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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset (Black) $99 Delivered (RRP $169.95) @ Amazon AU


First time posting so please be gentle.

Was searching for a headset and this popped up. Decent reviews.

The Tournament edition comes with the controller and the headphones can also be used for consoles

Apparently cheapest its been for last few months?

Green version available for $159

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  • It's a good find! I have a Hyper Cloud2 which is getting pretty old and starting to break. Is this headset any good? Any personal experiences with it?

  • These tend to get hot around the ears after about an hours use..

  • user feedback is good..
    reviews from people in the know suggests its not that great

    Definitely the cheapest its been,

    the microphone is crap… and the sound quality isn't that great apparently the bass and treble aren't balanced

    the advanced features (THX etc)aren't available when hooked directly via the audio jack.. only on the usb part..

    Ie its USB soundcard and a separate Headset basically..

    This does make the cords excessively long. and there is duplications of the controls on the headset and the box thingy…

    I was looking for a headset yesterday. and came across it.. and did great deal of reading..

    in the end I bought a $37 headset instead… for my kid..

    Couldn't justify spending, that sort of money on something my 10 year could break.. and with crap microphone quality..



  • https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/razer/kraken-tourn...

    Dont waste your money.

    Corsair HS60's are way better and cheaper. Razer trash.

    • My experience with corsair headsets is they are trash. Bought H60 xmas last year. One died after 4 days, ok unlucky. Got a replacement and the headset would bleed through the mic. Sent it back and went usb mic and proper heaphones. None of the gaming stuff. Much better quality.

  • Don't buy Razer audio products, overpriced garbage. At this price you could get the SHP9500 ($100) then buy a microphone separately. Will cost a tiny bit more in the short term but save you money in the long run.

  • nice one, thanks for sharing

  • any recommendations for a bluetooth headset (gaming or not doesnt bother me) main use is for Microsoft Teams meetings..?

    • qc35.

    • Headphones are a waste of money and look ridiculous in online meetings. Get something like Sony SBH24,52,57, better battery life and flexibility to use earphones you are comfortable with. Most important is people can see your head.

      • Pretty pricey to spend $100 on this then the money on some earphones that actually have a decent microphone (every meeting I'm in there's someone using earbuds that pick up every noise with 500 meters, or sound like they're talking in a tunnel).

        Would be better off spending the money on a Jabra headset instead.

        • Nonsense, Sony SBH series can be had for well under $100 and includes earphones that are well regarded by audiophiles.

          But DYOR

      • If you think headphones look stupid in meetings you haven't been in enough meetings.

        They are pretty common these days

  • Grabbed a pair. Thanks.

  • I recently purchased this headset to replace my Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 headset (The ear cups had deteriorated, didn't want to risk cheap third party ones).

    The headset feels good on the head and I don't agree with the previous comments about it getting hot personally. I've had this on for 8 hours working from home and it was very comfortable.

    The sound quality is very bass heavy and isn't much in the mids and highs. That said, it's ok for the price.

    I personally love the cable length that you gain from the USB controller. I have it stuck to my desk just to the right of my mouse mat. It has the 'washable' double sided sticky material so you can move it around, get it dirty, and it will still stick after being wiped down with a damp cloth.

    The USB controller adds 3 'devices' to your audio options. Razer Gaming, Razer Chat, Razer THX. There is a toggle on the controller which enables you to easily change the mix of your game and people on the voice comms which is really good.

    The bad is that Razer THX doesn't work for me. There are lots of complaints of the same issue online. It seems to be either driver or hardware related. I just get crackling when selecting THX. A full synapse reinstall fixes it for a short time until a restart and it stops working again. The problem seems pretty widespread and I wouldn't recommend the headset just based on the chance that this is an issue.

    The other annoying thing is the analogue volume and mic controller on the wire near to the actual headset. I find that just moving around causes the volume wheel to slide down.

    In relation to the comments about the mic. It isn't anything to write home about but I've not had any complaints from people I've been talking to.

    I would give it a 6/10. I don't think any of the other 'gaming' brands at this price point are any better from what I've experienced.

  • How do these compare in terms of sound quality and mic quality with the Turtle beach Stealth 600? Got a pair of these recently from jb hifi for $129 and havent used them yet so might return if the razer kraken is better?

  • wat abt pink version

  • not that good, mine went to trash within a year, i wouldn't recommend it.
    on the other hand my taipan mouse and black widow keyboard have been going strong for 4+ years now.

  • razer are overhyped and poor quality

  • I was looking for a pair, unfortunately always stuck playing Solo Warzone as I don't have a headset.

    • You can still do wz without headset, just be creative with your gestures and let the other person call the shots.

  • This is a good price, but the headphones are terrible. The THX spatial sound stuff is extremely buggy and my headset required frequent software resets. As a few other people have mentioned, the material used for the earcups is also not great, and your ears will heat up pretty quickly.

    I eventually ended up going with Logitech G935, which have been excellent. The software just works out of the box without any issues, and the sound quality and comfort are miles better than the Kraken. Worth monitoring these for sales though.

  • I had a different set of Razer Kraken 7.1 and they did break after a few years of use. Overall i would say they were just ok, but nothing special and would not buy again. Currently i bit the bullet and splashed out on some SteelSeries Arctis 7 - they are quite a bit more pricey. but i really love them, i dont get any ear ache which i did with the kraken and they feel really premium and sound great. if these ever died i would go right back and get a new one, but thankfully its still going strong.


  • Can anyone recommend a good pair for an xbox one?

    Was going to bite the bullet and buy these, but these comments dont seem favourable lol