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CTEK MXS5.0 Value Pack: Charger + Bumper + Comfort Connect + Power Bank - $99 + Delivery (Free in VIC) or Free C&C @ Repco


The ever popular CTEK MXS 5.0 is back in value pack form, with rubber protective bumper, comfort connect indicator and powerbank included.

$99 with free shipping for Victorians (FREESHIP50). Shipping for Sydney siders was $9.90, or free C&C from your local Repco store.

Advanced charging with temperature compensation
Fully automatic 'connect and forget' 8 step 12V charging
Smaller battery, normal battery, AGM and Recond programs
Built in automatic temperature compensation
Patented float/pulse maintenance for batteries up to 160Ah
Bonus Power Bank Included
Bonus Bumper Skin
Bonus CTEK Comfort Connect Eyelet
5-year warranty

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +11

    free shipping for Mexicans

    ¿Porque no los dos?

  • +1

    so glad I didnt buy this. Thankfully, for me they ran out before I checked out.

    • +1

      Here to say opposite… dammit why didn’t this come back before the other deal I bought 2 days ago!!

      • pretty sure he’s saying he’s glad he didn’t buy the one listed 2 days ago.

        • Yes and I’m sad I did buy it 2 days ago (opposite).

          I would have preferred this pack.

          • @0123456789876543210: I did buy 2 days ago from mydeals and contacted them today as my order was still "Pending". The seller (Edison) came back to me just now to confirm that they have cancelled my order and have sent a request to mydeals to process the refund.

            I ordered this from Repco mid morning and by lunchtime it was on my doorstep.

            Great service by Repco, Edison and mydeals

            If anybody else wanted the Repco bundle that purchased from mydeals a couple of days ago, this may be an option for you.

            • @BradJMelb: Apparently mine has already been dispatched to the courier so can't be cancelled…. which is not what it says on the order status page ("pending dispatch") :/ Oh well, it's still a good deal - I just hate missing out on that little bit of extra value from the accessory pack :D

      • Bumper Cover is $5, the power bank(5000mAh) is useless, IMO your deal is better .

        • +1

          nah this deal is better, comes with the indicator eyelets which is worth $19

    • Likewise, I am glad I didn't buy the MyDeal one. Unfortunately, I got sucked in and bought the comfort connect indicator pigtail off MyDeal, which I don't need now because I bought the Repco pack which includes that.

      • Use it on another vehicle/bike. 👍

    • don't forget cashrewards for another 2%

    • Exactly, same here. missed on CashRewards to rush before it would sale out at local Repco. But that's ok.

    • Before buying a Ctek, Check out the poor quality "Mode Button" problems.

      • +1

        I have 9 cteks and my mate has another 6. Never heard or experienced this.

        • I've only had one and experienced it. Pot luck I guess. I'm not going to ask why you have 9 lol

  • Nice one OP!

  • Great unit. Got one just when covid started and have been using it every week to keep my battery charged.

  • +2

    Really handy when not using the car much. Keeps battery in good condition.
    Really happy with my purchase of this pack.

    Accessories are handy addition with this pack.

    Charge indicating connector shows state of charge via 3 Leds. Have mine sticking out of bonnet.
    Allows an extra easy connect for a second battery.

    Rubber Bumper helps protect charger from bumps & holds it in place on surfaces.

    Powerbank is only 5000mAh - but enough to throw in bag to keep phone topped up.

  • Is this a new 'standard price' value pack, and if so maybe better to wait for the next Repco sale, like a 20 or 25% storewide discount.

    • +2

      $149 is RRP in the system. Auto club member discount not working as an example.

  • Can this be used as a trickle charger for a motorbike?

    • Yes

    • Yup, this is what I use it for. There's a fast unplug socket, you leave the connectors on the battery then just unhook it when you ride. Works perfectly.

      • @Yorkshire-Man

        Just bought this and realised that the socket has eyelets that look too large for a motorcycle battery. Did you have to get a separate fast unplug socket?

        • +1

          No, just add a washer from bunnings. Its designed for car batteries, a washer the size of the stalk on a bike battery is the solution.

          • @Yorkshire-Man: The eyelets were the right size for my motorcycle (HD) which has the comfort connect indicator pigtail permanently from the last time the pack was on special (November '19 - $89)

    • Excellent thank you - bought one.

  • What is the code for since the shipping is already free?

    • $9.90 for me

    • +2

      Their website must be smart enough to realise that if your preferred store is in Victoria, they give you free shipping without a code required.

      That’s pretty cool, for those people who aren’t savvy enough to check for discount codes.

      • +3

        Finally .. someone understands Victorians during lockdown. 😂

  • I bought one of these, works great for a car I can’t drive during lockdown

  • +4

    Well… now I'm spewing I bought the one off in this post

  • Would this work to top up my deep cycle camping batteries?

    • +1

      If it's an AMG type camping battery, you can certainly top it up. I have been using CTEK MXS5.0 on my camper for the past 3 yrs and has kept the battery in topnotch condition.

      • Thanks Steve, yeah AGM deep cycle batteries

    • It has an AGM option which you should select when charging AGM batteries (they need less voltage)

      • The manual mentions that AGM mode delivers 14.7v (assumedly for more powerful AGM batteries) like Odyssey or Optima. The normal mode uses 14.4v and is recommended for "many AGM" batteries. I was a little perplexed by these statements, so I emailed ctek support and they advised me that to be safe use the normal charge option unless you know for sure your battery can handle the higher voltage. The last thing you want to do is hook it up to one of these and end up damaging your battery!

  • This is probably the best deal I've seen for this charger with the added extras too. A no brainer if this is something you would use.

    • +2

      Bought this pack @$89 end of November.

      • That's a different pack isn't it? Doesn't contain the powerbank or battery level indicator.

        • Had a choice of 2 packs with the same included accessories (just a choice of Powerbank or cooler), as I said in my comment…
          So includes
          Bumper Cover
          Charge Indicator wired onto battery
          & either a small cooler bag (probably takes 2 x 6pack) or 5000mAh PowerBank.

          • @the INFIDEL: Ha I guess that's why you linked directly to your comment. Noted - this is probably one of the best deals for this pack :)

            • @Hinee: It's a good Deal all right!

              I ordered the cool bag pack from that Deal, but said to staff member I would have preferred the powerbank pack. She said she just sold the last one. So I rang another store & swapped. Glad I did. The powerbank is in regular use, keeping my better ones for other uses.

  • Code doesn't work for me in Geelong

    • +1

      Someone said earlier that is automatically detected if you were in victoria and gave you free postage without a code?

      • +2

        Unfortunately coming up at $9.90 delivery. Perhaps it's only free in metropolitan Melbourne?

  • Regarding usage, battery can remain in the car or to be taken out for charging ? Can any one shed light

    Also if charging when battery remains in the vehicle, + and - to connected with battery terminal or just + and - on earthing

    Was reading online manual, didnt get much clarity on this

    • +1

      You can leave the battery in the car unless you think your battery is stuffed and at risk of exploding. Connect the positive to the battery and ideally the negative to the battery or the closest jumper point which are made for charging or jump starting.

      • +2

        Please don't connect the negative to the battery unless you want to risk blowing your car's computers.

        Instead, connect the negative to any good earth point in the engine bay, and the positive lead directly to the positive terminal on the battery.

        This is standard practice to minimise the chance of causing power surges when using a battery charger with the battery still hooked up. Also applies to jump starting.

        • +2

          You sure it would matter for a battery charger? I do this for jump starting but the current doing this is obviously much higher than a battery charger.

          • @placard: Not sure it matters anyway, any available earth point is already connected directly to the battery negative terminal.
            What difference can it make if you connect directly to the terminal or to connect to some metal that is already connected to the terminal 🤔 ?

            • +1

              @Nom: I always thought it was so the hydrogen doesn't ignite when you disconnect the clips?

              • @Micksy: Yep, I hadn't thought of that but it makes perfect sense ! Any spark you do make, won't be right in the flame zone 👍

          • +2

            @placard: Yes, it matters depending on how your car charges the battery. Refer to your car's manual. But, for example, in my BMW manual it specifies to never connect a charger directly to the battery. It has a thing called an intelligent battery sensor which is responsible for charging the battery. This gets bypassed if you connect directly to the battery and can damage your battery. So, you must use the jump start terminal for positive and ground pole for negative, not the battery terminals themselves.

  • Thanks OP. Does anyone know what that power bank is for? Dont know if its a USB C connection or if its to jumpstart the car

    • From the description on the website: "Plus it comes with a Power bank perfect for charging your smart phone, tablet or other mobile devices"

    • Its a 5000mah battery so doubt it can start a car. Can charge a phone at best. It probably has a usb port so youll need to supply your own cable.

    • It's a small powerbank with 5V output. Designed to look like this charger.
      Micro-USB for charging, 1 USB-A socket for cable to phone etc.
      I carry it in my bag with a cable to top up my phone when out. Works fine.

  • +19

    I bought one this morning, order confirmation at 07:31am.


    Delivered by a bloke in a Repco ute.
    I am literally gobsmacked.
    Repco Hoppers Crossing. 6 stars for you.

    • +1

      I just got mine delivered…ordered 8:45am. That's crazily quick. Repco Epping (Vic one…apparently there is also an Epping in Sydney but it's not as posh as the Vic one)

      Also got confirmation from cashrewarss for another 2% :)

    • just got mine ordered 8:16 AM
      Delivered at 9:42 AM
      Repco Moorabbin

    • wow they are really putting the effort in, delivered before 9am today from Nunawading Vic.

    • +1

      Do you even get a dispatch notice? Or just a surprise knock on the door?

      • +1

        No dispatch notice. Just a surprise knock 50 mins after ordering.

        Ordered 8:45am
        Delivered: 9:35am
        Invoice via email: 9:44am
        Cashrewards confirmation: 9:45am

        If i could, I would give repco 11/10 for effort (Epping, Vic)

    • I got mine too 2 hours after ordering and it looks the staff does the delivery.
      Repco Hoppers Crossing - solid 5/7

  • Do you have to disconnect the battery to charge? Or just go straight onto the terminals when its connected?

    • Straight on

    • no need to disconnect

    • Eyelet connection to battery terminals. Quick connect to charger. Very easy.

      Also comes with clip on connectors & a Charge indicating connector which shows state of charge via 3 Leds. Have mine sticking out of bonnet.

      • Probably not the best idea to have it sticking out

        • Why?
          Hasn't been a problem in 9 months use. Has a waterproof cover (cap goes over connector), secured in protected location & isn't obvious.
          Very easy to drive in, plug in, & view charge.

        • That's how they're designed to be used!

          The point of using eyelets to provide a permanent connection to battery & quick connect cables - is so you don't need to access under bonnet to charge the battery. Fitted with a waterproof connector, it is designed to be in the weather.

          Having to access under the bonnet after every journey to connect the charger rather defeats the point of their charging system. So an external connecting point is ideal.

          How do you connect your CTEK charger to the vehicle?

          • @the INFIDEL: My battery is in the boot.

            • @vodamerc: As you were giving me advice, I asked "How do you connect your CTEK charger to the vehicle?" (Where it's located is not relevant.)
              Needing to open the boot every time? That sounds inconvenient.

              Probably not the best idea to have it sticking out

              No issues in having the connector available to outside car I can see. As I commented - it's designed for that use! The charger is easily connected when I drive into garage, until l leave again. The external connector makes it very convenient.

  • +1

    These must be the new Eneloop. Ordered.

  • Thanks OP, bought… Been thinking of getting one of these for a long time. I guess this is a good deal…

  • Is this ok for batteries used in cars with start stop?

    • Yes.

      Note that there are 2 types of batteries used for Stop/Start, AGM and EFB. You need to know which you have so that you can charge it in the correct mode (EFB is charged like a normal battery).

      More info here

      • Thanks, appreciate the info.

        Just checked and mine says.
        Chemistry: Enhanced Flooded Lead Acid

        • So that would be normal charge mode for you then

    • They make one for stop start cars but it's more expensive and lower charge rate. I have it for my car but would have bought this if I didn't

  • +2

    Just a heads up, I bought this for multiple vehicles and found out it doesnt charge lithium batteries, Works great for normal batteries, Not exaxtly a smart charger imo

    • +2

      Not exaxtly a smart charger imo

      Maybe it would be smart to check the specs & uses of charger before buying…

      It's not designed for the higher voltage needed for charging those lithium batteries.

      Always best to check if this is a suitable charger for your needs - with other battery types, voltages or requires more than 5A this charger outputs.

    • +4

      Was it for a Rav 4 hybrid with roof racks?

      • Nice!

      • yes it's suitable for a disabled pensioner on the disabled pension disability for the disabled.

    • Yes there's better chargers with digital readout, higher amps, IP65 rated that do lithium for only $30 more.

  • +1

    Delivery does not come on for me though. Only option is CnC?

  • +3

    Have had one of these since the start of lockdown for a car that I keep garaged and only drive occasionally. It's been fantastic both on trickle and to restore the battery from flat. I leave the eyelets connected to the terminal so it's easy to plug in and out when I do give it a run out.

    I place a cloth between the cable and the bodywork when it's plugged in to prevent any marks from rubbing. Overall, it does what it says and has paid for itself in me not needing to get a new battery and being able to use the car when I want to without worrying about the battery.

    • Yes! The decrease in anxiety over whether the car would start when needed with such little use - was well worth the purchase price for me.

  • Nice. Got one for each of my cars.

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