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OnePlus 7 Pro 5G (Sprint) Unlocked, 8GB/256GB - US$521.08 (~A$719.18) Delivered @ yywireless via eBay


Hello everyone - this is my first post on OZB so please be kind to me

I am in the market for a Oneplus 7 pro, and came across this on ebay and thought it was a great deal - Oneplus 7 Pro 8/256GB 5G version(sprint) unlocked on ebay. selling for AU$712 (inclusive of shipping and import cost - A$612+ $24 Shipping+ $76 Import Cost) and is also a 5G version, which i have never seen in AU lwebsite listings.

The seller also seems to have great ratings and 100% buyer satisfaction.

Also the listing states that this is an international buyer only model and that it will not work in the USA.

Looking at the previous posts, i think this is the best price for this model i have ever seen + 5G which is a plus.

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    Also the listing states that this is an international buyer only model and that it will not work in the USA.

    Why would Sprint, an American company, stock a phone that doesn't work in America?

    • Well i think its an Ebay seller not sprint selling the phone on Ebay, not sure why the listing states it though. I have asked for clarification from the Ebay seller.

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      Cause 'Murica!

  • Price is a bit rich for an SD855 product when we're watching 5nm chips with 120Hz screens be about to roll in.

    I doubt a OnePlus 8 is much more expensive than this, if at all.

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    These must be imei blocked in the US. Not too much of a worry for now, but if you plan on using it there, good luck. Possibly supporting something shady if they are imei blocked also.

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      yeah agree, IMEI blocked sounds like it was reported as stolen.

      • Or they could have bought them from an insurance company recovery auction.

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        I have heard of similar things happening as part of insurance fraud. They make a claim that the stock has been lost and then offload it overseas.

  • wow we can see the imei on the photo, so we should be able to check blocked/not

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    I smell sockpuppet…

  • Why is not just simply called an 8?

  • if has wireless charging i will bite

    • It doesn't.

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    The 5G bands on this phone don't work in Australia though? So it wont be any different to the normal OP7 Pro?

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      Yep. This is exactly why you don't see a 5G version being listed in AU tho.

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      Except the Sprint version is not compatible with open betas and will get slower updates unless converted to European 5G firmware. Also, practically no custom-ROM support because of the 5G modem.

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    The blocked in USA thing is definitely weird. Sounds like they were reported stolen, who knows how legit they are at this point.

  • What happens if you find something is wrong and you want to return?

    Of course, you pay for the shipping but then what about import cost? Do you/vendor need to pay again or do you get back what you had paid earlier?

    So many questions but just for knowledge. Though not interested to buy this product.

  • Note that for this model there is only single SIM supported so will not work for those looking for dual Sim.

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