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[PC] Epic - Free - Into the Breach - Epic Store


The next freebie from the Epic Store.

This time it is: Into the Breach


Note: This has been given away by Epic before so you might already have it in your account.

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    Current freebies are:

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    Don't forget to grab them!

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    This game's amazing.

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    I purchased this on release from GOG, really good game!

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      Same I also got the GOG version, great game

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    Tip for those who have 2 factor enabled:

    Make sure you have more than one method of two factor authentication on the account. What I do now is have email and authenticator app with authenticator as the primary.

    That way you're less likely to have problems if you lose access to one method. e.g. if you have authenticator on and lose your phone but also have email as a second method, happy days. Or if Epic's emails stop reaching your inbox, you can go to your phone.

    Fortunately for me I did NOT learn this the hard way, but I did go through a couple of hours recently where my Telstra mailbox just wasn't receiving Epic authetnication emails.

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      Auth is generally a sufficient two factor method but the major annoyance for me is that it can only be launched on android/ios, so unless you're running it a android emulator on Windows there's no way to obtain the auth codes without your phone on hand which can be a pain if it's on charge in another room #firstworldproblems

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        If you're referring to Authy, there's an official Chrome extension which works well.

        • Google Auth actually, maybe i'll have to migrate all my codes to Authy, btw there is a standalone Authy app now for Windows, MacOS and Linux so thanks for the tip.

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        What's your plan if you lose the phone or it breaks? Hope you at least kept your one time codes somewhere safe.

        It's just a hell of a lot more convenient to recover if you have multiple set up.

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          I was using Google Auth, so its attached to my google account, I can simply login to the play store and download Google Auth from any device on the planet, they're not tied to the phone in a single install if that's what you think for some reason?

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            @sk3iron: I don't think that it works like that. I don't think Google Authenticator backs up your 2fa tokens anywhere

          • @sk3iron: Defiinitely not how it works. Go download Google Auth on any backup phone and you'll see that the codes don't come down with it.

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        Similarly, a pet hate of mine are SMS codes sent to phones verifying authorisation when using a website on a desktop PC.

        The number of FFS's I let out when I have to go get the phone (and then have to redo it as the code times out by the time I return).

        All the phone mirroring apps I've tried end up being more trouble than they're worth to solve this too.

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          I use "Your Phone" built into Windows 10 — free download on Android. Works great for viewing recent text messages as popup notifications and for pulling recent photos and messages off my phone in the GUI. Have it on my desktop & laptop and everything syncs no problem.

          • @Agret: Thanks for tip - tried it but again, just yet another app the devs have dropped the mic after seeing it work in one or two scenarios. Its reviews also indicate the pains people had to go through with the recent versions to get it working.

            Android app installs on stock S10, no icon to run anywhere. Can click open after installing but open button simply disappears - no UI appears to scan the QR code as the Windows app suggest. Already seen a message from Microsoft saying PC must be connected to the same Wifi network as the phone - same sub-net sure, but by Wifi also? Fail.

            • @Janko:

              Android app installs on stock S10, no icon to run anywhere. Can click open after installing but open button simply disappears - no UI appears to scan the QR code as the Windows app suggest.

              Pretty weird, comes up as "Your Phone" in my app drawer. Try rebooting your phone?

              Already seen a message from Microsoft saying PC must be connected to the same Wifi network as the phone - same sub-net sure, but by Wifi also? Fail.

              Yes, your phone has to be connected to same network as the communication happens directly to it. As you have guessed same sub-net yes, I use it with my desktop PC which has no wifi though.

    • I'd probably work on getting a phone and replacement sim before I'd be worried about epic authentication. What am i missing?

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        Losing access to an account you have spent money or time on?

        Epic also likes to do one time events in games like Fortnite so while you get yourself sorted you may miss out.

        It is possible to lose even your phone number. Or it's possible that Epic's SMS sending gets buggy and you no longer get messages.

        • Not trying to be rude to you. But I don't see how you can lose your phone number.

          Glad you feel safe and thanks for posting something to try help others.

          • @justtoreply: I've had the same mobile number since 1998. I almost lost my phone number once, a about decade ago. It's been long enough that I'm now vague on the details, but look up "illegal churn". It was a real pain to get my number back.

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    I enjoy me a good turn-based strategy game, and this is a good turn-based strategy game.

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    Was last given for free on 12/20/2019 if anybody wants to check if they already have it.

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      Or just click the link and it'll say "owned" ;)

  • I normally collect all the Epic free games but for some reason this is one of the two I missed last time. So glad to be offered this again.

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    Got this from the last giveaway. Amazing game. Easily sunk hours into it.

    It's also more possible to defeat than FTL, if winning a game means something to you.

  • +1

    Love this game. Good freebie

  • Awesome game. Not as good as FTL, but still a great game to have on while doing something else.

    • It's definitely more accessible than FTL, I know some people who felt FTL was too harsh and gave up early.

  • Repeat… :(

  • -3

    ? shows as $22.99 for me

    • +3

      In 4 days!

  • nice!

    funilly, I was just considering buying this on my Switch.

    So cheap to be a PC gamer these days…

    • It's always been cheap to be a pc gamer. F2p was a model way before smart phone was even a thing lol.

  • Such a great game.

  • I wanted to play this when it was on xbox game pass but never got around to it before it got taken off. Now I've got forever to not play it!

  • Damnit I missed out on Shadowrun.

  • looks like a game that would do well on a mobile. would be nice to have something that isn't a mtx shopfront posing as a game.

  • Anyone get "Error: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Callstack:…." when trying to launch?
    It's killing me.

    I played for about 80 minutes then exited. When I tried to play again I got the above error.
    A few people on the Steam Community had the same error. Some suggested making sure the OP had the correct security/access settings which I do.

    • For anyone who is getting the error… I realised that if I play on my 1080p monitor it's all A-OK. If I play on 1440p I can't launch it at all and get the above error. Weird.

  • Cheers!

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