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WD 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $204.33 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


WD 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0080HBK-NESN
In stock on 10/9/2020

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  • Anyone have any experience on shucking these to see whats inside?
    Hoping its not a SMR drive, got done in pretty bad by the 6tb versions (19 days to resilver and failed mid way)

  • Covered by AU warranty?

  • Awesome, been waiting for stock to return. Any idea if these will still contain a WD80EZAZ?

    • I recently shucked two, one was a WDC_WD80EDAZ the other a WDC_WD80EZAZ. What's the differences?

      • Not 100% sure but i recall reading on reddit that the DAZ was believed to basically be a no frills RED drive, not helium, and runs a bit hotter. I'm tempted to buy one though as im running 3 x 8TB ironwolfs in my NAS at the moment which are not helium either.

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        The WD80EDAZ is air-filled drive with breathing hole(s), while WD80EZAZ is helium-filled drive w/o any breathing hole(s).

        • Ah that's unlucky for me I guess. Is the air filled drive much worse? I've just thrown them both into my Nas

  • For anyone how want to know whats in an external drive before they try to shuck it, Crystal Disk Info will identify the exact model number of the disk inside. There is a good video on youtube called "Before You Shuck, Find Out What's Inside Your External Hard Drive"

  • General question: Are these or the Seagate Expansion drives a better quality disk, when talking >=8TB and up CMR drives? I keep reading that the WD drives are not generally helium filled any more, but don't have any knowledge about the Seagate disks.

  • Another question: Can I claim price protection for these on 28 Degrees? Noting that this is coming from Amazon US via AU so I'm not sure. Thanks!

  • Tempting and bump 🤑👍

  • $25.54 /TB

  • I paid $219 last year in February so this is a good price. Back then, 8TB WD Elements had Helium drives inside. They're running very cool and are very quiet. Great deal.