbourne (I'm in Queensland) received their order?

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    I have a feeling noone's going to get anything. Just as well I selected the COD option, which was strange in the first place as an option.

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    I ordered online for delivery, rural Victoria here, but nothing but crickets since then.

    I wonder if they were just harvesting email addresses and our contact details and it was just one big con job.

    • The store rep has been awfully silent lately!

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        Probably Crtl, C and V keys are broken.

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        he's too busy 'helping the community'

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    Last Seen 26/08/2020

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    Ive ordered masks two weeks ago, yet to hear back regarding delivery. Followed the instruction to send email once paid…i think they have taken money….and ran!

    Will possibly be referring this to financial institution and reporting it to authorities.

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      Have you tried calling them on 0452245546? I haven't yet.

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        Yes, i have called 0452 245 546. I was told to send my bank account details via SMS to get refund issued. Wont be doing that. Calling my bank.

        • Did they say why they can't just post the masks??

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    They are still advertising the masks at the same price, at least I selected COD as payment method so I haven't lost any money.

    Good luck with getting your refund HubbyBubba, post back if you are successful.

  • LOL end up being a scam?

  • Just bought a box of 50 at 350 William Street Melbourne. Plenty left. Just like the photo above

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      Thank you for your support, if you are happy with the product and price please help us to make a new post on the OZ bargain which can help the community to find cheaper mask. Thank you team city Mart Melbourne

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        How about you actually deliver your products instead of spamming and scamming people here.

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        A little less spam and a lot more posting out of orders would be nice for a change Rahimuddin.

        • +1

          Funny how the rep instantly disappears when he is asked to be accountable for the deliveries which are yet to happen.
          However, if someone is spruiking this deal, he instantly reappears with promises of more needless spam!

      • Please don't ask users to post another deal for the same product and price as that would be a duplicate and it's not permitted. Thanks.

  • Pay with cash upon delivery/ EFTPOS
    This can also be done in Sydney? The purchase process is so confusing!

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      Unless you can pickup in person, don't bother. It's amateur hour

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    I've tried emailing them and emails have bounced back and when I logged on to their website my order has mysteriously vanished.

    If you want cheap face masks either pick them up from their store or buy them elsewhere.

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    After emailing and messaging many times about my order not being sent, I got a Facebook message on Wednesday claiming they were not able to send out any orders due to Melbourne lockdown. Don't know how accurate that is (since I've ordered several things from Melbourne online with no issues) but whatever. They asked for my bank account details to be emailed to [email protected] (which is not an address I was contacting) for a refund. I have sent through some details but no reply or refund yet. If you got shafted by them, maybe try emailing that address.

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      So much for this rahimuddin guy 'helping the community get cheap mask'. This guy was selling toilet paper at $5.50 a roll, $12 for Kleenex tissues and $15 gloves. One of the earlier posts pointed out what sort of rubbish this guy is, and he got downvoted so hard. Really interesting to see what people believe now days.

      Now the website is now completely down too. Taken peoples money, no product delivered and basically a f*** off everyone.

      Really hope this guy will refund those affected (if he even has a record of it). Maybe everyone will start lodging refund requests to him.

      • +1

        This guy was selling toilet paper at $5.50 a roll, $12 for Kleenex tissues and $15 gloves

        Not that I don't believe you, could you please share some links to those sale listings?
        $5.50 per TP roll is simply outrageous.
        Funny how they have gone from one extreme to the other after accumulating so much stock.

        Maybe everyone will start lodging refund requests to him.

        How is that going to work if this mob doesn't even respond to emails?

        • Hi, it wasn't a sale listing. It's Google review comments complaining about the city Mart stores during the peak of the pandemic in aus

          • +1

            @MisterX: If you visit their website now, you just see a critical WordPress error.
            One other thing I just noticed, I see several 5 star reviews from "rahim uddin" using different Google accounts. Rahim, if you are going to create fake Google accounts for bumping up your own business ratings on Google, it would make more sense to use fake names. ;-)

    • +2

      Update: I received my refund yesterday and an email from Rahim:

      Please find the attached the receipt.
      I am really sorry for the delay, the staff use to work with me due to covid the left me.
      You can take 2 boxes of mask for free when ever you visit Melbourne CBD.

      I'll be flying to Melbourne this weekend, grabbing the free masks, then flying back to Queensland to quarantine for 2 weeks in a hotel for $200 per night.

  • Hi Rahim,

    I noticed that you are selling the same masks from your CBD City Mart stores at a slightly higher markup ($5.99 instead of $4.95) via your new online store.

    I could be clearly mistaken. It would be appreciated if you could clarify if the online ones are better quality.

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