This was posted 1 year 8 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW] RÅSUNDA Worktop, Oak 246cm $99 (Full Price $599) @ IKEA Rhodes (in-Store Only)


Worktop, oak 246x63.5x3.8 cm
Price valid 8 Jul. 2020 - 31 Aug. 2020 or while stock lasts
They mentioned they had 120 left in stock. The price is so low because they have to make space in the warehouse for the new kitchen line.

I bought it in store in IKEA Rhodes.
For 3 worktop delivery to 2088 was $69

Note: In-Store Only Price shown online is higher @ $399

out of stock on self service computer's at IKEA
Call to check availability

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      • Gah. Want to pick one up for me? lol
        If anyone can grab me one I can drive down in my van to pick it up from you

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    Computer in store says out of stock

    • I just called up and was told there are 19 in stock. Please keep us updated on what happens in store. I'm leaving soon.

      • Msg'd

  • +5

    Anyone who wants to see the potential of these as a workstation here's my newly treated/finished rasunda:

    Scuse the mess I've been putting it together this morning.

    • Looks good

    • r/battlestations standard, looks clean though.

      I'm looking for an alternative to the Alex drawers as I'm not a fan of the style, but can't find anything suitable, thinking of just getting some steel ones like these and forgoing the storage.

      • +1

        Would look great. Definitely need a bit of cable management to sell the minimalist look though

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        Hehe yeah - I got a lot of inspo from there. I just posted here because everyone on that sub uses Karlby - couldn't find many Rasunda battlestations going around when I was researching what finish to use etc.

        So glad I went this over the Karlby.

        • your imgur link is dead?! :'(

          Edit: nvm found it below.

    • Link no longer work?

    • Oh damn I wanted to see, it's 404! Got another one?

    • link doesn't work

    • +3

      Sorry changed it to hidden -

    • Linked address is 404, otherwise 'dead'.

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    Deadset bargain, wish I knew someone nearby to buy and ship to Vicco.

  • Anyone at Rhodes? Any left? I'd be super grateful if someone can grab one for me if there is any stock left

  • Officially sold out

    Marsden park has them for $200

    • Apparently some guy bought all remaining just before I got here

      • I got there about 12pm and purchased a couple for my study setup. I must of got lucky.

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    This is probably one of the best bargains ever. I was already thinking about doing a few projects, such as putting in a new desk across the back of the family room, and redo-ing the desk in the lounge room. i never dreamed of getting this kind of timber for it. With this deal, i'll now also have enough timber for a couple other projects that the wife has been bugging me about (a hall table in the entry, and some shoe storage near the front door). also, got a week off work next week, so the timing couldnt be better.

  • Rhodes getting more stock on the 31st - but will be back up to full price unfortunately

    • Wait..why were they clearing it out for that price if they're getting more in a week from now?

      • no idea

        • ikea works in mysterious ways

  • Damnnnn finished work too late.

  • Deal available only in store at that location, according to customer service… Does anyone think this might go to other locations…? First stage discount to $399 at my local Ikea (Logan, Qld) and some are $200.

    • Just wondering whether you've checked with the Logan store since? I'd be keen on a couple of them if the offer was available here so fingers crossed…

      • day this was posted, so Monday. Just realised they might have something similar eg an older line or stuff in the discount area near the checkouts.

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    Wow, my first post. That sold out quick!
    Glad for the ones could make it!
    120 stock gone in 24hs

    • 101 work benches sold in 2 hours… suprised it lasted that long. Thanks for the post for those of us lucky enough.

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    Cheers to the Fairfield mate who helped chuck it in the hatchy, lol. Hope you got yours back home on the ute and my rope work held up!

    I took it straight to a proper joinery/cabinet maker near me (because going to Bunnings to get it cut, is a massive roll of the dice if you get a decent person or not), great old bloke who only wanted $10 to cut it to my size (gave him $50 anyways). I had it cut to 185cm to fit the area in my office and with the leftover I'm going to make a little whisky table.

    I got the Idasen underframe for table top, as the powered version wouldn't be able to handle the weight and manual adjustment is fine. Remember if using steel framed get an extra leg to support the middle back, as it might slightly sag over time.

    I should've bought two, lol.

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    I recently bought a veneer top from Ikea for $99, 1860mm x 635mm x 38mm. Also available in 2460mm for $129

    Not a solid timber, but it still looks beautiful for my office desk photo here

  • Lots of out of work people going to Ikea? Out of stock somehow.

    • Tradies probably snapped it all up for projects

  • -2

    Yeah, the color isn't the greatest but I'll see if I have a use for them. Impulse buyer here

  • How solid are the Alex drawers? Is there a risk of them collapsing under the weight of the tabletop?

    • Nah the alex's are very solid. But what you may need to consider depending on what length bench top you are running is a mid way leg. With the 1.8m there is no sag on the wood or anything between the 2 drawers, so the end drawers as legs is fine. Not so sure at 2 meters+. Could be fine given how thick and heavy this wood is.

  • How are you guys planning on treating this? I don't have any experience with treating a wood. But what kind of sandpaper would be good? What grit? I don't have the tool, so will only sandpaper by hand. And then what kind of oil? Manual says use IKEA STOCKARYD treating oil, which I'm planning to use.

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      See this previous comment by @bigredkeg

      his photos:

      EDIT: you don't need to sand it.

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        I did sand mine - but just a light sand with 180-240 grit (i did 240), no more. Only prior to my first coat.

        • Thanks both for your help. Will hand sand mine around 220 to 240 grit and apply the IKEA oil.

          • @Ocinod: Can you provide an update on the IKEA oil can find no information on it. Trying to make up my mind of the finish by this weekend.

            • @Noire: Same, I'm looking for reviews and can't seem to find anything. Asked a friend who do some woodworking as a hobby and he said the IKEA oil should be fine.

              Afraid I won't be able to treat mine in the next two weeks as the nearest IKEA is sold out of the oil. I'll give you an update when I finally do it and get it done. Or you do if you were able to do it first. =)

  • missed out :/ if anyone decides they don't want it anymore…lemme know!

  • IKEA Perth has the 1860mm ones on sale in the "As-Is" section for $150, down from $300. Still a great price.

    Was only 4 or 5 left tonight.

    • Did you take the photo of the ticketed price of 1860 one. Can you please share the same.

  • Does anyone have a photo of the ticket or receipt showing the $99 price?

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