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Victron Bluesmart IP65 Charger 12V/5A $110 Delivered (RRP $140) @ Energy Connections


Similar to the very popular CTEK charger here , the Victron also charges Lithium batteries and can act as a power supply.
I needed something to maintain the bike battery in the shed. Initially I was going grab the $99 CTEK pack at Repco but after some researching around I decided to give this model a whirl instead.
-No LED lights to monitor battery level on the eylet lead however can be plugged in and checked over Bluetooth via the app I believe.
-Rubber bumper not available for this model as best I can tell.

For my needs this and the CTEK are mostly the same so I thought I'd try the less popular but well liked brand first. Option in the future(if it lasts) to charge lithium batteries if ever I get one is a bonus.
Credit to @Cpt Archer for the information given on these.

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    This feature alone is already a better alternative to the ctek mxs5.0, which is not smart enough to charge a dead battery - it will just enter into standby mode lol, as if there is no battery detected

    2.5 Recovery function for fully discharged batteries
    Most reverse polarity protected chargers will not recognize, and
    therefore not recharge a battery which has been discharged to
    zero or nearly zero Volts. The Blue Power Charger however will
    attempt to recharge a fully discharged battery with low current
    and resume normal charging once sufficient voltage has
    developed across the battery terminals.

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      Not wrong there. The CTEK doesn't recon deep dead batteries.

      But you can trick it into doing so. Requires 12v batter and hook it up in parrall. Once its in bulk charging stage.
      Disconnect the donor battery and it will recon

  • I've got the 15A version and it's excellent

    • I regret not getting the 15A but got the 10A instead as the higher amps would be overkill for my car battery. I read some people recommend it is best to use a 10A charger maximum to charge batteries as to avoid decreasing battery life.

      However, I will get the 15A when it is on special :)

  • Changed my dirt bike battery over to lithium (got sick of lead acid dramas) so going to grab this for maintenance charging.

  • I am a real Victron fan. Their gear is great.

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    I've been charging my car battery with 180W solar panels, with a charge controller. Of course it doesn't have a BMS and charges at a slightly higher than the max recommended voltage but I can manage it by checking the battery voltage manually. So far I've had no issues and best of all it's free energy. Got the solar panels with a controller for $80 from an OzBargain deal.

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    My experience:
    Ctek - good ( can't charge discharged batteries unlike Victron)
    Projecta IC better
    Victron best, $200 ish for the 12|25 is best money I've spent on a charger

  • Will this be suitable to leave connected to a '68 Beatle? We've changed the battery but it keeps draining away. Doesn't get driven much so often goes months without turning on and battery is always dead.

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      Yes. My understanding is it is perfect for that. I called the company to ask a few questions and they were fantastic, so maybe call on Monday and ask specifics, maybe a 7a is better for example

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    Good to see I wasn't the only one looking… I bought it this morning (same day as this post) too. You beat me to it.

  • This seems way better ctek. Was spewing when I found it it wouldn't charge lithium batteries

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    Price gone up to $115.

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      Promo Code SAVE5 will it bring it back down just under $110

      • I got the email with that code, says it is unique and valid till Oct 1. So I'm wondering if they confirm anyone using it is a return customer before honoring the purchase?

        • Well I put an order in and used the code last night and I'm not a return customer, they still haven't dispatched my order yet =\

          • @ohtaek: Probably be fine. Fyi took about two days and I got a shipment notification.

  • Got one of these from this shop and happy with it. They're $5 more expensive BUT the online experience, comms and tracking was possibly the best I've had.


    • Bought my Victron accessories from them and they were alright, shipping was fast. Except for the packaging. They just used a garbage bag material to wrap over the contents!

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