Free Access to Select Original Movies and Series (First Episodes) Even without an Account @ Netflix


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Netflix is offering limited free access to several original series and movies, including Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Élite, Boss Baby: Back in Business, Bird Box, When They See Us, Love Is Blind, The Two Popes, Our Planet, and Grace and Frankie. If you are undecided on whether Netflix is worth the monthly subscription, well, the streaming service is here to help convince you. With the free access, you'll be able to watch the full movie with all language options, though only the first episode of the first season is available for TV shows. And you don't even need a Netflix account to make use of this offer.

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  • That’s a big asterix on access to series. First episode only.

    • just for the record, 'asterisk'

      but yes agreed re. access only to the first episode being kind of an "it's a trap" situation.

      • Obelix wants a word with you.

      • Asterisk. Huh. I really never knew. I guess I haven’t used it much.

        • All the Asterix cartoon characters' names are slightly altered versions of real words/phrases, but people started to know the name Asterix better than the word asterisk!

  • How to get use of this? I can't get past the sign up page.

  • This is an interesting strategy. Apple TV has been doing this as well.

    • Yeah but Apple TV is rubbish. It has barely any content that you don't need to pay extra for. Netflix is already well established and has been the market leader for years.

      • Yet they have halved their bitrate and resolution with no email notification to their customers and still charging the same price

        • So? Cancel if you're not happy,

          • @jelko: Already have about two weeks ago. Have many other streaming options. It was just the way Netflix went about cutting their bitrate and resolution without informing their customers. Paying $ 19.99 a month for a supposedly 4K service which is at a pathetic lower bitrate and resolution is ok for you?

        • I googled this and this is their response:

          VP of Content Delivery, Ken Florance, wrote in a blog post last week. “Within each category we’ve simply removed the highest bandwidth streams. If you are particularly tuned into video quality you may notice a very slight decrease in quality within each resolution. But you will still get the video quality you paid for.”

          4K has been reduced from 15.3Mbits/sec to 7.6Mbits/sec and they call this "a very slight decrease in quality"

  • If you click on "Watch Now"

    Where is the "Watch Now" button?

    • Follow the link above and not in the app

      • I swear the description had direct links to some of those shows along with an explanation saying it was possible to watch the entire 1st season through those links.

        I'm either losing my mind or the revision history doesn't record every change.

        • You're not losing your mind. I saw them, too. :)

          Any re-edits within 10 minutes are combined into one revision.

  • A no brainer from a marketing perspective, probably took this long while the tech guys worked on it.

    What the doom guys did in a wknd while deathmatching takes others years.

  • R.I.P. Foxtel

  • Netflix is worth it.
    Just pay for it. If you get a few screens, you can share it with your mates, reducing your costs.

    • Do note your email and password will be shared, if you intend to give access to friends.

      Netflix does not have a "family" system like Spotify.

    • Agreed, my wifes family in the UK having been using our netflix for six years… pretty sure if netflix cared that would start to ring some bells. They know people are paying $20 a month to share.

      • They know people are paying $20 a month to share.

        I paid $8.62 for the last month for Netflix Premium plan through Argentina. You’d be crazy to not try and pay through Argentina or Turkey instead of the $19.99 a month for the same AU plan.

        • Do you need to have VPN while watching? And will you be limited to netflix argentina content?

        • Oh man. I hang my head in shame.

          • @a-jr: Give this deal a try (refer more to the later comments as the OP is out of date now as the Ultra is 449ARS (approx $8.25AU right now) and am unsure of what the current price for Turkey is).

            Just let your AU Netflix account lapse, sign up through a VPN (Windscribe give a free 24 hour premium trial if you just ask the bot) to either Turkey or Argentina (make sure you have your AU number on the Netflix account and already verified) then just reactivate your account with either TRY or ARS currency and should be all good to go.

            • @Porthos: I have previously used a Turkey account on my AMEX but have since returned to Australian billing. A couple of days ago I let my subscription expire and then logged in using a Turkey VPN (Windscribe). Netflix would not accept my AMEX card. I tried over a couple of days but with no success. Finally I logged in without a VPN and it accepted my credit card. :/

              • @jelko: Yeah it’s a bit hit and miss at times, even with the same CC and same VPN it doesn’t always work for everyone.

                All I can suggest is just trying different VPN’s till one works. I only suggested Windscribe cause it worked well for me and is totally free so didn’t have to try and hunt around for one with an Argentinian server. I couldn’t get my card to work with Turkey unfortunately.

      • Yeah, it kind of sh*ts me that the number of devices is tied to the resolution. I bought a 4K TV last year so decided to upgrade to the 4K subscription. The way the subscriptions work means I also ended up paying for 4 devices, even though there's only 2 of us in the house. I ended up giving one of the extras to my mum - she's in a nursing home so any additional entertainment she can get is good. I just set it up on her iPad for her so didn't have to give her my password etc, and it gives her a heap of entertainment options without costing her anything.

        I'd be mightily p*ssed off it Netflix actually started cracking down on account sharing like this if they don't also provide more flexibility with the mix of devices / resolutions so you can only pay for what you actually need.

  • They used to have a wide selection of documentaries and for that, had me for a customer for a while before they shrank that and hence lost me.

  • Clever.. They now have the ip addresses and cookies of non-subscribers. Bring on the targeted ads and ups the accuracy of the account sharing ai.

  • I wonder if Cuties will be free too

  • Has anyone been able to get it working with Chromecast?

    • Can using Chrome on a laptop/desktop -
      If for whatever reason it doesn't show within the player, go to the 3 vertical dots in the top right -> Cast -> [Select Chromecast]
      Within the player, it should now show (might need to refresh).
      Does not work on mobile devices from what I can see

  • Abit OT, I grabbed a surfshark VPN deal from ozb recently and want to sign up to US-netflix. Can I just sign up via the au page and then activate vpn-US and it will auto-load netflix depending on vpn location?

      • I dont understand your comment. This is the first time I plan to get a netflix account, I've already purchased surfshark VPN and want access to US content. I just wanted to know what was the best way to go about it and if signing up via the au page would still work.

  • Has anyone noticed that Netflix subscriptions are been "sold" on Aliexpress? I just noticed it a couple of days back while browsing through some deals. Seems super dodgy where 1 screen account is basically shared across multiple people. If the account stops working, you contact customer care and if you are lucky they will provide you with new credentials. Crazy!

  • I have been a subscriber for a month now. I noticed there isn't much content and the shows I watch arnt up to date and some are missing as well as movies are missing also there's not much 4k content I noticed to. Only conbrs kai that I saw was 4k every thing else looks shit. I'm probably going to cancel my netflix and go back to torrenting 4k stuff. I paid for 4k and big content and it's shit and limited.

  • Good freebies but I would rather they lower the monthly fee instead.

    Netflix has been losing subscribers due to a decrease in content quality. Issue is not really about attracting new subscriber, it's mainly about keeping existing customers getting bored with quantity over quality contents. Netflix took on a lot of debt and presumed it can hit its projected growth every year - but it sadly hasn't.
    Competitions are offering alternative to Netflix.
    By increasing the monthly price, Netflix is only making matters worse.
    I do hope Netflix import content from other countries such as Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa.