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ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570 $544.82 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Hey guys, been shopping around Amazon lately for a x570 board and came across this thing. I would personally prefer the wifi version, but given the price of this one vs local shops which A - don't sell the non wifi version or B - retails for $620 aud +. Plus free delivery with prime.

I think in terms of price:performance there's not much gained you can find lesser but not too shabby vrm's in sub $300 aud boards but I was personally looking for something to go in a high end watercooled pc so this fits the bill quite well.

Hopefully the deal helps someone! FYI the competitors for this board would be the aorus extreme from gigabyte or that asrock Taichi board. Both of which retail with wifi for a similar price point of 550-650 AUD.

Again I don't think I'd recommend this over say a x570 strix-E for air cooling, but the flow meter and other enthusiast feature set are pretty much a must for top end for watercooling/high end pc's.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • why would you get this over the X570 Tomahawk Wifi?

    • +5

      Better IO, more internal fan, led, flow meter, debug etc etc.
      MSI uses their new 6+2, I think this is a 7+2.
      Again not a massive difference but since it's going in a high end 'showcase big d' PC I also wanted a board that looks better/less exposed PCB.

      Also EK has a monoblock for this board, again it's not going to be a regular person's first choice but for anyone looking at the top end parts it's a no brainer at this price.

      I think my response to a comment of a nature such as yours is then why would you not then go with the Asus tuf which is retailing for $242, scope creep or whatever it's just not the same price point so side by sides are important but also largely irrelevant.

      • Oh I'm still on the fence about what board to get so was just curious about why you chose this board that's all

    • Yeah, if the chose of the 2 and only using one GFX card I'd go with the X570 Tomahawk over this one. The chipse fan is better positioned in the X570.

  • I was almost decide to get strix x570 E. Any differences between these 2?

    • The Strix to my knowledge is also a lower quality vrm same as the tomahawk, also it has a far more limited io with and please correct me if im wrong but only has gigabyte internet vs 2.5 + a gigabyte port in the hero 8. Also better pcie ports for sli. A whole load of small bits that don't matter at all for a normal user.

      • But the strix 570e has wifi which with bluetooth peripherals is a must so the hero 8 with no wifi is a dealbreaker for most

      • I found they seems both have 2.5 + a gigabyte port. For IO, hero 8 get 4 more USB 3. 2 Gen1. Personally thinks 7 USB 3. 2 Gen2 which they both have ,are enough for most people. BIOS Flashback and Clear CMOS on hero is nice.

    • For the same price get the C8H, get the Strix E if it is cheaper by $50 or more.

      • strix e on amazon and i think umart correct me if i'm wrong is 440 so $100 cheaper

        • $100 cheaper, I would get the Strix E instead.

  • its yank amazon so no asus support only return to amazon

  • How hard is it to install a wireless wifi on a motherboard. expensive motherboards like this still has only ethernet port. meanwhile it costs $20 for a usb network adapter.

    • Same way you install GPU, just different socket