Strepsils Are Useless Hard Boiled Lollies?

I've had a pretty bad sore throat for a few days (I haven't checked for COVID, but am self-isolating), so today I had some Strepsils delivered to me. I quickly opened the pack and popped one in my mouth, hoping it would soothe some of the pain. So far I've had six and it's absolutely had no impact whatsoever. Basically it's just been a nice tasting piece of candy. I've also tried having tea with honey and lemon which didn't help much. The only thing I've found that helps is icy cold water.

Thought I would post so we could give Strepsils the OzBargain unofficial shonky award?

Edit 04/09: It appears I had strep throat. It was like a bad sore throat without the other cold-like symptoms. It got better as soon as I started using antibacterial liquids, and I think the hands down top recommendation is Betadine Sore Throat Gargle.

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    Stepsils are no better than hard candy
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    Strepsils worked for me
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    Strepsils only work for minor sore throats
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    I love random OzBargain topics


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    salt water gargle bro

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      Yep, I did read that somewhere too, so might try it after dinner.

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        Water needs to be lukewarm

      • I've found that a salt water gargle works best at onset of sore throat and stops it from spreading - if it's already pretty sore the bacteria or virus have already moved past the area where the gargle will reach. Still worth a try as could help it from getting worse but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

      • And gargle with Savacol before going to bed. Don't rinse.

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      warm water, try to do every hour , IT WILL work—whats worse ? gargling every hour when 1st notice the soreness, or a 7 day throat that's like barbed wire
      that for me develops into a cough

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      This or your favourite tea+honey+cayenne pepper then gargles+swallows it as often as you can.

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      I gargle normally with listerine original. It contains alcohol and menthol which I believe kills bacteria at the same time soothes your throat.
      Don't know the side effect but it works for me.

      I do use Salt and water plus Turmeric as well.

    • Betadine gargle

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    I found the ones with aesthetic do work for a bit.

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      I remember having those when I was a kid, and it just numbed my tongue. But probably better than the version I'm currently using!

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        You need to keep your tongue moving and saliva flowing, that gets the anaesthetic down your throat. Sucking hard on it and keeping it in one place without much saliva going around it will lead to the numb tongue/cheek

        They do work. They don't always cover 100% of the sore area but will reduce the pain somewhat

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          Do you do erotic fiction?

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        Yup, the ones with the anaesthetic (lignocaine) work to a degree. Also there’s a spray with lignocaine that is a bit easier to get directly on the throat without making tongue numb
        There’s also betadine anaesthetic lozenges that have lignocaine and benzydamine hydrochloride which is antinflammatory but can confirm, makes tongue numb, somewhat helps throat.
        Glad you’re feeling better today.

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      To you, wizzlesticks and the three people who up-voted your comment: do any of you know what "aesthetic" means?

      • Yes I am aware it's just marketing but they numb the throat a bit so whatever works.

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          No, you don't know what it means.

          1.relating to the philosophy of aesthetics; concerned with notions such as the beautiful and the ugly.
          2.relating to the science of aesthetics; concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty.
          3.having a sense of the beautiful; characterized by a love of beauty.

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        1 hour 10 min ago

        You taked your’e time getting hear…

        • here here?

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        Yep, read it as anaesthetic, and didn't even notice the typo until you pointed it out.

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    If you didn't get a prescription - or at least have to ask the pharmacist for it - the "active ingredients" are probably not doing much, if anything. The best you can hope for is the Strepsils Plus (with Lignocaine), at least that numbs things a bit for a short time. Otherwise just drink water.

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    The only thing I've found that helps is icy cold water.

    Thats no regular sore throat friend, probably not fatal but worthwhile seeing an actual doctor 👍

    • Will see how it goes after another 24 hours. I've had sore throats like this before.

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        If it's happened enough for you to recognise it as familiar it's probably tonsilitis. There's a permanent cure available…

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        Famous last words

        • I see what you did there.

    • And on special! Super Ozbargainer.

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      This is the BEST remedy imo. I've tried all sorts of stuff, mostly gimmicks and nonsense. Betadine gargle stops a sore throat in its tracks. Gargle a couple of times a day as soon as you feel it coming on and see how well it works. I typically do it when I know I won't be drinking/eating anything for a few hours.
      Of course if you have tonsillitis or some other acute condition then this isn't the cure.

    • This stuff is a live saver. Along with drixine or a similar medicated nose unblocker makes a cold way more bearable

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    Strepsils/Diflam work average for me but I have to actually put it near my throat when I suck on it lol. Otherwise it just numbs your tongue a little and does nothing, its weird but it won't help your throat at all if you don't put it near your throat and kind of suck it that way. I think it only affects the place you have it.

    IMO my fav to use is Anticol, I can legit feel the coolness on my throat, and at first it sometimes burns a little.

    With honey and lemon, I don't mix tea at all, I just use a whole lot of honey and lemon and tastes great and seems to work fairly well.

    As others said, salt water gargle is great as well.

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    Given you are in Perth it’s probably not covid, but yes please go get tested ASAP just for peace of mind.

    Strepsils (/similar) are good for sore throats that are dry. They provide that lubrication. Also, as noted above, the ones with a mild anaesthetic are also useful.

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      And for the good of the community. I bet none of the people who sparked Victoria’s second wave thought they had it either. Self isolating without testing removes the opportunity to contact trace

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      Everyone - Everyone - with a sore throat in Australia should get a COVID test.

      It's your civic duty to get tested, not just cover up the symptoms.

      Do a web search. Look up your state health department, or look up your local hospital. Their websites should contain information about where to get tested.

      Everyone else - please upvote any comments on this thread that say to get tested.

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    Difflam throat spray is the only over the counter product that I’ve found to help.

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    Have you tried ibuprofen?
    Doesn't work for everyone but some of my friends swear by it lol

    • I wasgoing to write this. Sore throats a caused by inflammation which can be relieved by ibuprofen. Its not s sure fix but will provide a few hours of relief

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    Betadine works a treat.

  • Manuka honey

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      I was buying honey the other day, and saw the huge price difference for manuka honey. So I googled in case it is better in some way, and came to the conclusion nope, just marketing.

      So I went for pure, raw honey, which is price competitive with the cheapest honey. I feel that I'm on a winner - am I wrong?

      • Apparently Manuka honey contains a unique ingredient above and beyond the hydrogen peroxide in other honeys…. "now identified as methylglyoxal, which has specific antimicrobial properties". From a BBC article. Whether it is worth the exorbitant price is another matter.

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    If you have had it for a few days, Strepsils won't help much. Betadine gargle or doctors and medication.

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    Agree with a few above. Betadine throat gargle does wonders and some maxigesic/nuromol.

    I’m also suffering a sore throat :(

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    As someone who have experience in these products, I can confirm that the active in Strepsils do work to reduce inflammation and have anti-bacterial effect. It doesn't work on all ailments and if you find that your sore throat does not subside, you may just have to switch medication.

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    Add me to the list of those advocating Betadine throat gargle. It's not going to win any awards for taste, but it's certainly effective!

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    Betadine gargle with the lozenge works a treat, it’s not just a lolly, betadine kills the bacteria that causes sore throat.

  • Old School treatment: Make a solution of a teaspoon of potassium permangate [Condys' Crystals] in 500 ml of water, then use a teaspoon of that solution in another 500ml, then use that as a gargle. Also useful for washing sweaty feet/arm-pits

    Follow warnings on permanganate bottle!!!

    Old School relief. Dissolve a tablespoon of honey in the juice of one lemon, sip as required. Alternate/also Irish Moss tincture.

    Old School marketing: Make a lolly that tastes like crap - sell it as a 'medicine'.

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    Pharmacist here - another good option is making up a concentrated glass of soluble aspirin (1 tab in 1/2 cup of water) and gargling it. The aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory. Try gargling for a minute or two and then spitting it out. As long as you don't swallow the mixture you can do this 4 or 5 times a day.

    (Disclaimer - this is general first aid advice and may not be appropriate for you. aspirin and other NSAIDs may be contraindicated in people with some health conditions and taking some medicines. Ask your pharmacist if this advice is suitable for you.)

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      BTW, sore throat is a lot better today. :)

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        Can be translated to "i m not getting tested" ;-)

  • Paracetamol and ibuprofen simultaneously. They are different mechanisms so you aren't doubling up.

  • Yes.

  • Fisherman’s Friends if your man enough…

  • You are missing the point… even chewing gum will do the trick.
    The objective is to have your saliva, which is an antibacterial fluid, act upon your enflamed throat.
    You will find these so called lollies also include ingredients such as honey, eucalyptus, and such to assist in the recovery of your ailment.
    Look beyond the lollypop rainbow

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    Betadine. Only thing that works for me.

  • If honey & lemon tea didn't work, try adding more honey

  • Lignocaine throat spray.

    Losenge to keep you moist, gargles to fight infection. But the numbing spray is what really does the trick for the pain.

  • Gargle a little whisky or Rum and swallow it.
    Will get you at least 30 mins relief, usually enough Time to get you to sleep And hope for the best tomorrow.

    Don’t go nuts, half a shot is enough.

  • As many other people above have said! Honey and Lemon works well!

  • I use the antibacterial and numbing ones when I have a sore throat, it helps with the pain and helps me sleep at night which is the most annoying part of having the cold.

    Regular Strepsils only have Hexylresorcinol 2.4mg.

    Strepsils plus has Lignocaine Hydrochloride 10mg, Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol 1.2mg, Amylmetacresol 600µg

    But thats just to help the symptoms at night, you'll need Betadine to help with the infection.

    Always check and compare the active ingredients when buying medication. It really confuses when people buy "cold and flu" tablets from Coles, which contains no medicating chemicals, only herbs. Then complain they don't do anything 😅

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    Get tested. It costs nothing.

    Self isolating is one thing. But the health authorities knowing where you got it from and also knowing you could have had it and spread it before your symptoms showed up means people you were in contact with need to get tested as well

    • Blows my mind some people.

  • I think it literally says on the back of the box something along the lines of "this has not been proven to be effective".

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    Betadine SoreThroat Gargle

    And also go get tested for 'rona - doesnt cost a thing and theres drivethrough options.

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    Betadine gargle and Diflam with Anesthetics.

  • Gargle a mixture of warm water, three egg yolks, and a capful of HP sauce.

  • Vicks vapour drops work for me

  • If strepsils arent enough for a "sore throat" definitely go to a doctor. I had my tonsils removed so i always get a sore throat, strepsils are a life saver for me.

  • Betadine throat gargle.

  • I quickly opened the pack and popped one in my mouth, hoping it would soothe some of the pain

    How quick are we talking about here?

    • So quickly that all the other groceries were tossed aside to find the Strepsils blister packet, which got mauled upon contact.

      • +1

        which got mauled upon contact.

        That’s why the problem mate.
        Strepsils 101: They feel fear, don’t scare’em.


        On the other hand though, did you get the correct strepsils? There’s sore throat / cold relief and other variants

  • If you're on the east coast you should definitely go get tested.

  • +1

    Try Anticol instead, that's the serious stuff

    • Fisherman's friends are pretty serious in my opinion

    • Lol

  • a nice tasting piece of candy

    Not even nice tasting

  • Something that works well especially before bedtime is Scotch or Vodka. Cask strength if available…

  • Take a shot of Rakia (or Ouzo), gargle it like a mouthwash, then spit it out

  • Get tested.

  • My favourite thing about strepsils is the packaging haha. Not sure whether they can cure coronvirus. Let me know how it goes.

  • Someone’s got the Rona

  • Strepsils have medical and natural antiseptic ingredients for tackling symptoms of a sore throat.

    They are effective but as they don't require a prescription they won't miraculously cure a throat infection.

  • Agree, Betadine is the best off the shelf product for sore throat

  • Try cunnilingus. It helped Michael Douglas recover from throat cancer. True story.

  • They dont work. They may sooth a dry throat. Unless you get medicated ones that have anti-inflammatory medication (strepfen) or numbing agents. Would recommend strepfen. Especially for tonsillitis and pharyngitis etc. You can also take ibuprofen (nurofen) to help with inflammation.
    Source: pharmacist

  • Gargling with listerine is more effective. Do it every 2hours

  • +1

    Only one mention of Irish Moss! The stuff is cheap and works well.

  • Blis Probiotics Throat Guard works great for me - hardly get them anymore.

  • Gargle (then swallow) soluble aspirin. It just works.

  • Soluble panadol also works. I once had a sore throat so bad I was admitted into hospital and placed on a drip. Once I was getting a bit better but I had to eat food, the nurse would bring me a cup with a bit of water (1/4 cup) and put two soluable panadols in it, then I was instructed to drink the panadol water before I ate my food. Worked well.

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