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$10 Referral Bonus after First Investment (Was $5) @ Raiz Investment App (New Members)


For the entire month of September Raiz has doubled their referral bonus. Now $10 from $5
$10 for you and $10 for your friend.

- New Members
- Make their first successful investment and it is showing in their Raiz balance.

How Raiz Works

Raiz is a micro-investing app that works by allowing you to start investing with as little as $5. Users can invest into their Raiz account through round ups, recurring investments, and lump sum deposits.

Money in your Raiz Investment Account is invested into a mix of exchange traded funds (ETFs) in accordance with one of six different Portfolios selected by you. Raiz provides Australians access to start early, invest often and reach their financial goals.

More Information


Mod: Previous deals were removed in error due to incorrect information being in the referral system, as this is a "limited time referral offer" it's permissible as a deal post. Point 3.

Referral Links

Referral: random (402)

$10 for the referrer & referee (after minimum $5 investment).

Reverts to $5 bonus after September 30 2021.

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  • +5 votes

    I see you've been spamming reddit subs with referral codes 👀


      I have asked permission to repost this deal as the previous one was removed due to the referal system not being updated. My last deals were combination of referals & coupons.


      I'm glad I'm not the only one. The Humaniti post doesn't fall in line with the rules as far as I can tell… Humaniti is not a time limited referral.


        Please hit the report button if you feel it does not qualify. Its $5 on your first survey, it does not require a Referal.


    Is there a write-up on raiz compared to other similar offers?


      This Blog has more on Raiz, ill add some more information to my post


      Pretty detailed review here. I must admit the fees are a tad dearer compared to its peers but been happy with the app so far. The rewards and round up feature does come in handy.


    is there i way to avoid the $2.50 fee without depositing 10k? can you just leave a balance of $0 after transfering the $5 back into the linked account to avoid the $2.50 monthly fee and still have access to the rewards? how long does it take to get the $10 sign up bonus? can you close account within the 14 days cooling off and keep the $10. can you get a bundll account approved easier and linked without a credit or id check?


      There's still a fee after reaching $10k so not sure why that matters?

  • +2 votes

    Spaceship - no trading fee up below 5k.

    Even if you go over 5k having fee of 0.1% on you investment over 5k is still cheap compare to Pocket and Raiz.
    10k portfolio will cost you $5 per year on 0.1% fee (first 5k is fee free)

  • +2 votes

    The $2.50 monthly fee is killing it


    i used a referral and the $5 arrived so when does the $10 get credited? and where to is it into linked account or invested in raiz? when is the $2.50 fee charged is it at the beginning of the month? can one transfer the $5 back into their linked account to avoid the $2.50 fee before the end of the month?


    thanks op got my $10 refrral credit transfered it and the $5 plus a 4 cent investment increase back into my linked bank account leaving $0 . lets just hope they wont charge me the $2.50 fee?


      You can close your account, on the website footer there is a link.