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Breville BPZ820BSS Smart Oven Pizzaiolo 177,250 QFF Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


Or $1,007.69 + 2000 points delivered (get back 2015 points)

Not many retailers in Australia, but HN and Joyce Mayne have it at RRP of $1249.

Obviously a niche product, but does get good reviews from food blogs such as Serious Eats.

Might be for someone who is looking to spend their QFF points on something they’d never buy with cash…

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  • Back to the future 2 pizza oven? 😋

  • Claims to replicate a wood fire pizza over, anyone got one of these?

    • I haven't but reviews and videos are great.

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    That's over 201+ dominos pizza kinda money

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      Sure, but it makes actual human food.

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    Good lord, a couple of elements and a pizza stone and a thermostat. How do they arrive at $1000+?

    Granted, its a handsome looking device.

  • What, $1000 with points @@?

  • I'm pretty sure every video I've seen of this has included a fire, so… beware :P

  • This is the same cost as a business class ticket to Europe. Travel bans won't be around forever.

    • I sir will take that business class trip over this pizza oven.

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      But the pizza oven brings Italy to your doorstep forever*

      *T&C apply

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      Yes, but your pizza would be cold by the time you get it home.

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    That third picture… a pizza oven, inside a pizza oven.

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    If you are serious about a pizza oven try the Ooni Koda instead. Fantastic piece of kit. Think retail is $550 odd. Although no QFF

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      Heard really good things about that oven.

      This one is different though, it's an indoor (countertop) oven, and you won't need to buy pellets

  • Is this ozbargain or oz luxury living?

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      Probably a luxury thing, because most people on here seem to get excited about frozen pizzas or worse, Dominos.

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    Yeah I have been making a lot of pizzas in lockdown. I would love to buy this, but I just couldn't justify the price, even though I bet it makes a fantastic pizza. I've tried everything I can think of to get my home oven hotter and it just won't get above about 230C. Pretty sure this oven will go to like 400C which would do a great crust.

    I personally see this product targeted more at small bars/pubs so they can do better quality pizzas. That said, this is a bargain for someone with points that doesn't want to use points for travel. Which is crazy by the way, business class to EU/NA is amazing.

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      I bought one this lockdown. Can confirm it goes to 400degrees and stays there. The deck, topping and crust elements are PID controlled and individually controllable. I can make better Neapolitan style pizzas than any of the woodfired places around my house. Still experimenting on improving my dough game experimenting with different flours and fermentation times. I figure if I make pizza every week I can justify the purchase after a year (or that’s what I’ve told myself).

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        Have you seen the videos and web pages from Johnny from gradi 400. If not, Google "let's cook that book pizza" and it should come up. He won world's best in 2014. I've been trying this and the pizzas are quite good. What flour have you found best?

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          Thanks for the recommend! I'll check it out. I've been to 400 Gradi, the guy is legit! That and D.O.C. are [prob my faveourite pizza joints in Melb. I've been watching youtube vids by Italia Squisita as well as Vito Iacopelli and Gigio Attanasio, and checking out the rabbithole that is pizzamaking forums.P izzaApp is really useful for figuring out dough recipes quickly

          My last pizza was about 68% hydration, using Caputo Pizzeria, 2 hour proof at room temp followed by 48 hour cold ferment. But I'm thinking of pushing it to 70% for my next bake and reducing the ferment time. Here's a couple of pics - https://imgur.com/a/zosa7SB

          I have an Italian supermarket near me so am able to get Caputo 00 pizzeria flour, its 12.5% protein and a W of only 260-270. Its a bit exy, but still cheaper than paying for pizza at a restaurant :) I'm trying to get them to order me a bag of caputo Nuvola super, which has been developed specifically for long ferments and airy corniccione and has 13.5% protein and W 320-340. Might try to make a biga using the nuvola super then bulking it out with the pizzeria.

          • @simulacrum: Pizzas looking good :)
            Where are you getting the Caputo in Melbourne?
            I'm able to get 00 Polselli Vivace and previously Polselli Super (16.5 protein lol) from local Pizzeria.

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        I like American style pizzas, I am using Adam Ragusea's (youtube) recipe as a guide. I find his dough a bit too wet which makes it hard to work with.

        As for flour I'm going for fluffy and crusty but also chewy (kinda like a bagel) so the highest protein flour you can find and knead the sh*t out of it. Then slow rise in the fridge for at least 3 days, the best doughs I've had were a week old.

        I'm on a quest for the perfect pizza and I hope I never find it.

        wrt flour: I am using a cheap 00 flour with 12.0% protein available for about $1.5/kg from the IGA near me. I also tried a 13.2% flour from simplynoknead.com.au and that is a bit better but was quite a bit more per kg.

        I am also finding with other breads and doughs that my dough often seems a bit too wet and my bench mixer kinda sucks, the dough gets wrapped around the hook and doesn't knead on the sides so I often still have to knead by hand for a few minutes.

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          Nice. There's a huge amount of info on the pizzamaking.com forum I believe they have subforums for New York, Chicago, Cali and other styles of pizza. Handling wet dough is really annoying, but once you piock up a few tips it gets easy, even fun. Check out some Neapolitan pizza vids just to see how they handle wet dough - even if you're not making neapolitan style yourself its useful because Neapolitan pizzaiolos use very wet dough and have developed some good tricks to manipulate it. Guys like Vito iacopelli and Giggio Attanasio on youtube are good ones to check out. A few sourdough bakers on youtube also have vids specifically on handling wet dough. One good tip is is to shape the ball nice and tight so the gluten helps hold the dough together. Another is to pop the ball straight into a bowl of flour and flip it to get both sides coated before you start trying to shape it into a pie. When you pick up the dough ball it'll have a thin veil of flour on it that makes it much easier to handle without sticking to your hands. I don't use any semolina and minimum bench flour and have learned to shape the pizza on my bench, top it, load it on to a peel and into the oven. It's totally doable with a lot of watching and a bit of practice. My last pizza was about 68% hydration, but I'm thinking of pushing it to 70% for my next bake. I have an Italian supermarket near me so am able to get Caputo 00 pizzeria flour, its 12.5% protein and a W of only 260-270. Its a bit exy, but still cheaper than paying for pizza at a restaurant :) I'm trying to get them to order me a bag of caputo Nuvola super, which has been developed specifically for long ferments and airy corniccione and has 13.5% protein and W 320-340.

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          Good American Style pizza much better than the crap we have locally, miss it so much.

  • Thank you for shopping at the Rewards Store, you’ve chosen a really great way to use your Qantas Points! :(

  • How many pizzas can you buy for $1000?

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      The real question is how many pizzas do you need to sell to make $1000?

  • It brings to another question: are Qantas frequent flyer points worth it?

    • In general or for this?

      • In general. For credit cards earning points, one point normally worth 1 cent (1% money back). But for Qanas FF points, one point is only about 0.5 cent.

        • My perspective is to have everyone in the family signing up to gain bonuses until you have >0.3m per person for Round-the-world in Business Class.

          I haven't considered any focus on 'spending for points' and keeping any card.

          There was a staple card out there that was great for ANZ reward points and basically free. The 'ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures' which gave you a return domestic flight which was a valued higher than the annual fee along with other benefits. But this card is now pointless and useless because of the Virgin airline issues.

  • You could buy a kamado for cheaper than this price which does 5 other cooling methods!

    • Good luck using your kamado inside without any charcoal.

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    Damn…gonna need to clear some bench space! :)

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    I had over a million points and have spent them all including the pizzaiolo which should be coming today. I am also point plus which means i get 10% off Wine and rewards store i.e i got the pizzaiolo for 159k points.

    Best bang for your buck is return business no doubt.. For example Sydney to Bangkok return in Business is 128k points plus 400 bucks. The only issue is you really need to book a year ahead and its very difficult to find business class seats using rewards (You can now due to covid) but generally you never are able to. (I cant comment on London etc but i know the a380s always filled up).

    The next best value is Qantas wine mystery cases i spent 300k on 6 cases of wine and the next best is qantas store when theres a markdown or sale. Post that you can get vouchers..

    Flights - Wine - Sales on QS - Vouchers

    You have to churn credit cards over and over to get the points..