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Extra 10% off Storewide @ Chemist Warehouse & My Chemist (Online & In-store)


Regular exclusions apply - prescriptions, baby formula, multibuy promos, gift cards. Valid 1-3 Sept. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Current catalogue here.

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    • I was just wondering the same thing. There a a few nice ones here that It would be amazing to get another 10% off on.

      • Anything better than one million?

        • Aha party scent!

        • +1

          Dior Sauvage surely

          • @BargainGhost: Not a fan of those MaTuRe scents

          • @BargainGhost: Did you try the perfume one? Better than the EDT? Heard that it smells different

          • -1

            @BargainGhost: Dior Sauvage isn't anything special

        • Two million

        • +1

          Versace Eros or JPG Le male should be up your alley

          • @Plartus: Got eros today, hate it 🤣

            le male is NICE tho 👍👌

            • @DisabledUser350685: Yeah, shame they don’t stock ultra male anymore. Try Azzaro wanted by night or Armani code absolu would be the next step.

        • Ck One Shock for men

          For its price its amazing

          • @qwerty: Affordable but kids stuff friend, need the quality 😅

            • +1

              @DisabledUser350685: Blue De Chanel, Invictus, CH Men Prive, Prada L'Homme, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb :)

              • @Nexo: Sauvage (seems a safe blind buy)


                Terre d'hermes


                bleu de chanel?

                Any thoughts?

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                  @mbck: I don't like Sauvage that much personally, the citrus smell is so overpowering to me. I have Blue de Chanel EDP but I recommend paying the extra money and getting Bleu de Chanel Parfum, it projects much better and smells nicer but it is costly. EDP also smells really nice but not as strong as I like, it is good for close proximity situations, like if someone is in a car with you, or when they hug you, or when they are within 2m of you they can really smell it and I have received quite a few compliments in the time that I've owned EDP (2 months)

                  Terre d'hermes is very nice too! D&G The One is also another good safe option!

                  • @Nexo: The one is more for winter i think. But that's definitely on my list to buy.

                    Ill be blind buying the TDH, BDC, sauvage. From what I've read the sauvage is pretty simple, but smells nice.

                    The other two are nice aswell but a bit more complex.

                    So im leaning towards sauvage just because it's a safe option.

                    I wonder if chemist warehouse has samples to try….

                    • @mbck: Depends on the Chemist Warehouse, some do and some don't have Sauvage testers. My local Myer always has Sauvage and BDC testers, if there's one near you I suggest checking it out before buying!

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                  @mbck: I have tried all and currently have Bleu De Chanel (on my second 150ml bottle) and Terre d’Hermes.

                  Sauvage EDT gives me headache due to the amboxan. So it’s either you love it or you hate it. EDP and Parfum smells much better to me. Only need 2 spray max as they are very potent.

                  I love Bleu De Chanel EDP as they smell much more natural and are people pleaser. Can’t go wrong with this one.

                  Terre d’Hermes. I hated it when I got mine, but since then I have started loving vetiver and now they are amazing imo.

                  Tough choice! But if you want Sauvage, I suggest you to try them first on your hand to see if you like them.

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                    @z10cvbnm: Thanks everyone!got the terre d'hermes.

                    Love it! Definitely fresh smelling. It does have a 'mature' smell to it and ooze a bit of confidence and reassurance.

                    Ill try the bleu de chanel next time! Very interested in it (just so expensive!)

                    Thanks again!

                    • @mbck: Nice one. I got my last 50ml bottle from Chemist Warehouse for $53.99 a few years ago, it used to sell for $60 normal price there but they were often out of stock. I don't find it too mature, just a nice outdoorsy yet fresh kind of scent with bitter orange, really unique. Wish they still had the 50ml available.

                • @mbck: I got dior sauvage today, i dont get the hype doesnt smell like anything special i feel like it doesnt have much of personality at all, feels like a bland chemical fresh smell, i do love there dior intense though, i can eat that shit.

                  Blue de chanel and aqua gio profumo is awesome.

                  • -1

                    @2Krazy: Dior Sauvage very very overrated. Bleu de Chanel EDP much better.

                  • @2Krazy: Did you ever tried terre d'hermes? I'm leaning towards that atm. Might skip sauvage…

                    Bleu de chanel seems a close call.

                    I've got something aqua-y, so might skip that too

                    I might get terre d'hermes

            • @DisabledUser350685: Try Versace eros Dylan blue or Versace Eros

        • +2

          I do think Sauvage is very ambroxan heavy and lacks character. My recommendations would be Versace Dylan Blue (citrus, fresh), Armaf Club De Nuit Intense (Creed Aventus inspired), Burberry London for Men (spicy, oriental) or Dolce and Gabbana The One (Amber and Tobacco)

          • +1



            'Seaweed left in the sun' stench is bizarre to me 🤷‍♂️

            Dolce and Gabbana The One

            Im interested thanks 👍👍

    • Any everyday perfumes that last entire day at office and yet don't cost boat loads???

      • Give me a budget and I will try suggest some options :)

      • +2

        Versace Pour Homme. Beautiful fresh fragrance, much nicer than Acqua di Gio IMO and less common. Terre D'Hermes is another good one.

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    nice!!! had an order ready to go… lucky I checked ozb

    • +1

      Where would we be without ozbargain?

      • +30

        more money in your bank account

  • +5

    Is this in-store or just online?

    • I'm curious, too. I was planning on going there tomorrow since it's my day to be in the office, so I'll be close by anyhow.

    • Website says in-store and online

    • Just went to Chemist Warehouse today and purchase some vitamins, can confirm it is also in-store :)

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    So wait til Amazon matches, and then sub and save?

  • Where does this say this?

    • There are posters on the windows of Chemist Warehouse stores advertising the sale between 1-3 Sep. Not sure if it applies to online as well…

  • +1

    Welp, time to go look up some prices and see how much they're jacked up by tomorrow.

    • +1

      Take a few photos and compare it tomorrow. I know the fact ChemistWarehouse jack prices too!

      • +1

        No. The Catalogue prices would have already been put up from last week.

    • +1

      Heh. Pleasantly surprised to report that none of the items I added to my cart last night got price jacked. Successfully saved 10% on all of them.

  • Does anybody knows whether Chemist warehouse does free blood sugar test ? ( or any other pharmacy ?)

    • Doubt it cause of covid

  • thanks

  • i put an order through just saturday… for click and collect. not for a great deal of $$.

    if the prices are not jacked, anyone know if i can cancel the order i placed saturday (have no not picked up)? or i have to call them?

    • +1

      Yes you should be able to cancel and get a refund to your credit card

  • Darn I just bought perfume last week. Should have waited.

  • Any recommendations for male scents?
    I’m eyeing the Armaf Club De Nuit Intense

    • Blue Stratos …

    • -1

      Depends what you need it for, if you need something super versatile JPG Le male or Versace Dylan blue are good choices.

    • Dior Homme

  • Any cash back on top of it?

  • Prices already updated on the website

  • +2

    Time to stock up on:
    SKYN Large Condom 10 Pack
    $8.54 FLASH SALE

    $85.40 for 100, bargain!, that should see me through spring! /s

    • +2

      Spring 2022?

      • +1

        Spring 2050 more like it..

    • Do they have any in small? Extra small prefered

  • +8

    To be honest, prices in chemist warehouse aren't that cheap anymore since the pandemic began. sometimes it's better off to shop at coles or wollies

    • Totally agreed!

    • +1

      Actually you can show the Colworths price to counter and they will match and further discount by 10% (10% of the difference) - super easy - I have matched them with Priceline as well as Coles (especially if your local Colworths does not have stock then this price match helps)

      • +1

        You must have been lucky as in my experience, cw go out of their way to make it incredibly cumbersome to price beat. They simply hate doing a price beat. They say They’ll need a managers approval, but the manager isn’t available. Honestly ridiculous.

        • Couple of Brisbane & suburban stores where I have tried this - always worked. No drama.

  • Is Cashback down? Cannot seem to login..just spinning wheel…..

  • Cheapest price (sub $16) on Rocktape.
    Usual price around $20, on sale this week and the 10% is just icing on the cake.

  • +3

    Went today to price match woolies online only Finish DW liq at $4, after pricematch, got it for $3.90, SCORE!

  • I forgot how expensive Eau De Toilette can be! Saying that, One in a million everyone loves and it's pretty cheap compared the most the others mentioned.

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