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KB's Prawn Gyoza 1kg $13.60 (Was $22.70) 40% off @ Woolworths


The same special in June, has come again. OzBargain’s favourite Gyoza. No more 50% off unfortunately, but can get pretty close with Woolworth Vouchers and monthly 10% off your shop offers.

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  • any good???

    I like Mr Chens Prawn Hargow. These similar or a totally different taste?

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      These are Japanese style gyoza, different taste as they're different products.

      Pretty good though, fry them up and add to the side of a dish of noodles and you have a meal

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      Actually I’ve had these and they are quite good. But really depend on personal taste. At this price may be worth giving it a try :-)

    • I tried these last time they were on special. I was won over in a single bite. These are my new favourite dumplings! I'm no foodie, so can't really describe the taste to you, but I rate KB's Prawn Gyoza about Mr Chen's Hargow. 40% off is a great time to give them a try.

    • For my taste hugely better. The brand you say it’s finished in my bin the filling reminds me of spam.

    • I have been eating this for 10 years =)

  • Both Coles and Woolies are taking the opportunity to take a few more bucks off the punters post Covid. In return we're getting cookbooks instead of discounts .. gee guys, thanks so much .. :-( .. !!

    • what?

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        the truth hurts apparently …

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          Most of the country is severely brainwashed.

          For example, you still have fools insisting electricity privatisation is a success after prices rose to the highest in the world, the largest loss in productivity ever in Australia occurred in the sector and the ACCC head stated it has "severely damaged" the rest of the economy.

          Despite being the victims having their money removed they still insist that this is a success because of an ideology that states that the private sector is always better than the government. There is no evidence to support this and the evidence that is there shows the private sector is utterly hopeless compared to the Government.

          • @Diji1: Unfortunately the whole world, and you can guess why, is on the way to be totally brainwahed. Sheep in line with smartphone in our hands.

          • @Diji1: I thought energy prices went sky high largely because of opening up of Australia's gas exports, which resulted in gas prices rising to international market levels alongside domestic shortages?

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          Or it's nonsensical since you're complaining about something in a thread where discounts are being offered by the brand you're complaining about.

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    Anyone compared them with the Aldi prawn ones? I was pleasantly surprised at the Aldi ones and they are $8 for 750gm from memory ($10.60 KG)

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      Aldi's version is better than Pacific West but not as good as KB.

      • pw is only $5.75 when on sales though :)

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        Honestly I can't tell the difference between KB/Aldi ones.

        From their Nutrition Information section, they are identical.

        KB Nutrition Information: (https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/439768/kbs...)
        Avg Qty Per 100g

        Fat, total
        – saturated
        – sugars
        • If this is true, they are the same product with private labelling for Aldi

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          Me neither, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Aldi ones. I think they're the same price as their pork ones and veggie ones, which is a bit unsettling though.

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          That's very interesting.

          My comparison is done by boiling the frozen gyoza with Nissin Ramen which requires about 5 minutes on the stove.

          • Pacific West : Added no flavour to the broth. Can barely taste any prawn or meat in the filling.
          • Aldi : The skin broke about half the time. Have better filling than PW.
          • KB : The prawn in the gyoza added a sweet taste to the broth. The gyoza stay intact most of the time. Enough filling for me to sink my teeth into and I can taste the prawn.

          I have not try the brands found in the Asian grocer freezers. I am curious about how they compare to the ones in the big supermarket. I did tried a prawn on sugar cane stick (chao tom ) from Vietnam recently. Tasted like chewing rubber.

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      Aldi's was $7.99 now $8.99

    • This also usually goes on sale at the same price as what you stated with Aldi, $8 for 750g and $10.6 for 1kg.

      Just this time only 40% off.

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      My son will tell ya, yes plz to KB’s. He has been eating the Aldi one’s for weeks now cause the KB’s haven’t gone on special. He eats Gyoza almost everyday for sch lunch and Aldi doesn’t quite tickle the pallet.

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      These are way better than the Aldi ones imo.

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      This better. The Aldi have more dough but same amount of filling and hold shape worse. They get softer.

  • These are great but honestly even at 50% I thought they were a bit expensive.

    • They’re made in Australia from Australian ingredients I believe (though the prawn is probably from Vietnam/Thailand). I think the half price price is reasonable for this reason.

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        Made in Thailand

        • Aldi ones are made in Australia, well one of their varieties is.

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            @nepalesesquirrel: Aldi are a bit tricky. They say made in Australia, but not where the ingredients come from. You can be sure the prawns are from Asia.

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              @DisabledUser17524: I don't have product in front of me, but their stuff usually says made in aus from certain % of aus ingredients, and I think these are around the 90% mark. Their labelling is very clear.
              Edit: I think the above applies for the pork dumplings though.

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        It says that they are made in Thailand on Woolies website, but maybe depends on the batch

        • Yup, KBs have been made in Thailand for years.

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      if you're cooking these, its not really 'making' them.

      • You mean reheat. In IT, its IaaS

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      I think the service was good, but you may have had your own issues given your past threads.

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      If you are having issues with all the outlets, the issue is likely you? (Based on all you previous complaints/posts)

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    Awesome, I've been waiting for this.

    Just need Shin Ramen to go 50% off again, I've run out :(

    • Often can't find stock with those, when they are at 50%. Gotta be quick with those! lol

  • I boil them until they float and then onto a hot pan with some of the water (and cover) .. sensational pan fried these KB dumplings

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      Why bother with the boiling part?
      Just place them in pan, add a little bit of water (200ml ish), fire on high, cover. When it's almost dry, take the lid off and wait until the the bottom layer is crispy.

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        Why bother with the boiling part?

        maybe from thaw?

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          My exact instructions still apply. They're small things so cook really easily even from a completely frozen state.

      • I used this method also, cooks perfectly every time. Just be sure to add some vegetable oil with the water otherwise it will stick and burn.

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    i smash a whole bag as a meal, i fry them in a pan the out turns out crispy outer layer, real nice.

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      How big is your pan to fit 42 pieces?

  • Thought KB's was made in China ?

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      Thailand according to the Woolworths Website.

  • Gonna stock up, I go through these so quickly since I started WFH. Delishhh.

  • Wait, what's this monthly 10% off???

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    Cheers OP, got a pack today.

  • They have these in Aldi now, for $9.99 not sure what size pack though, their brand but it would likely be the same brand.

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