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[Pre Order] Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 64GB Global Version $329 + Delivery (17 Sep) @ Kogan


Note 9 Pro Model + bonus 20GB Prepaid Data with Kogan.

Reason I'm posting is Aussie Seller = Aussie Warranty. Even if it's Kogan.

  • Snapdragon 720G processor
  • NFC
  • Band 28
  • 6.67 " Screen
  • 5020mAh Battery
  • 64Mega pixel camera
  • MIUI 11 Android 10

Zip Pay and Afterpay available
Ships 17th September

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  • Side note: this doesn't ship for 4 weeks

  • Man, this phone ticks all of the boxes. Some rare ones too:

    • 3.5mm jack
    • Dual SIM PLUS dedicated Micro SD slot
    • FM Radio
    • IR Blaster
    • Band 28 and NFC
    • >5k mAH battery

    Haven't seen these included even in >$1000 flagships

  • Worth getting the 128GB model for an extra $30? ($359)

  • ah this is phone I was waiting for… but now i have the Oppo Reno 5G so too late

  • Do you think mobileciti will stock this as well?

  • 6GB/128GB version here $324.95 delivered. ($335 less coupon CART3 = $324.95)

    • Have deal with Kogan many times with no problem, not sure about Tobydealsau? Should I take that risk now?

      • If your worried about after service support, stick with what your happy with, dont let a few dollars make you regret your decision.

      • Bought this exact phone from Tobydealsau on 14/8 and received it 25/8 - I live in Sydney.

        I've also bought previously from them with no issues, but that was maybe 2 years ago.

        Either way, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

      • I ordered one from Toby Deals last week … am yet to receive it. I'm thinking it'll take around 3 weeks due to the current restrictions, but I'm ok with that. I'm confident it'll get here.

    • Is this the same version as the initial deal posted but with 128gb storage?

  • There seems to be an issue with the camera module… https://www.notebookcheck.net/The-Redmi-Note-9-and-Redmi-Not...

    • Wow… It sounds like it is not an isolated problem too! One guy had his phone replaced with a new one because of it and it also had it. Some are saying the RN8 series also has the problem.

    • Had mine for nearly 3 months now.

      And although Melbourne winters are hardly known for being dusty, the phone hardware has been faultless and no signs of dust.

      • He probably put the phone in his pocket all the time thus the dust comes from?

        • Since the phone, (or at the very least the camera module), should be sealed against dust ingress this really isn't a valid excuse for poor quality control since being carried in your pocket should be one of the most basic use cases for a mobile phone.

          It apparently has an IP54 rating which indicates that it has only limited dust ingress protection - so dust will get in at some point.

      • I was in Melbourne at the start of winter for hotel quarantine. The crowne plaza room i was in was very dusty in the 14 days while hotel isolating.

    • Have had mine for a month and no issues. I use a flip case and also keep mine in my pocket.

  • Ordered mine from Toby deals.
    2 days to ship and 11 days delivery time via dpex.
    Didn't pay for faster shipping so might be quicker with that.
    Upgraded from tcl Plex.

    This is an awesome phone and a great price.
    My second Xiaomi phone.

  • Is it an upgrade from S9+ ?

      • On that note, what is a good upgrade from an S9+ that isn't from the S20 series? I have been really happy with my S9+, but don't see the value in paying big bucks to upgrade to something like an S20+. Would be nice to get a good upgrade but not pay those hefty flagship prices.

        • Note 9 lol

        • What don't you like about your S9+?

          • @ezzaf: I'm pretty happy with it that's why I haven't upgraded. I usually upgrade every year but didn't see any major jumps in the newer phones. Not in a hurry to upgrade, more just curious about what's out there

            • @Sentry459: Phones are becoming mature hardware, and improvements less and less meaningful. Camera improvements are becoming software driven (Google has used the same camera module in pixels for 2 years now), memory and ssd prices have stayed fairly stable the past couple of years, the only reason to really buy a new phone is a new battery and software updates, IMO.

              That and the feeling of a shiny new toy. But I gave up buying hardware for that and started buying Lego instead, after a pointless venture into home automation.

  • Does it have 5g ?

    • Yeah so also this is direct from Kogan. Not 3rd party reseller using Kogan. Its Local Warranty. That's why I posted.

      • It is a great deal from a local retailer, no problem there.
        I think most people are aware that you can direct imports items and sacrifice warranty and consumer rights for a lower price.
        Then again many would prefer to buy from a local source so they can maintain their consumer rights.
        Either way it is a hell of a lot of phone for the money!

    • deal killer for me :(

    • Wow, there are so many other issues reported in the comments in the first link.
      Might give this one a pass.

  • Got mine from Toby deals for $311. Delivered within 2 weeks… tracked… just don't expect any replies to any emails.

    Excellent mobile that ticks all the boxes and more. Comes with a soft case too. Two minor gripes, speaker not as loud (oppo Reno z is much louder) and earpiece for me is odd. My ear always seems to be in the wrong position making it difficult to hear.

  • $347.99 inc gst

  • Can you see day to day performance issues compared to an snapdragon 855? I've got a Mi 9T Pro and typically recommend budget premiums to friends who want to upgrade (something like the POCO F2 Pro)

    but this phone is such a good deal at that price. But I've got no experience on non 800 series snapdragons. But am interested in recommending this to friends if it means they won't notice any slow downs in day to day loads (think social media, very light gaming on non triple A games, and youtube/surfing the web)

    Thanks :)

    • FWIW I've been using the oppo A52, that has a 665 chip so "worse" than this one.

      In day to day use you don't notice it at all. If you put it side-by-side with an 800 series phone you'll notice a bit of a difference, but honestly the phone itself feels just as snappy. In terms of the light gaming part, I play fate/grand order and there are some slight slowdowns on some of the big special attacks, but other than that nice and smooth.

      720G should be even faster than that so the difference will be even more negligible.

      • It doesn't sound bad at all wow, do you ever get hangs/lags on just the UI itself or does it only ever happen during gaming situations also what about launching the camera and taking a photo is there any shutter lag?

        Appreciate your reply!

        • Nope, none on the UI or anything, phone is nice and smooth. Only the odd time during gaming you'll see the FPS drop a bit, but outside of that everything is great (Twitter will sometimes lag a little bit while scrolling, but only happens for a couple of seconds and goes back to normal).

          Launching the camera is also pretty quick, default camera loads up pretty instantly, and Gcam might take a second or two. Shutter speed is instant like with most (if not all) modern phones.

          And no worries! Always happy to offer advice :)

          • @mangobango: Oh great thanks so much! I intended on slapping gcam on it for any friends who go in on purchasing the phone due to my recommendation is there an official Gcam for the phone yet or have you found an stable alternative? I'm more interested in just Night sight, wide angle and main camera and the selfie camera

            Again thank you so much for your help and advice, I might take a better look at midrange phones now especially when they're prices are so good!

            • @MrPariah: Nah no official one, but I've been using this port and it seems the most stable: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/c...

              Although this is a newer version to the one I've installed, but it's from the same developer so should work just the same.

              However the full list of ports is here https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/
              There might be better ones geared towards the redmi phone, but the first link is the one that works best on my Oppo.

              • @mangobango: Apologise for the late reply, didn't get the notification for your reply for some reason

                Thanks so much are you aware of any ports for the Reno Z? Been trying to search for one to recommend to some friends but I can't test any of them as I don't have the phone myself

                Appreciate your help man!

                • @MrPariah: The Reno Z doesn't really have good gcam ports, they don't make it that much better. This is due to it having a MediaTek SoC. There is no such thing as an official gcam port, as Google wouldn't do that. Also yeah, Snapdragon 700s and most 600s are definitely perfectly fine for daily use and the main difference is GPU, the CPUs don't really perform that much better on the Snapdragon 800.

    • It's just a tad slower than a Snapdragon 845. I have a Poco F1 and a Redmi Note 9 Pro and I can't tell the difference.

      • https://www.phonecurry.com/benchmarks Try this handy guide. Phone processors ranked. Basically it's in the higher ranking and you shouldn't have issues playing any games on mobile.

        • Appreciate it, although is it really that easy to extrapolate synthetic benchmarks to real world performance? eg, I notice the 720G performs better in GB 4SC and 4MC than the Snapdragon 835. I used to own a Pixel 2 XL and suffered no performance issues or lags or anything of the like, am I able to assume that it would because of those benchmarks have an even better experience than my previous Pixel 2 XL or is that an assumption you just can't make from synthetic benchmarks?

          Appreciate your help didn't know about this site and can certainly see myself referring to it in the future thank you!

  • Got this for the misso. Probably more than a month ago. She says Instagram and Facebook can have some lag scrolling and switching between those apps. Other than that. Loves the phone.

    • Any idea what ROM region she's on? I here the Chinese MIUI is significantly more intensive than the EU (I think it's EEA now) ROM due to background processes and ads whereas the EEA ROM has no ads and less background processes. Thanks for your reply! :)

      • She's on MIUI Global 11.0.5 Stable (QJZMIXM) - no root

        We got the phone from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549842 - few of us were posting Tobydeals delivery statuses.

        Hope that helps.

        • Thanks for that, I've recently moved to the EEA ROM from the Global ROM on my Mi 9t Pro, getting incredible battery life for it

          But not sure what the difference would be

          Appreciate your help man! :)

  • Is this an upgrade to the iPhone 7?

    I might get this if it has better general performance, hearthstone, camera and video recording.

    • This one has a larger screen. I am also tossing between iphone and xiaomi phone. I think Iphone has a longer life and higher resale value, no slow down after number of years updates. More refine. BUT will you willng to pay for it? It has always been my question. Eg. Thinking about Iphone SE 128gb, $679 only has 4.7inch whilst Xiaomi has 6.4inch screen for around half price.
      I guess if you want the guarantee of camera performance and service, buy Iphone. Otherwise keep buying Xiaomi every few years.

  • This or Huawei P30 lite?

    • I'd personally go with this phone.

      Newer so likely to receive more updates (plus the Redmi line always has very strong custom rom support), UFS memory compared to eMMC, and a Snapdragon CPU.

      • Ok thanks?
        Would the P30 $600 be worth the extra money?

        • I think so, I prefer to buy Snapdragon phones (Huawei use their own processors), but the missus has a Nova 2 Plus and somehow still going very strong.

          The P30 will definitely last you a long while. The P30 Lite might, but worth noting that it doesn't have NFC/worse camera etc.

  • Does anyone know which rom this uses? From what I've read anything but MIUI-EU contains ads…

    With that in mind, does anyone have advice on flashing roms and Kogan warranty?

    • It should be the Global MIUI if it's the same as the Note.9 Pros from tobysdeals.

      Only played around with mine for a week, (while waiting for bootloader unlock), and didnt notice any ads. I think it's the Chinese variant of MIUI that is more troublesome.

    • +1 vote

      MIUI apps (like their cleaner and app security checking) have sneaky ads in there, but there is the ability to turn them off on most of them (i think).

  • How does it compare to the Galaxy A70? Tired of the under display fingerprint scanner never working on mine.

    • I use a Mi 9T Pro which I assume would have the same under display scanner tech as this phone and it works flawless on official ROMs I've had issues with custom roms although that was 6 months ago I think they would have improved quite a lot since. But can only speak on official roms, I have 3 inputs on my right thumb and 2 on my left thumb and never have issues with 100% accuracy

    • This one doesn't have under display. Fingerprint scanner on the right side of phone under power button

      • Should of clarified, I've got a Galaxy A70 which has the under display fingerprint scanner. Since this doesn't I'm keen.

      • The power button on the side IS the fingerprint scanner. It also clicks like a normal power button.

        • Am I wording this wrong? I understand that the Redmi has the fingerprint scanner on the power button. That's why I want to buy it… I was talking about how the Galaxy A70's under display fingerprint sensor doesn't work for me.

          Just want to know if the Redmi would be comparable to my galaxy A70 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 128gb has sold out