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Bonds Woven Pants $30 (RRP $69.95) Delivered @ Bonds



This woven pants are really good and comfortable. In these times, when people are more at home then these pants are really good for wearing at home. There are 2 colours and out of 6 sizes only 4 sizes are available.

I know that there is already another deal Bonds 40% off for 40 Hours with Free Shipping but this woven pants are separate from that and has been going for $30 for quite a few days (submitting today because I have received one yesterday and are comfortable so thought of putting after trial :D).

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  • Thanks OP, Been wearing some old fleece for too long, time to style up.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one. Couldn't tell much difference in the colours. Black doesn't look black at all so I went with the other colour.

  • Free shipping with free membership

  • thanks! Ordered for my dad :)

  • Bought 1 for home wear. Normally I think why spend over $10 for home pants? Can anyone recommends home pants that are less than $10? I bought 1 from an Asian shop and it went damaged so quickly.

    • "Normally I think why spend over $10 for home pants?"

      "….less than $10? I bought 1 from an Asian shop and it went damaged so quickly."

      There's your answer

      I like the uniqlo ones which are on sale occasionally

    • Hi Nick,

      I guess your choice falls under fast fashion category :). But you are not the only one

      However I would humbly request (not just to you but to everyone, and again not only for clothes but for everything else too) to go for quality stuff. That will last longer and ultimately it will create less rubbish and landfill.

      If you want to know how much clothes Australians throw out every 10 minutes, yes every 10 minutes, then watch #WarOnWaste episodes on iview abc (https://iview.abc.net.au/show/war-on-waste/series/1/video/DO...). You will be amazed by all numbers… please watch it. Thanks in advance.

  • Lol it's funny how we went from TM Lewin non-iron shirts to lockdown fashion couch potato fashion.

  • I placed the order yesterday when this was posted but for some reason still haven't received the order confirmation email. Not sure if others are facing the delay too.

  • These are great pants,comfortable and good quality. I've got both colours, and as others have said the "black" is really a dark gray and the other is sort of military green.
    Also…just in case it matters to some, these pants don't have a fly.

  • Just adding to the chorus, I have these pants and they're great!

  • Looks like everything but small and extra small are out of stock.

  • Thanks OP ! Got one. Unsure about sizing, but seems like their return process is pretty good and decided to just go ahead with the purchase :D

  • I own a pair of these and love them. getting another one in for this price.

  • Apparently these are on the loose/baggy side. I'm normally a small/29-30 in pants, but I'm guessing XS might be better in this instance?

  • Received mine and they are quite comfortable , worth the money spent

  • Got mine and they are great. I got XS and good fit, I'm 29-30 waist. Much nicer looking than a pair of trackies.

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