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Crucial P1 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD - $135 + $10.20 Postage @ Shopping Express


Was looking for a good price on a 1tb NVMe drive to put in an external enclosure, this seems like a great price! There was previously a deal for $94 though it looks like it was a pricing error (and honoured too!). Cheapest price on Staticice is $158.

Looks like this promo ends on September 6th according to the countdown on the Shopping Express website.

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  • Would anyone know if that would be suitable for an OS on a laptop?

  • Damn this is cheap.

  • Hard to not buy at this price but also I have no more space in my PC

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    Isn't the Kingston A2000 for $4 more a better buy than this?

    • 100%

    • If you can get past the rare bluescreen issues, the Kingston is definitely the better buy

      • Apparently the bsods are caused by RGB controlers on some mobos and are fixed with the latest firmware.

        I bought the a2000 yesterday and it came already loaded with the new firmware.

        • I'm really hoping that's the case. For the specs, the A2k has insane specs. I was so close to buying it until I read about the bluescreen issue :(
          Edit: You're right. Seems to happen specifically to Aorus and Asus motherboards too, although I can't tell if it's specifically their respective RGB softwares or the MOBOs themselves. And here I was wanting to get the Asus B450i Strix :(. Also, did you buy the A2000 from S.E? How do you know it's fitted with the latest firmware? I know nothing about SSDs so it's probably super simple to do it yourself, just asking

          • @caffeine69: I bought it from umart because I prefer dealing with them.

            There is a firmware tool application that you can download from the kingston website. I checked and mine already has the later firmware (released in Jan this year IIRC).

          • @caffeine69: No issues here with an MSI motherboard and A2K

          • @caffeine69: No issues with an Asus ROG x570-E while using tons of RGB enabled components with Armoury Crate. I didn't even use that firmware tool thing, thanks for the heads up about that @macrocephalic will be checking firmware when I fire up the PC tomorrow

  • For about the same price I guess you're better off with the Kingston A2000 for 139.95$ plus delivery.

    Crucial P1: 2000/1700 MB/s
    Kingston A2000: 2200/2000 MB/s

    • How do these compare to real-life speeds WD Black SN750 NVMe 3,470/3,000MB/s

    • They both have limited 5 year warranty, however the A2000 has 200tbw more endurance.
      Seems to be the clear winner, lucky I looked this up before i pulled the trigger.

    • Yes, absolutely better off spending the extra $5. If this QLC drive was a lot cheaper then it'd definitely be worth considering. But with superior drives available for so little more, I can't recommend this over the A2000.

  • Just beware this is a QLC drive so a few pitfalls from buying over a TLC drive, should be good enough for most people though providing you dont saturate the SLC cache when it writes or write too much data to the disk.

    • Yes, important to look at sustained write speeds if that is the type of usage you need. If you're a video editor or have a need to transfer large files, this Crucial P1 will slow down during transfer.

      • Yes and how far is drops is an eye opener, somewhere in the 60meg/sec which is even slower than a conventional hard disk. The raw QLC NAND write speed isnt very good, fortunately the SLC cache is large enough to handle most common write sizes hence why I say its good enough for most cases/people.
        Endurance is another one, roughly about 1/3 of what the TLC drives are rated for (200TBW in this case) - again should be ample for most but best to know what you're getting.

        • This comment right here should be at the top. NVMe drives at the Sub $200 price point have enough draw backs without a noticeable benefit that your better off going with M.2 SATA3 instead.

          • @Kill Joy: I think that's definitely underselling the value drives like the A2000 and SN550. I wouldn't buy a QLC drive yet but the other TLC drives are not going to be worse than a SATA drive and the SATA drives aren't appreciably cheaper.

  • Can somebody please help which ssd will be suitable for 2013 macbook pro retina, looking for 1tb please. There are so many ssds , please help.

  • PC byte is on sale for 139. Props quicker if you dont wanna wait


  • Thumbs up for 'Shopping Express' Only took 2 days to arrive for the last SSD I ordered.

  • Flash memory prices will likely continue falling until Q2 2021 due to an oversupply.

    Retailers are having sales now because they know this and would rather clear stock for a slightly discounted price now instead of an even lower price later.

    If you need an SSD now, go ahead and buy it, but if you’re not in a hurry, wait a while. The deals will get even better!

    I bought an MX250 from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and already noticed the price has fallen a few % since then.

    • Yup I only have one because they were selling @ $94 on Amazon (apparent pricing error) but given the expected price reductions, it may well become the street price in months to come.

    • I bought one this week. When they're already $150 there's not much point waiting.

  • Is this the same as the Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 1 TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD that went on amazon a while back for $134 pp?

    I got one of those and it's been great.

    Is there any issue adding a second m.2, or are full speeds only for the first slot

    Assume that a normal 2.5" SSD is cheaper if it's just for games or something?

  • Thanks OP!

  • I am looking to replace the 1tb HDD that came along with the Lenovo legion 5 from the recent deal.
    It does come with 256gb ssd but I want to replace the HDD with ssd as well and looking at options. Anyone has done that recently?

    • You just want a standard 2.5" SATA SSD to replace the HDD which are generally cheaper than this anyways. The drive in this deal is what would replace the 256GB NVME SSD that it comes with (but don't buy this one, as others have mentioned there are better drives for very close to this price).

      • Thanks for the reply Ethan. Yeah I was just going to get a Sata SSD to replace the HDD but some reviews stated that there is also a slot to install a NVME. It can either be a NVME or a sata but not both for the second slot.
        I am kind of leaning more towards a 1 or 2TB SATA SSD.

        • Ah I see, yes, if you remove the 2.5" drive it exposes an NVME slot you could use instead. I wish Lenovo would actually list things like that on the product page.

          From a quick look, it seems that the SATA 2.5" drives aren't much cheaper so might as well go NVME at 1TB, difference is a bit greater at 2TB. If you wanted 2TB total it would be cheaper/better to just upgrade both to 1TB NVME drives currently. In theory going NVME for the second drive would also allow you to upgrade to an 80Wh battery if desired which expands into the space taken by the 2.5" drive.

          • @ethan961: Yes in theory if I use the NVME slot, then battery expansion would be possible.
            Just got the toolkit to open the laptop.
            Little reluctant since its a brand new laptop. might try to open and have a look this weekend to confirm the NVME slot and then decide which way i want to go. Only 1 reviewer mentioned the option for the NVME, but I can see the slot in other videos but no specific mention.
            So not 100% sure its there.
            Want to confirm before I buy since for the 1TB ones, the price difference is not that much between SATA and NVME

  • Is this a good buy to upgrade MacBook Pro Retina 2015(Early) ? Has anyone used this for an upgrade? Thanks

  • Which external enclosure(s) do you recommend?

  • I have a 1tb 860 Evo sata in my system and have just bought one of these. What one is better for a boot drive vs game drive?

    • No real world difference for those uses.

    • This drive would be better. Keep in mind it can slow down if you fill it up too much, so if you get to that point you might want to move some stuff off of it or switch your boot drive back. In everyday uses they would be fairly similar performance-wise (a few seconds quicker at loading a game/windows), but for things like video editing the P1 will be significantly better.

  • Going to resist the urge. Word on the street is that there is a huge oversupply of nand flash chips and that ssd and ram prices are set to fall in the next quarter.

  • This good to use as primary OS drive? or drive to launch COD Warzone from?

    Any advice folks??

    • It's an excellent drive for the price, don't think too much about it, any NVME drive is a huge upgrade over regular HDD and any SATA SSD. I'd go for the Kingston A2000 if it's within $10-$15 but any more than that difference, I'd just buy this.

  • I was foolish and bought this recently when I don’t have a port for it (new to PC building). Happy to post it to someone for $120 :-)

  • Am I dumb for thinking OP's plan (put the 1TB NVMe drive in an external enclosure) is way better than lamenting after the Samsung T7 deal that's for half the storage (500GB)? How much faster is it with the T5/T7? Or am I missing something… like the T7 drive starts levitating when you plug it in or something?

    • I'm the OP but from my knowlodge the T7 is similar speeds (limited by USC C). This is cheaper than the T7 and is upgradable in the future, I personally purchased this Asus enclosure here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561612

      The old T5 drives used mSATA drives so I always recommended USB C NVMe drives to my friends, looks like the new T7 now use NVMe but is still limited to 1050mb/s. The only advantage that I can see is that the T7 is a little smaller. But I'll take the upgradablility and the option of faster speeds anyday.

      • Exactly. You could keep adding faster/higher storage with this right here than be stuck with a 0.5TB.

  • Hey guys - I was going to ask for some help.

    I have:
    1. Surface pro 3 that I have sucessfully managed to remove the screen on (it was smashed by a rather exuberant toddler so had to be changed anyways) and is on a 512GB hard drive - I'm wondering if this fits instead of the 512GB drive on it.

    1. I have a surface book 2 512GB as well, wondering if I should upgrade the storage or just keep as is.


  • As someone who has previously purchased this product, i can't not recommend it enough, I have spent alot of time fixing errors from corrupted data, and crucial make there refund process difficult.

    spend the extra 50$ and buy the more reliable product, its not worth cutting cost on something that stores data (even worse if your planning to boot your OS from it!)

  • Hello just need to be shared some light. I am getting a little confusion about my Unit. I have MSI gs65 thin laptop , some sites is saying its a M.2 SSD and some is saying its M.2 NVME?

    Does anyone have this unit? To clarify?