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Razer Blade 15 Base (i7-10750H, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 15.6" 1080p 144hz) $2759 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Razer Blade 15.6-inch Base Model Black RZ09-03286E22-R3B1

10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core processor
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB GDDR6 VRAM, Optimus Technology)
15.6" 144Hz Full HD edge-to-edge display, factory calibrated
Expandable 16GB dual-channel memory and 512GB PCIe SSD
Compact, 0.78" thin CNC aluminum unibody, anodized finish
Customizable single-zone Razer Chroma RGB gaming keyboard with 16.8 million colors
Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet

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  • get the lenovo legion 5pi for half the price, same specs. lol

    • This is a premium compact laptop, the usual specs are only half the story unless your primary aim is spend as little as possible.

      For one the Lenovo doesn't have thunderbolt despite sticking with Intel, so I wouldn't even consider that.

      • It's a premium-branded compact laptop. There are cheaper competitors, and then you can also opt for the cheaper form factor for a whole extra half a kilo in weight.

  • Anything over $2K for a 10750 and a 2060 is not really a deal. The previous Dell G7 deal is the deal benchmark

    • Specs aren't everything. Believe it or not, lots of people like the compact nature of the laptop. It is obviously you don't care, but it is a selling point for Razer.

      • g14 is better

      • I don't care. I wouldn't pay $2759 for this. Hence why the G7 deal is better value (and so says 200+ other votes on that deal)

        • Nor would I. I didn't say it was good value, and I agree that anything else is better value. However, you should understand the target for these laptops is the pinnacle of portability with strong internals. The G14 etc can offer something close, but the fit and finish adds expense. At the end of the day, people pay for it for either the brand name, or its best in class power to weight ratio.

        • It aint your money so stop complaining?

          People buy premium products and this is a sale

          Not everyone just seeks the “best price and performance”

          • @Freestyle: I am giving feedback on this forum for potential buyer of this deal, VS another previous better deal. That is why this is a forum and that's why there is a comment section.

    • I disagree. While the Dell G7 was a steal at those specs, there's a reason why its so cheap. Build materials, overheating etc.

      Razer is supposed to be top of the line build quality. Now whether or not they actually are, I can't comment on.

      I can comment on that I've had to return 2 Dell Xps's in 2 months time due to a plethora of problems and issues arising, and these were their "Top tier" machines.

      I've since settled on an Alienware M17 R3 as a replacement machine, and even that's had a couple of small problems. And these machines cost 1 - 2k more than the G7.

      Bottom line is, it's not just the specs that you're paying for.

      • razers have throttling issues as well. That thin profile comes at a cost.

        • Razer, MSI, Gigabyte, all these gaming laptops with ultrabook form factors have throttling issues…

          Some of the thicker ones do too like the 9th gen Omen 15 or AW M15 R2…

          On the other hand Zephyrus line ups have been good and also those no-name brands that use tongfang chassis are actually pretty good when it comes to heat management. AW M15 R3 and 10th Gen Omen 15 have improved a lot compared to their predecessor as well.

          • @4iedemon: I've got an M17 R3. I had to undervolt it to get it to a reasonable temp. Now I've done that, it's only pushes 90 in a CPU intensive game like No Man Sky on full graphics. Other than that, hovers around 60 - 70

  • Why do people keep saying that its compact? Just because Razar throws in a term like that, doesn't mean it is a lot more compact than its competitors. At 2.1 KG with a dimension that is the more or less the same as any modern 15 inch, it is the same or AT BEST 100-200 grams less and a tiny bit smaller than others. Just admit it, Razar laptops are overpriced in Australia (you can switch Razar's location to see).

    • It was compact when it first came out compared to the competition but I think in 2020, the rivals have started to make comparable or even lighter/thinner devices with similar specifications.

      That being said, I've been pretty pleased with the build quality/feel of my Razer Blade 15 (i7-8750H/2070MQ). It's not the absolute best in specs and the battery life is pretty abysmal, but it looks/feels nice to use and I accept that I paid a premium for that. That being said, there are potential deals to be had with sales/negotiating/etc but you'd probably want to buy from a decent retailer given the questionable post-sales support in Australia vs say, an Alienware/Dell laptop.

      • I agree, build quality wise, Razar is on top. The premium feel of it is just unmatchable. But noting "compact" as a selling point in 2020 doesn't work anymore.

      • i was going to get one of those but it didn't support USB C charging which was a deal breaker.

        Its charging port is proprietary which means the included charger is the only way to charge it. I'd have to take it with me everywhere. It also means I can't charge via power bank when on the go.

        Every place I would put down the laptop for use, I already have either a dock or another USB C charger from other devices, so all I'd need to do is plug it in. With this, I'd have to get down on my knees to plug it into the power board and retrieve it when I'm done.

        Also, the mercury white edition was US exclusive, so that left a bad taste in my mouth.

        • Whilst I agree in that I wish all laptops had USB C charging now (since I also have nicely set up USB C docks around the place), as far as I know, most gaming laptops use proprietary connectors because the power draw demands are too high for USB C (eg 180w+ power bricks). I vaguely recall hearing some laptops also support trickle charging through USB C so that you're not totally out of luck if you need to charge it slowly, but they still require the proprietary power if you want to be able to play games over AC without running down the battery.

          • @jace88: I'm ok with it charging slower or draining while playing. As long as the option is there. I can leave it charging after I'm done.

            It's really inconvenient only being able to use their own charger. Most 15" laptops use a barrel charger of some sort, but still allow charging via USB C.

            Dell docks use a modified PD system that allows it to charge at beyond 100W. This Dell Thunderbolt dock can charge at up to 240W via USB-C. Cheaper ones can do 130W, 180W.

            I believe the latest gen of Razer Blades (10th gen i7) do allow USB PD charging.

        • Yes, as jace888 said, gaming laptops will not have USB C charging at the moment due to its power limitations. Most gaming laptops require 170W-230W plus.

          • @RobBoss: Only if you want to game without draining. I'm willing to compromise. I game and it drains a little, and I leave it charging when I'm done using it. Or I do other work on it (not gaming) and I get an adequate level of charge.

            I don't ask for perfection. Just give me options. If i'm willing to not get maximum charge out the wall, let me. The latest Razer Blades do allow USB C charging. Razer finally listened.

            • @lostn: I'm in a similar space to you. So I'm waiting for the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 - that's got a 180W power brick, plus slow charge via USB-C it appears. I'll be waiting a while, as I want to get it when it's on sale ;-)

              Mentioning it in case you weren't aware of this one. Feel free to just ignore this message if you were :)

              • @virtualsid: that's the AMD one right?

                It's an impressive tablet, but I want 15" and hoping a later version of it will have a better GPU. It seems laptop makers are refusing to pair AMD cpus with powerful GPUs.

    • "Overpriced" because Razer has to follow the ACCC here, in other countries they can just get away with a 1-year warranty on their laptops.

      • I personally went with extended warranty from JB Hifi given the reviews I'd read of post sales service. It's also why I didn't buy from the usual small B&M computer stores.

  • This deal here was better value


  • if you guys are after the same specced, lightweight beast of a laptop. check out aftershock apex 15 lite with the customisations. save you a ton of money. only buy razer for, well, razer pride. if ur just after the cheapest beast, lenovo legion 5pi, i bought it and its runs everything u throw at it.

  • This one showing me around 2300$ AUD from Amazon US