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Dewalt DCS570N Cordless Circular Saw $289.95 Shipped @ National Power Tools


$160.96 @ Bunnings Price Match & Trade in of an old power tool, Excl VIC

I was able to successfully price match and trade in the above-mentioned cordless brushless DeWalt circular saw in Bunnings Blacktown. I traded in my Ozito cordless drill. Combining trade in and Price match is hit and miss -Seven Hills said no.

DeWALT Trade in Offer (Note: Not available in VIC)

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  • I got it for $0 just had to trade in my left thumb

  • Damn bloody Victoria

  • What is the trade thing about? How does it work, what can you trade in and how much do you get?

  • Glad to see people take advantage of that offer :)
    I did this morning… gave in an old Taurus drill for a Multi-tool. Nice bit of kit!

    • Did you do price match? Which seller was was it?

      • Not sure what you mean. I bought the multitool from Total Tools if that’s what you’re asking

        • Thanks. I was hoping you found it cheaper some where else and got Bunnings to price match. Even 1 dollar less means you get 10% off in Bunnings. Did Sydneytools keep the trade-in tool from you? Lots of people have written here that Sydney tools does not bother with trade in the tool; you just show the power tool and they just take 100 dollars off and you keep your old power tool.

  • This was the most annoying thing about the last deal. Bunnings would flat out refuse when you went the old double whammy. Dewalt had a no stacking policy but it’s clearly 2 separate things from a Bunnings POV:
    Step 1: price beat
    Step 2: $100 off

    They lied to me in store when Sydney tools just wiped off $100 without a tool requirement. Said that Sydney tools would require me to drop off a tool despite the fact I had it shipped to me…

    • Correct on both items! Bunnings should offer both as they are not stacking - one is a price beat policy and the other is the promo! You get some Karen’s in store and then you can just try another store! Last time I picked up a new impact driver for $28 at the second store I tried!

      And Sydney tools will take $100 off without the trade in! Good blokes!

      • What, so they will knock off $100 off any DeWalt cordless tool? Just get in contact and ask?

        • Their website will say you need a trade in, but when you go in to collect they won’t ask about it. Did click and collect at the last trade in sale.
          I gather they need to be seen to be doing the right thing, but in reality they don’t care about the trade in.

    • No joke, Bunning's price policy is atrocious. The last 3 times they have made me jump through hoops to buy from them. Last time I was in store 60 minutes trying to get them to do it, and they lied to me on their own policies the whole time. Multiple stores as well.

      They've also changed their policy lately to say the item has to be able to be picked up locally on the same day, or same day (and arriving) shipping. That's a few months in now.

      "lowest prices aren't even guaranteed, and we'll fight you tooth and nail before we bend over to enforce our own policy"

      I now buy from other stores and will only buy from Bunnings if I've no choice.

      • from my experience, as soon as the staff hear the word "price beat", some of them would turn quite hostile, defensive and denial.

        • Agreed. Like literally we’re there because their policy says they’ll do it. But they obviously don’t want to do it at all. Why foster bad blood with your customers

          • @beatsntoons: For example they would say, the dewalt model from Bunnings has the "-XE" in the code, therefore is not an identical product to the ones you have shown

            • @Ballajura: I guess it all about timing and the price difference. Go on busy day and if the store manager Is careless then they will say yes. Also more buddy stores have more experience with price match and thus are more willing to approve. Small store employees somehow think Bunnings is the cheapest and there is no way the item will be cheaper elsewhere.

            • @Ballajura: Omg yes that was one of the things they said to me as well. In fact they said the opposite. They said their system doesn’t have the XE, but the competitor did. I had to go and get the box from their own shelves showing them the XE

      • Price beats are the worst at Bunnings! They treat you like a thief for asking if they can just follow their policy and match another stores price! Many of the staff will lie and do what ever they can to get you to leave! Some even get aggressive!
        However, if you shop around a few stores you will eventually find someone who actually wants to do their job! If you find one, make sure you remember them and go back to them next time! There are not many good ones out there!

  • Hang on, so you can do the trade-in deal at Bunnings too? If so why is Vic excluded when stores outside Melbourne are still open to the public?

  • Does anyone have any experience using unbranded batteries with DeWalt? Something like https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-NEW-For-DEWALT-18V-5-0Ah-XR-DC...

  • OP. can you post a copy of your receipt thanks ? :)

    (we will have a better chance of getting this deal with proof other stores are doing it)

  • Why would a bunnings agree to a trade in deal?

    Seems odd.

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      DeWalt is giving the credit and not Bunnings. DeWalt is doing that to lure you into their eco system. Bunnings being an authorised seller has to participate.

  • took 15 minutes to get power pass discount on the trade up offer. 3 different staff members all trying to say it doesn't apply with the trade up. Stood my ground that it does apply and after a long call to someone they put it through as a return of some sort which required my drivers licence! All that for $17 but it was satisfying to prove them wrong.