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1-Month Adobe Creative Cloud, Free for Nvidia GPU Owners (GeForce Experience)


Located in my Geforce Experience notifications, I was able to get a unique code for a free month of AdobeCC to redeem via this link

I don't know if it is specific GPU's etc, mine is the GTX-1660 Super, Not sure if they stack if you manage to get more than one, but it said it works for new & existing accounts.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the full suite of Adobe apps, not sure if there is anything missing but mine seems to have all the apps I have heard of, and many I haven't. Some apps that can be downloaded to phone also unlock more features when you log in with the same account, with cross-saving cloud storage as well.

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  • +9

    One month so generous.

    How about ditch this subscription model Adobe!

    • +13

      I have heard that they are planning to ditch it next year 01.04.2021

      • -4

        Source? I'm interested in finding out why.

        • Check the date

        • He got you

          • @BenMHarvey: Too used to seeing American dates, he got me good.

      • -1

        I hope so, wife wants it but not on a sub.

      • -1

        I look forward to shelling out $2000 all at once.

      • Maybe 25/12
        For those who replied to your comment

        • Nah, 29.02 ;)

      • +1

        They'll help you ditch your photos.

  • Can’t find it. Targeted?

    • +1

      For me, I clicked on my account name to bring up a dropdown that said 'Redeem', 'Account' and 'Log out'. In Redeem I had the one month Adobe CC offer. My GPU was a 1080

      • Maybe driver choice has an effect. Are you using gamer or productivity drivers?

        • gamer and 451.67's

        • I’m using MX150. I can’t even open redeem. Says it’s offline. Ozbargainers crashed the server already? Lol

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