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Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSD $23.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square


Free Delivery, Must use the mobile site to Checkout (Tested and working)

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  • Are they genuine.. anyone have experience with them?

  • 2.99 postage

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      Yep its a flaw in their checkout process. PayPal shows item price but when you click continue to exit PayPal back to their site it shows the postage charge. Wouldn't count on free delivery.

      • Not for me on the mobile site. In the cart, pressed pay with Paypal.

        Went through Paypal and delivery changed to Free. Paypal charge was WITHOUT delivery fee.

        I've used SE in the past no problems so although you MAY be right I in fact think I will get the item minus the delivery fee as posted.

        Will let you know though.

        • Same here. Shipping free for me when I clicked through

        • I just tried ordering a 64gb SanDisk and got charged delivery :(

          Edit: Tried for the Samsung 128gb and you're right, it becomes free

    • Dodge

  • TY. Grabbed 3 for that price…

  • Works for me as well. Thanks OP

  • Is this English packaging or chinese ones?

    • Purchased the 256gb one and it arrived in Chinese packaging. Also it wasn’t the full 256gb storage

      • That's normal with storage. Companies tend to advertise storage using the decimal system or base 10. Computers operates in binary. (base 2). So for 1GB, the perceived loss is about 70MB. Then you have to factor the amount space you lose with formatting. A bit of loss is normal.

        • There was about 30gb missing. Is this normal? Im not good with maths lol

          • @Ellekay: That seems within normal boundaries. You can try the app "SD insight" on google play. It checks for authenticity Read their disclaimer though. It's doesn't work on every card on the market and nothing is ever 100%.

  • I just noticed they’re Zapals. I remember the Slapaz joke that used to be around back in the day. Ordered one thanks.

    • I still have my Lexar 128GB micro sd from zapals bought for $17.99 on Dec 2018. That's still the cheapest I have seen and that was almost 2 years ago.
      1 month delivery at that time. Now I am seeing 2 months delivery from china on ebay.

  • can confirm no shipping fee at paypal checkout

  • Bought two via the paypal express checkout. Hopefully it goes through.

    Would like to emphasis you need to use the Paypal express button on the product page in MOBILE VIEW, not the mobile app (don't think they have one?)

    Make sure your Paypal delivery address details are correct.

  • Thanks OP, got 1. Got the free delivery too!

  • Just to let you know I bought the 256gb card and waited for almost a month to receive it. It arrived smothered in a foreign language which made me wonder. I checked the speed of the card and only managed under 20MB for both read or write when it supposed to be 100MB and 90MB. I complained, as you do and they directed me to the Samsung website. Apparantly all the planets have to aligned to get their nominated speeds so be aware. SS give a limited local 0ne year warranty.

  • Shopping square are dodgy as. I bought a "new" 4TB hard drive from them that had Russian movie files on it.

  • Thanks got 1!

  • Anyone received delivery yet? What's the normal shipping time? I checked out as a guest so unable to inquire tracking….

    • Nope - same and still waiting. Not concerned just yet as some shipping takes up to 6 weeks for me in the past but certainly keep updated if one of us receives delivery. Or not.

    • I got my 64gb card delivered already

    • Still waiting and checked out as guest too. I can't find a way to check the status and there hasn't been an email from them besides the PayPal confirmation.

  • I received a tax invoice and a separate dispatch email this afternoon. I paid via PayPal, guest check-out.

  • I've just received the micro-sd card (128GB) today. (i am in Melbourne). The package is littered with Chinese writing (no korean). It doesn't even say where it was made. How can one tell if the card is authentic or a fake?

  • I have received an Australia Post card today asking me to come into the Post Office and pay $4.50 to get my delivery.

    Were these cards all shipped Aussie Post? Or has something else gone wrong?

  • Received mine today with Chinese writing all over it but I'm happy with the test results (H2testw).
    Warning: Only 122207 of 122208 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    Writing speed: 59.3 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 84.2 MByte/s