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Razer BlackWidow Chroma Green Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $139.10 (was $219.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Razer BlackWidow Chroma Green Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


$139.10 (down from $219.95), free shipping - Amazon AU

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  • Great find. Thank you. Grabbed one.

    I've been looking at modern mechanical keyboards for a couple months. I knew I wanted "clicky" (I live alone and WFH, and don't stream whilst typing :-) and tactile, was looking at MX Blue based boards… will give the Razer green a go as it seems similar on actuation force and is at a super price point.

    For those who care, apparently Razer used to use Kailh's and now uses Greetech switches. Quality TBD, IMHO, but for $139, I'll take the risk.

    I've recently been going through an RGB phase (middle aged woman hides head with hands, LOL), so this will fit nicely in my computer

    • You want clicky, check out the Kaihl Box Jades, Whites and Navy's. THOSE are clicky! Put these green switches to shame.

      • The greens already sound clicky enough for me. That said, MORE clicky than that sounds like something I have to hear. :-)

        • You could always spend a little extra on a keyboard like Glorious GMMK which has a hotswappable PCB - meaning that you can try ALL the clickiest keyswitches that your heart desires.

          Gateron Greens are a decent budget option for someone who likes clicky switches.

  • Great keyboard, just wish you could turn off the RGB without that damn software

  • i'm trying to find a Wireless 60% RGB keyboard. And best if there are softwares like Gigabyte Fusion RGB / Cam etc can also control the keyboard's RGB too.
    Any recommendations?

    • Velocifire, who often post here on OB, have a Kickstarter project for one. Not sure about the software that ships with it, though.

      • Thanks for this! had a look and it seems promising!

        just also looked at the ROG Falchion. Although pricing etc not released yet :)

  • Is there a good non-RGB keyboard with Cherry switch for office use? Only thing I could find is Das professional but that is around $250.

  • The huntsman is also on "special" at $136.19


    After considering both… the blackwidow and the huntsman.. I took a punt I would like the Huntsman better.

    • Huntsman elite is usually a comparison to Blackwidow. The $136 one you linked is the basic huntsman opto-mechanical keyboard. Blackwidow > huntsman for sure.

      • That's not right, the Huntsman is a step above the BlackWidow.
        The Huntsman Elite is a step above the BlackWidow Elite

        The Huntsman line is Razer's top keyboards, BlackWidow second.

        • You are right. I initially thought this was a blackwidow elite with this deal. Huntsman vs blackwidow you’d go the former. My initial comment was incorrect.

    • Thanks Kev - ordered a Huntsman for AU$136 with 30day free amazon prime.

      Basically 50% off from its original AU$280 price.

    • Couldn't decide between the Black Widow Lite (cheaper version of this also on Ozb) or the Huntsman.

      Googling suggests the black widow better for normal typing, so went with Black Widow Lite.


  • I got a Kmart $40 blue. Switch, opened it up and put felt sheets from the reject shop in the case. Closed it up, then I brushed WD-40 onto the switches. Rate my peasant level, bush-mechanic gamer keyboard/10!

  • Cheers OP. Ordered one. Been in the market for a decent keyboard for a while and while I had shortlisted the Corsair K68 as my preferred, this deal is just too good to pass up. Never owned a proper mechanical keyboard, sick of this crappy el cheapo one im using

  • I don't know much about mechanical keyboards, like the differences between the switch key colours, but I would like to get one. The media keys seem to always be an alternate function, is there such a thing as a mechanical keyboard with dedicated media keys?
    My current Logitech G510 has a useful small, customisable LCD screen which I primarily use for date/time, and CPU/Ram usage. Are there any mechanical keyboards that have one, or is this an uncommon feature that never caught on?

  • Is there a similar model with multi media controls? smh

    • Elite model

    • alot of these mechanical keyboards all have the same basic design
      it is really quite boring 80's design

      the media keys are really useful, they should make it standard for all these mech keyboards like on the non mech keyboards.

  • Now $118 here for those subscribed.