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CTEK MXS5.0 Value Pack: Charger + Bumper + Comfort Connect + Power Bank - $99 + Delivery (Free in VIC) or Free C&C @ Repco


The ever popular CTEK MXS 5.0 is back in value pack form, with rubber protective bumper, comfort connect indicator and powerbank included.

$99 with free shipping for Victorians (FREESHIP50). Shipping for Sydney siders was $9.90, or free C&C from your local Repco store.

Advanced charging with temperature compensation
Fully automatic 'connect and forget' 8 step 12V charging
Smaller battery, normal battery, AGM and Recond programs
Built in automatic temperature compensation
Patented float/pulse maintenance for batteries up to 160Ah
Bonus Power Bank Included
Bonus Bumper Skin
Bonus CTEK Comfort Connect Eyelet
5-year warranty

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    • Pack comes with 3 quick connect cables. You can just click in the charger into a cable as required.

  • +2

    Just out of interest, who here charges their car battery while it's in car and connected to everything?

    I don't want to have to invest in an OBD2 ECU memory keep device if it's only recommended to charge a battery when removed from a vehicle.

    • +1

      I always charge when inside vehicles and in the garage. Never had an issue.

    • +1

      Me it's fine.

  • Thanks, bought one. The smaller unit, the better.

    • Holy zhit! My item came already after I ordered it 2 hours ago.

  • -2

    this versus the GOOLOO?

    Can this jump start a car or revive from the dead somehow?

    • +1

      Its different purposes, one for charging another for starting. EG If you were stranded away form home or a power point, this wont do. I used to think they were the same before as well hahaha.

      • Ah okay thanks. So can this charge a dead battery then? We just need to wait?

    • They have almost opposite uses…

      This charger is designed to keep your battery charged. It can be left on charge & maintain optimal battery health.
      It is claimed to extend battery life.

      That is not a charger, but used when your battery is failing or discharged - to start the vehicle. It's for emergency use, with a deteriorating battery. Once the car is started, driving it will hopefully charge the battery.
      Discharging a battery to a point where it can't start the vehicle is said to shorten battery life!

  • +8

    I work on power/battery industry and I love victron products. I am not associated with them and never used Ctek (yet) but I just don't get the Ctek hype in OzB lol.

    IP65 12/5 victron charger list price around 130 and you can get bit better online or on shops. That one comes with built in Bluetooth, power supply mode and charge lifepo4. What I see, ctek can't do these. Just saying… Happy hunting!

    • +1

      Mentioned in a few CTEK deals as an alternative with additional features.

      • Missed the previous comments, thanks for pointing that out 👍

    • +2

      thanks got this one instead. Seems to have the features I'd prefer. $115


      • +1

        The eyelets with the traffic light voltage indicator is worth it for the ctek AT THIS PRICE over the victron. Start adding the accessories to the victron and it gets significantly more expensive.

        Admit they have different applications and the victron better features but like for like there are similar ctek accessories (Bluetooth adapter) or other models to suit your needs. The cteks have been faultless for myself and the rejuvenate function has been priceless.


        • Must admit I'm not expert but already have a ctek which has worked well for 10yrs+. Only problem is that the 'mode' switch started playing up and despite my best efforts from youtube fixes, it's become very intermittent. No idea if Victron is better/worse but I like the phone app feature more than I need any of the ctek accessories. Although I like the look of the ctek better. Anyway time will tell. At the moment my 'Tesla' is permanently connected to a ctek :)

          • @gimme: I have read reviews of the MXS5.0 and some users do complain about their units having that stuck ‘mode’ switch problem after owning them for a couple of years. The MXS7.0 and MXS10.0 do not suffer from the same issue however.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: The more button my MXS 5.0 also plays up and is faulty.
              Luckily it's stuck on Motorcycle/AGM/Rejuvenation.
              Which is my preferred setting, at the moment. But when I leave it plugged to the motorbike, it's generally always on float mode. I presume if I connect to my car, it will not charge fully us it's set on the motorbike setting.

              • @albanyson: why not claim on the 5yr warranty?

              • +1

                @albanyson: My MXS5.0 has been playing up ( not charging or stuck in one mode) for a while and their customer service is non-existent in Australia as you have to contact their office in Sweden and the issue gets hand balled all the time. Also this product has very low reviews on Productreview. It's great when it is working but there are better ones out there
                I rather support the local industry and buy Australian Made with the BMPRO


    • I used both and I prefer Victron. The Bluetooth (wish it was wifi) app is cool and the Victron unit runs cooler. The one thing I dislike of the Victron is if you accidentally changed the settings in the app, the charge cycle goes back to the initial charging stage again.

    • Sorry noob question, how this Victron/Ctek compares with Bosch C7?
      they have 20% sales from time to time

      I've X6 twin-turbo v8 780CCA 12V AGM stop-start battery which I am rarely using- once in last six month, would this work?

      • Bosch is a good brand but not too sure about their battery chargers. I understand that because you have a Beemer and would like to use a German branded charger but I would stick with the more reputable battery charger brand like CTEK, NOCO, Victron etc.

        • Thank you, purchasing this CTEK one, already replaced battery once was not cheap!
          I could not get more than what it said on Bosch website, does same as CTEK but 12V/7.5A and 24V 3.5A but my knowledge is limited

          • +1

            @777: From the link you have provided, the Bosch one is 12V/7A so should provide faster charging than the CTEK of this deal (5.0A). But if you just want to maintain and keep your battery topped up and not in a hurry, you cannot go wrong with the CTEK. Also the Bosch can charge 24V batteries whereas the CTEK cannot. Again, if you don’t need to charge 24V batteries, you don’t need it.

    • +1

      I'd always been wondering if there is greener grass over CTEK. The IP65 BT seems like a gimmick to see the stage of the charge. When for example on the CTEK its lit by LEDS indicating stage. Why would you want to view it on the phone connected to BT?

      Personally I've revived a number of batteries using the CTEKs recon mode. So its almost 3/3 dead batteries.
      But deep inside I an wondering it there is any basis that the algorithm of the CTEKs vs generic brands is more effective.

      • You are right, if you only and only planning to maintain your car battery you don't need BT, victron should also have light indicators on
        I find BT pretty cool :) We had some 3 years old unopened agm batteries sitting in the warehouse, I successfully reconditioned with a bigger victron. So I can vouch for recondition profile for too.

        Ps: don't leave your lead batteries uncharged that long lol.

      • +1

        The biggest advantage of the BT is that you don’t need to go outside or garage to your car to look at the progress of the charging. The app also allows you to view the status of the charging, time elapsed, current voltage of battery, change charging amps, change the voltage and maximum time allowed for each charging stage, look at history (how long has been charging for in the different charging stages, how many voltages fed etc). Victron can also revive dead batteries like the CTEK and it force feed low current to charge very dead batteries like the NOCO mentioned below.

        • Okay makes sense now. Bit more features via a device.
          Interested in the recon mode of the Victron now. As the CTEK for deep dead, batteries you have to trick it with a good battery in parallel to get it started.
          Previously I've tried Stanley / Repco liner old school chargers (Battery blew up..) / Century / and SCA "smart" chargers and none of them revived the battery.

          • @pegasusx: I heard from others that CTEK had their batteries blew up but every brand of battery charger has the potential to have that happen. CTEK has been dominating the car battery charger market for so long, so that speaks for itself. I switched to Victron from CTEK just to try out new things. The BT Victron is more for control freaks who like to tweak things.

            If you want to try out the recon mode of the Victron, get one of the lower amp when the price is right and it doesn’t hurt to have a spare charger as a backup.

    • I'd be interested in your opinion Cpt Archer if you don't mind. I have a 650 VStrom in the shed that I need something like this for. Have done the research and the Victron seems the go, but just wondering, is it advisable to get the 7a or 5a. I can find the 7a online for $15 more than the 5a and figure it's handy if I get a car one day. Would it still suit the bike, is it overkill, should I just stick with a 5a?

      • It wouldn't make huge difference charging your bikes battery with 5A or 7A mate. I'll go bit technical if you don't mind but 7A won't be overkill, you can go for it.

        Lead based chargers rated on their boost stage current. Max power will be given on first stage. This is where you charge the 80% of the batteries capacity.

        So lets say your battery dead flat.

        7A charger will charge for 50 mins on boost to increase voltage to 14.4V and stay there for a bit with decreasing charging current. It will be fully charged after second stage but if you don't disconnect the charger; it will float on that charge level. Because of the self discharge of the batteries, maintenance chargers give a little more of a charge in once a week.

        If you connect 5A charger, boost stage will be a little longer, (10mins maybe?) but rest will be more or less the same.

        And most of the cases your battery will not be dead flat. (I assume you ride it last summer yeah) so maybe you will see no boost or very limited boost stage once you connect the charger.

        Hope this helps, if you want more information check 3 stage lead battery charging.


        • That's great. Thanks. Not much benefit in the 7a for my needs then but the brag factor of an OzBargainer getting a great deal instead. I'll stick to the 5a I think. Cheers.

          • +1

            @JamesLucas: No worries, price goes up on dramatically 10A unit so I found 12V 7A sweet spot.


  • Thanks, OP!

  • Awesome deal, thank god I missed out yesterday as wanted the non slip rubber protector as well. Thanks OP

  • My partner's car rarely gets driven now. Is there a difference between using this as a trickle charger or simply unplugging my car's battery to avoid the battery going flat?

    • Depends on the car, most modern cars are a pain to get going again if they loose power.
      At the very least you probably will need to enter a code to unlock the stereo anti-theft lockout.

    • It would be much easier to just clamp the charger on. You can have your car available in seconds and no messing around. No losing the radio memory, radio security code, electric window auto stop location and time.

  • +1

    This will be my 3rd. Can't recommend them enough. Work regularly turfs batteries out of the Ute's rsther than try and save them and I've collected and repaired at least 2 out of 3 so far and 1 of my own that had been sitting in a project car in the garage for over a year.

    I had an aussie brand one for my bike and one of my parents bikes and they both kicked the bucket with average after sales support. Once changed to the CTEK, it kept my bike battery more regular and I've never looked back.

    They've more than paid themselves off for my use. I could almost go a 4th but I'm happy shifting mine around the garage for the 3rd one.

  • +2

    Wow - I'm impressed with Repco service!. Ordered at 09:07. Guy in Repco van delivered the item as 10:30.

    Thanks to OP and all commenters - I had no idea this device existed.

    I have two cars that get driven maybe once a week. Hopefully it'll keep my batteries in good condition.

    • Fess up, you live upstairs

  • +1

    Update order today, Just arrived at my door today! Repco using their team to delivered products in Victoria

  • How is it that this pack is $99 and a standalone MXS 5.0 is $193? Promo pricing?

  • I got my second CTEK MXS5.0 from Repco @ $85 in Oct2019

    • Bought a month later & got this useful accessory pack for $89😉

  • Good find!! Have been looking for a charger for my motorcycle. My last one broke after I dropped it.

  • Ordered 9:52am, arrived 12:10pm! Great service.

  • +5

    When people bitch and moan that Repco prices are more expensive than supercheap auto … I guess this level of service is what you are paying for.

  • Echo the fantastic service. Ordered at 9am and just had it delivered to my door!

  • Apart from using an OBD2 memory minder in my newer car (with a dieing battery), is it possible to temporarily use a spare 12v car battery from my old car (different battery group) to hold the electronics while I take the existing battery out to charge indoors? I live in an apartment and there is no power outlets in the carpark.

  • Thanks OP.. Just placed the order. I was keeping an eye on this for a while. Have 2 cars and both don't get driven much because of COVID. I assume I can charge the battery while the battery is still attached to the car/ computer and not having to remove it for charging. Don't want my cars to be locked out if I remove the batteries.

  • Ordered this morning, delivered around lunchtime. Pretty sweet delivery times.
    Aaaa1111++++. Will do business with again.

  • What kind of extension lead for this?

  • I'm running a dual battery system and am worried about my aux battery losing life over this period of not driving anywhere. Aux battery is a standard wet cell (came with the car) hooked up to an interVolt DC-DC charger. Should I be worried about its life being compromised?

    • So have i, solar is cheap enough these days…

  • Just got mine :D. Anyone know what the CONNECT EYELET M8 cable is for? Is it for car batteries? Kind of confused why you dont just use the clamps instead…

    • +1

      The eyelet cable is for you to connect to the battery and keep it there so that you don’t need to reconnect and disconnect from the battery every time you use the charger. With some cars, it is a pain to get to its battery and will be difficult if you use clamps as you need to remove them after you finished charging. Also in some cars, the battery space is so tight that it won’t allow you to use clamps.

      • Ah right. Thanks for the explaination Frugal!

  • How long does this charge for?

    • How big is your battery?

      • Its a car battery

        • Do you know your battery’s amp hour (AH) rating?

            • @Digitalco: Give it 24 hours at least if you have not driven your car for a 30km distance for a long time otherwise check the indicator to see if it has reached stage 7 on it every hour if you are in a hurry to drive your car in between.

              • @wtfnodeal: Alright what if it doesn't reach stage 7?

                • +1

                  @Digitalco: See if your car starts! Driving it will charge it further. But shouldn't be a problem.

                • @Digitalco: Then there is a chance you can start the engine to get where you want to go but the engine may not start again to take you home. Bring along a jumpstart power bank if you have one just in case.

                  • @wtfnodeal: If the car starts OK, but doesn't start again after driving a reasonable distance (to at least recharge the charge taken to start the car) - I'd say there is something wrong with the battery or the car's electrical system.

                    Using an emergency aid to start the vehicle doesn't deal with the real issue.

                    Best not to let a vehicle battery discharge that much - it will reduce the life of the battery.

                    Using a charger like this, connected when the vehicle is not in use, is probably the best way to avoid the problem developing in the first place.

                    • @the INFIDEL: True. This thing however doesn’t do fast charge in my experience. Even my car battery that is only 3 months old and get used everyday for 12km a trip it takes 3 hours to charge it to stage 7.

                      • @wtfnodeal: Digitalco was discussing overnight charging (below) - which should be more than adequate. Top up charges by keeping it connected when vehicle is not in use will help.

                        • @the INFIDEL: I did explain 24 hours at least ‘otherwise’ checked if the indicator light was on stage 7. He asked if not on stage 7 would imply it was not charged for 24 hours. There is an instruction book that tells you how long it takes to charge from 1 stage to another and 24 hours will definitely get to stage 7 unless the battery is faulty.

                          • @wtfnodeal: Yes. I think Digitalco may be used to old style chargers that are put on long higher charges, rather than this slower charger that can top up the charge & maintain the battery.

                            So discussing the stages would be unfamiliar. That's how I was 9 months ago. Very simple once we become used to the different approach.

                            Never bothered with how long stages take - I just let it look after that. Just hop in the car now - knowing it will be fully charged. And the included charge indicating quick connector flashes the basic charge level as I unplug the charger.
                            I really like this unit.

    • The beauty of this style of charger is you can leave it connected, until you need to use the car. It manages the type & rate of charging (5A max) to maintain the battery.

      But the time to fully charge a battery depends on many factors, apart from the charge rate of the charger. The larger the capacity or more discharged the battery, the longer to charge. So hard to answer.

      • so is it fine if i leave this overnight to charge

        • Yes. I leave the battery in the vehicle & have it connected for days or weeks some times. Then unclip the quick connector & drive off. It's designed to do that.

          Unlike old style chargers that needed to be disconnected to stop overcharging & damaging the battery, this & many modern chargers drop back to trickle charge or other modes. So turning them off isn't an issue (like it used to be).

          I moved from basic chargers (because people gave then away when they upgraded) to this. I'm not going back!

  • -1

    Still have not received my delivery. Ordered from Sydney Metro this morning at 10am. Pretty sad.

    • +1

      I wonder if all the same day deliveries were done in Melbourne since we’re in lockdown, keeping their staff on the job.
      Regardless, I wouldn’t be sad for not receiving it same day anyway.

    • I am in Melbourne, ordered mine yesterday morning and still haven't received any update on the order. So looks like even in Melbourne not everybody is getting it delivered the same or next day.

      • how far is your nearest repco (or the store you selected)? Also did you receive an initial order confirmation?

        • Nearest Repco is 3 kms away and that's the store I selected for Delivery. Yes, I did get the order confirmation on the morning of 26 Aug, when I placed the order. It's 3rd day and still no update. Order status is "In progress" on the website.

          • @ozioziozi: My nearest store was 20kms away. Myself and a mate both got notices with Toll tracking details the next day. (Both in Vic but different stores).

            • @Onnzo: May be not all Repco stores are as efficient as others.. Probably they ran out of stock and are awaiting additional stock to be delivered. I will wait for another day or two and then probably give them a call if things aren't moving still.

  • +1

    This ($155.58) is a better deal if you have amazon prime. Free delivery. 10Amps, charges li-ion (we are heading that direction, so best future proof your purchase). Deliver from US, so you will need adapter. Works with 240v


    • Looks good. Good to see the good alternatives

    • the force mode for batteries with 0 volts is awesome along with the supply mode

  • Thanks op nice deal. Received mine today.

    Might be a stupid qs, the powerbank is simply a powerbank right? It has nothing to do with the car charger?

    • +1

      I believe so. Haven’t opened the box yet.

      I already had two ctek’s, but grabbed a third as my “daily” driver doesn’t get used enough, so the battery won’t allow stop/start when I do go out.

      https://imgur.com/a/NG1xvC4 <— The bottom car acts as a drip tray, and receives an anti-rust layer of oil. Circle of life

      • 2002's! Nice!!

  • Ironically,
    This deal didn't get many upvotes, or even comments.
    Includes accessories and the powerbank.

    75cents more must be a deal breaker….


    • +1

      Prob coz a year ago more ppl were driving cars around so this was not required as much…same as toilet paper hahah

  • Any stores in Vic with stock left ? I keep trying but can't seem to find. 😭

  • Checked all of the Victorian SE stores. No stock

    • +1

      See the comment directly above yours for an equivalent ^

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