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[VIC] Box of 50 Face Masks $4.95 @ City Mart Melbourne (4 Locations)


[VIC] Box of 50 Face Mask $4.95 @ City Mart Melbourne

Address: 566 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website of this box is


105R, 224 Abeckett Street Melbourne
350 William Street Melbourne
228 Abeckett Street Melbourne
566 Flinder Street Melbourne.

Mod: Store rep has asked us to clarify: (1) There is no 1 per person limit (removed from title). (2) They have a website which offers mask products with shipping.

More photos provided by the store rep — photo 1, photo 2.

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      Hi I am from City Mart Melbourne.
      They are 3 ply surgical mask. We are offer just for $5 to encourage our community for wearing the mask to Control the virus. Please don’t pay $35 in supermarkets and leading chemist stores. The product should be free for everyone and all big companies and government should Help the community to make it very cheap and free and easy to access all the time in every were rather then fine hundreds of dollars.That’s why we are taking the step to help our community. We are not making any money for the mask and you can buy as many as you need, we got millions of mask. You can call us on 0452245546 24/7 for further information.
      Our address are fallowing. We open 24/7 we also deliver to you as well.

      Shop 105, 224 Abeckett Street Melbourne
      350 William Street Melbourne
      566 Flinder Street Melbourne
      228 Abeckett Street Melbourne .

      Thank you very much.

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        Good initiative although prob didn't need to reply to every message in this thread.

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          Just try to let everyone know that we are encouraging all community to wear a mask to control the virus. Really busy with other things so that’s why it is important to clear for everyone. Thanks

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        Hi I am from government.
        Maybe you shouldn't tell us what we should do. /s

      • It says "Non-Medical" on the boxes in your picture. Are they really surgical masks?

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        I don’t care if it’s a dollar, I wouldn’t take masks off you lot. I’ve been to countless city marts in Sydney CBD since back in April til now. Your price ranges for masks were generally 15-25 bucks for 10 or some stores I saw as high as 5 dollars PER mask.

        Now you’ve taken a gamble and imported “millions” to try and flog the Aussie market but realised you’ve been priced out of contention. So now the sob story comes out about “help our community”.

        The fact of the matter is, the “millions” were imported by city mart well before the second wave and definitely before the government started encouraging mask wear. You took a gamble, tried to milk the market and lost and now you’re back pedalling.

        Well I’m not buying, neither your masks nor you pathetic bs story about helping people.

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          Wow that's so true, I remember seeing masks sold at my local City Convenience for like $30 a pack of 10.

          Funny the same people coming out now trying to 'help the community'. Helping the community would've been importing a few million in March or April and selling it at 'Cost Price'.

          When they sell out, lets place a bet if they'll import another batch and 'sell at cost price' and 'help the community'? LOL

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          Hi we are CITY MART MELBOURNE. We have no any stores in Sydney we are only in Melbourne. There are many other marts with smiler names called EZYMART or CT MART or Convenience. They all are different then US, they still selling a box of mask for $45 dollars and a smaller Sanatizer for $10.

          Please note that we are based in Melbourne CBD For last 5 years we have 5 stores, we always try to helping our loyal customers even in the pandemic 7 eleven are closed in many areas but our loyal regulars customer give us a support to keep opening 24/7. We are offering few mask and free refills the Sanatizer from any of our stores.

          We not paying OZBARGIN to run a campaign for us, we try to helping the community and encouraging everyone to wear a mask to control the spread of the virus in our community and come back to normal life. Thank you

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          The fact that they overstocked initially and now need to dump their stock was my first thought. Mainly because they said "you can buy as many as you need". Helping the community would mean that they had a limit on purchasing.

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          Hahaha I didn't want to be cynical and assume this, but as soon as this deal came up I thought it was probably the case.

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        You sell online with delivery? I'd buy 4 boxes for my grandparents if you could. Feels a bit helpless being in qld…

      • We are not making any money for the mask and you can buy as many as you need, we got millions of mask.

        maybe you could (have) help governments who seem to have had issues supplying healthcare and other workers?

        • no - healthcare workers will only use certified medical / surgical mask at diff levels

          these could be at that level, but without official certifiction i dont think they will risk it

        • Hmmm, I don't think the government needs help, I remember reading an article a few months ago, saying that the Government did a stock take and review of all contracts, and realized that they have put on order a cumulative amount of 50years worth of Masks/PPE supplies. lol.

          I feel sorry for all those manufacturers which had their contracts cancelled after the massive screw up.

      • Thank you so much for your text and call today. Due to the very high volume of call we not able to respond for all of you. Please visit our website to make order, we will deliver for you in Melbourne city and we will post you through Australia post if you are living in another cities of Australia.

        Please call me on 0452245546 for further information. Thank you.

        • Due to the very high volume of call we not able to respond for all of you.

          If you cannot deal with the insane call volume, why would you post your mobile number again? 🤦‍♂️

      • Faith in humanity restored. I am one of those sick and tired of businesses selling a $13 mask while obliviously marketing them as "support Aussie made".

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        This should be shared on the news. Thanks for putting the community first.

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        back in the covid early days in march, the williams street store was selling 50pack for $120 or an alternative vietnam brand for $50. how times have changed.

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          50pack for $120

          Insane price gouging!

          Now that they have such an oversupply of these masks, and other PPE items, they are probably being forced to sell at cost.

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    Wonder what the population is within 5km

    • all of them in 5km will be attacking this tower like on those zombies movie

  • Nice stacking skills there for whoever made the display. A few people take from the middle and the whole thing topples over!

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      It could be like a giant Jenga though, no one wants to be the person who makes everything fall.

    • It's going to end up as a thin tall tower that will topple when someone walks past too fast.

  • Wonder how much of a loss they're making on this. There would still be someone getting a profit but I doubt it's this mini mart lol.

  • I can’t believe i paid $40ish using ebay discount code for 50 pieces in March.

    • It’s a very good price back to March, I paid $80 for a box of 50 masks.

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        I paid $90 for 150 masks on march and they never came. lost $90 there yup.

    • I paid $6 for 50 back in January on eBay & they were marked sent. They never made it out of China. Hopefully our government will learn they need major stockpile. They used it during the bushfires & didn't order any til April.

  • What quality would these be….

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      4.95 is about the price before all the craziness.

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    They are just the same standard and i can confirm the same as i bought the mydeal and these ones are from same manufacturer.

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    Address ?

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      566 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

      • Thank you

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        Hi, thank you for your help the community know that we are offering such a low price to encourage everyone to wear mask to control the virus and come back to normal life. Please help me correct that we don’t have any limitations, we have millions of mask to make it available for everyone. If you help me to clear the public in a detail post will be highly appreciated. Thank you

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    How much shipping to Sydney?

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    Want to buy but cannot afford $1652 to get there.

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      You just need to let the police know you’re visiting your romantic partner on the other side of town.

      • Romantic isn't enough.

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          don't worry, you will be "fine"…

  • at that price u can 3 masks and it will be 3 ply at least!

  • I wonder why so cheap. They could just as quickly sell it all at $9.95 or maybe even $14.95.

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      Probably because no one is buying. Everyone panic bought in the first few days and now they have pallet loads of masks taking up floor space.

      I see a lot of people just wearing face shields now, not sure how that is supposed to stop you from inhaling droplets though, but you can probably breath 10 times easier in them.

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        not supposed to stop you getting sick, supposed to stop you spraying ur covid over other people. face shield will probably help deflect and slow it, but shouldnt be used in shops really.

        i hope those who have tried to profit off covid end up worse off

      • yeah stock is high
        like hand sanitizer, its everywhere now

      • I think most have adopted reusable mask

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        Yeah. From what I know, you're suppose to wear masks in addition to the shields. Just the shields alone is useless to the wearer.

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          Just the shields alone is useless to the wearer.

          Not if they just want to avoid the 200 dollar fine.

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            @annarchon: This. The face shield is literally splash guard, eg: someone sneezes in your face.

            It also goes to show some people dont give two F's about the benefits of wearing a mask and just want to avoid getting fined.

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        Please try to think positive ways and encourage the community to wear mask, millions of people life is badly disturbed because of the lockdown and virus.

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          Unfortunately, the people who dont wear masks or wear just face shields only, are an ignorant minority. Ive learned a long time ago not to argue with a fool, its like arguing with a child: you wont win, or they are mentally incapable of seeing a point of view other than their own.

    • Could be they are using that as their loss leading product to get you in the door. Then they hope you'll buy a few more things with better margins.

      • You means Colesworths? As well as 99.99% of the other retail shops?

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    Just copped. Thanks OP!

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      how's the quality?

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        No complains about the quality.

        Website on the box is:

        Here is a direct link to the product. GBP15.99 for 50pcs.

        Just did 4 typical tests, passed 3 and failed 1:

        1) Electrostatic test (picked up shreds of tissue paper)
        2) Hydrostatic (no water seepage from within the mask after ~20mins)
        3) Fire (middle layer melts away instead of catching fire)

        4) Lighter could be blown out. Has anyone purchased a mask that stops this from occurring?

        Mask also has a bendable nose wire.

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          Maybe try Gaffer tape for 4) ?

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          Actually, I haven't tried the other tests, but have had a few pass the lighter test:

          -My dodgy Ebay ones for $15 from Jumbo something or other, this was a surprise. The ear loops break though.
          -My good Costco ones - Medihealth Guard
          -The Zebra Industries 3 ply "level 2 ASTM standard" (no box so can't confirm) and they seemed a bit dodgy
          -Cotton on cloth mask

          -Biio non medical from The Nile - they possibly make proper ones as well
          -Bonds 100% cotton non treated
          -Monster threads cloth masks

          The Costco ones are the only ones I really trust when I'm going to be near other people. I might do some of the other tests on them at some point, particularly the Zebra Industries ones as I'd like to know if they are legit.

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            @Miss B: Just tried all of the disposables and they all passed the other 3 tests. Left the water on for now, but it's just sitting on top.

  • Not gonna lie… I thought that was a pallet of Panadol at first glance! lol

    • Yea, I thought the same too!

  • Looking forwarding to seeing more of this apparent biohazard disposed of in and around my local parks and gardens.

    • Littering is no ideal, but better than wiping out your local community population hey

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    Great deal but were are they made

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      LOL $4.95 for 50, where are they made..

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        Time for you to support $13 Aussie made product mate. You're here spewing doubt and concerns while the OP is hard at work and most definitely taking a loss for selling so cheap.

    • Here ya go… Feel better?

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      Even the ones selling in Chemist warehouse for $50 are made in China. Most will be made in China.

    • Manufacturer: Dongguan Zhiwei Protective Equipment Co., Ltd
      (Directly from the product website)

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    Just curious why masks are so expensive in aus, except this post… In china, masks are now slow-moving and sold no more than $3 per 50pcs delivered.

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      Easy! It's people taking advantage of the pandemic

    • Because what ever touches through a pair of Aussie hands get slapped taxes and minimum wages, funds for their beer money and Aussie home loan, trips Bali (used to), and most probably a $5 coffee.

      The whole Aussie industry is crippled by unrealistic operation costs.

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        Leave for a 3rd world country that doesnt have any of these benefits then.

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    Good quality ,just bought a box , no complaints

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      Thank you for your purchase and positive feedback. We are trying to helping and encouraging the community to wear a mask to control the spread of virus. Chemist stores and supermarket make huge profits to selling a box for 35 dollars.

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    Good on City Mart for not gouging

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    Hey mods- whats with Rahimuddin spaming 20+ replies in this thread with the same wall of text?

    • Tourette Syndrome?

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      Thank you for your positive feedback. They are trying to helping and encouraging the community to wear a mask to control the spread of virus. Chemist stores and supermarket make huge profits to selling a box for 35 dollars dontcha know.

      • :D

      • Thank you, Prolapse Heinous, I was working very hard to provide that this is an important help to encourage the community to wear the mask to control the spread of virus and force the supper markets to change there policies. Thank you

    • Hi, Crownie, i have thousands texts and calls to answer every day. I am not a spam, please don’t miss guide the community. Thank you

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    Can someone pls stop that associted dude spamming the same text over and over again? he's got another virus x-(

  • All other deals Rahu ?

  • Lol looks like rahimuddin thinks this is fb. No need to respond to every post with the same blurb

  • Do you do delivery to northern suburb?

    • Hi yes we do. We don’t have limits you can buy as many as you need.
      Thank you

      • Thanks, I suspect I just need to SMS you the delivery address and you'll let me know the delivery cost?

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