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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 30000mAh $33.00, 20000mAh $26.24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Amazon Deal of the Day, no coupon required. They're even cheaper than the deal posted 2 days ago.

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  • No 40000mAh?

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    Thanks just bought one. I hope to use all these powerbank I've bought from ozbargain over the years

    • You might end up in AFP or FBI watch list.

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      You can use a power bank to charge a power bank.

      • +5

        Plug them both into each other for infinite power.

        • Perpetual charger!

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    I don't buy any products with a microUSB port.

    • You can charge these with usbc aswell as lightning and micro usb.

      • +1

        This is the first third-party product I've ever seen with a female Lightning port, it's very strange.

  • The larger one can't be taken on planes without prior approval from airlines as it exceeds 100 watt-hours. It might be true for the smaller one too.


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      That probably won't be a problem for most people for a few years…

    • I have the 30+ with LCD screen and it can be taken on a plane as it's 99.16 watt-hours, they did explosive test it though hah

  • Designed for the weak phones without fast charging feature.

    • Why weak phones? My phone has fast charge and this power bank charges it quickly.

    • Charges my mi 9t from 0-80 in about 40 minutes, I often plug it in for 10 minutes just to give my phone 20-30% more when low.

  • Will the bigger guy charge a USB-C laptop?

    • Possibly slowly, its basically an 18W total output charger. Need those more expensive ones (40w+) to do larger devices in a timely manner.

      • OK. Thanks for the advice!

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    Bought the 30,000 one from the last deal. Very happy with it - USB C or Lightning charging Of the power pack at up to 18W.

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    Thanks OP! Cancelled my yesterday order and bought one of these, if the first order doesn't cancel in time, both are still a good deal and handy to have

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    If youre not getting the 45w-65w output power banks in 2020. got some bad news

    • What’s a good brand for this type of fast charge power bank?

      • Xiaomi ZMI 45w powerbank are around ~$35-45 for 15000mah when on sale

  • Terima kasih OP, good deal! 😁

  • Can the 30000mah one be taken in airplanes in Australia??

    • with airline permission, yes.

  • is the LT20PS+ a newer model or older model than the one with a circular LCD screen?

  • Thanks! Bought two

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