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[QLD] Japanese Curry Sauce or Any Purchase (Not Including Drinks) Get Free Delivery (Brisbane Regional Area) @ Hanaichi


When you purchase at least one product of eligible items(not including drinks) you can receive FREE DELIVERY within the Brisbane area

Our free service allows you to order online and pick up your purchase from your preferred Hanaichi store.
Please note, Click & Collect is currently available at our Brisbane Stores.


Outside the Brisbane area or not eligible, We will automatical cancel the order, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.πŸ™‡

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  • When you purchase at least one product of eligible items

    What are the eligible items?
    All i can see are just frozen stuff, you don't have any fresh ready to eat meals for delivery.
    You only have 13 items in your entire shopfront (and five of them are drinks!), the rest equally random.

    Neg because I have to trawl thru your site just to get basic info and yours is a low effort deal post - adding to the stigma that Store Rep posts are usually garbage.

    • +2

      As much as I hate emojis the post seems straightforward: buy something thats not a dribk and you get free shipping.

      • -1

        The post (and store) is an oddball in that Hanaichi runs takeaway stalls in food courts but its not selling any (ready) meals via the linked e-store.

        It would be like a deal from McDonalds offering free delivery, but they are only offering frozen bread buns, frozen onions, a bag of potatoes, and nothing ready to eat. A waste of time.

        • I'd take them up on special sauce tbh.

        • +1

          I've bought from them - good tasty food.
          Fast delivery (mine was 90 min of order).

          What is on offer is mainly the frozen product their food court restaurants serve (less the rice & bowl). Tastes better in my opinion.

          The delicious Frozen Japanese Premium Curry Sauce with Wagyu Beef (3 serve catering pack) just needs thawing, reheat, & add rice or whatever.
          Is that too hard to do?

          I bought 39 serves - slowly consuming as a real treat, as can't get to Japan at moment.

          • -3

            @the INFIDEL: I can get very similar curries for $5 a meal from a sushi place in Post Office Square. No delivery fee, no food prep, no reheating.
            Yes size is smaller, but most of the portion difference is just rice anyway, moot point. Mr Curry is also another option next door, at the low price point too. Disclaimer: last price check was before COVID.

            Hanaichi's curry is really not that groundbreaking.

            Imagine if Subway decided to sell you frozen ingredients instead of meals.

            Thawed/reheated foods will never beat freshly made, and you bought 39 serves: christ you're their best fan (or not bored eating the same frozen stuff)!

            • +1

              @payton: You're just wasting your & everyone time here.

              You're in the wrong deal - this one's titled Japanese Curry Sauce, not prepared meals!

              Pick up also available at Salisbury factory.

              That factory supplies only a few tasty ingredients for sale - to make your own meals.
              It doesn't supply fresh meals - try a restaurant delivery service.

              Seems all you want to do is complain it's not the deal you imagined it would be!!

              Like in all Deals - if it's not what you want, move on.

              • -2

                @the INFIDEL:

                You're just wasting your & everyone time here.
                Seems all you want to do is complain it's not the deal you imagined it would be!!
                Like in all Deals - if it's not what you want, move on.

                You bought 39 serves, I get it, you're their number one fan (or associated), I don't know why you get so defensive otherwise - plus the comment negs, phew.

                Its funny that you wrote long essays at me then told me to move on.
                Anyway, byes

                • +3

                  @payton: There you go making things up, again!

                  Accusing a person of being associated when they're not gets you into trouble with the Mods!

                  As for my order of 13 catering packs - I ordered 3, ate 1 (3 large serves) in a day - I liked it so much, & ordered another 10 (for free delivery). Very happy with the tasty Japanese curry with chunks of Wagyu beef!

                  I was impressed with the business (good food, good price, fast delivery), although I've only eaten at their outlets once & wasn't that impressed.

                  Basing an opinion on experience rather than your strange imaginings is a far better basis.

                  As you incorrectly imagined this was a fresh meal delivery deal - I corrected you.
                  But you continued defending your made up ideas…

                  Won't waste my time on you again. Have blocked your useless comments, allegation, & invalid Neg Vote based only on your imagination.

                  • -4

                    @the INFIDEL: Whatever you say, Mr. 39 Serves 😁
                    You tell people to move on but keep making edits to your various replies to me here

    • +2

      Where in the Deal did it say it offers fresh ready to eat meals for delivery??

      Try one of the many restaurant delivery services for that Deal!!

      This is supplied from their factory, not their food court restaurants!

      Japanese food stores in Deals here offer frozen or packaged foods - to make your own meals.

      You're negging a Deal because it doesn't offer what you imagined it would.
      Definitely not a reason to neg!

      • -1

        it doesn't even offer Kay's Chicken, maaaaaate, cmon, what kind of online shop is this
        might have to follow Youfoodz's lead and make prepackaged frozen meals =)

        • +2

          The factory supplies their food court restaurants.

          These are the catering packs from the factory to make meals at home.

          Plenty of stores to get other supplies from.

          So why complain when you imagined it was a different deal?

          It's a deal for Japanese Curry & other ingredients!

          It's not youfoods or other prepared meal services you imagine it should be.
          Move on to their deals, this business isn't in that line of business!

          A neg vote based on your imagination about a Deal - is never valid!

  • They don't even have paypal payment option

    • +1

      Sorry, we only have Visa, Master and AMEX now. We will check it ASAP.
      Thank you

      • Thanks for the quick reply, bought 3 sause packs

        • Thank you very much for your order :)

  • +1

    Vote 1 for their efforts to survive in this difficult time:)

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