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R5-3500X GTX 1660 Budget Gaming PC [B450/16GB 3000/240GB]: $828 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks

It's been a while since we've posted anything in the budget space, so here's a balanced budget offering with Ryzen 5 3500X and GTX 1660, on a Biostar B450 motherboard with 16GB 3000MHz RAM. Bundled SSD is 240GB as per normal in this tier, allowing upgrades for those that want them or keeping price low for those bringing their own storage. We've bought in the Matrexx 30 MATX case with tempered glass side panel for this deal too.

Ryzen 5 3500X | GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $828 after 3500X-1660-SEP

  • Ryzen 5 3500X
  • Galax 1-Click GTX 1660 6GB
  • Biostar B450MH motherboard (Mortar B459 and B550 upgrades available)
  • 16GB 3000MHz RAM (model may vary)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD (WD Green)
  • 550W PSU (no adapters used)
  • Matrexx 30 MATX case (front and rear fan installed)
  • Windows 10 Home unactivated and system stress tested

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Obviously all the attention on the high end of things is on RTX 3000 series launch. Supplier info is scarce and what is available is also under embargo, so look for details around the middle of this month!


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  • +1

    Interested to know people's thoughts on RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super deals at this point?

    • +8

      I think RTX 3080 will move a lot of units, so much hype on this card and people like myself just can't wait for the 3070.

    • +1

      The 3060 will probably cost around $500 and be around the speed of those cards so unless you can sell those as if they're $500 GPUs most people won't bother.

      • 3060 for 500 … how likely is that ?

        3070 … 800+ / AIB 900

        • +4

          Nvidia has the 3070 priced at AU$809 so to me it sounds like it'll fit at $500-600, more likely on the upper side.

        • That's the upper band, more likely USD $250-$325 depending on some factors related to VRAM count, bus width and what the GA106 is going to be aimed at.

          3060 might be a GA104.

    • I'm curious, what would you do with the excess 2070 and 2080 cards now? Do you return them to the distributor?

    • I feel mid to high end gamers will prob wait on AMD and console launches at this point.

    • +1

      Purely from a performance/cost point of view now that we know where RTX 3070 stands. If we use the chart that Nvidia showed in their anouncement, then really the RTX 2080 S should not be more than 3/4 the cost price of RTX 3070 on launch for a brand new one (eyeballing this chart which is not definitive at all haha - who knows what Nvidia is really assessing in these vague numbers > https://www.gamersnexus.net/images/media/2020/news/rtx-chart... - $USD prices)

    • +1

      I think you'd be better off trying to cost pre-order pricing to start offering 3070 packages for standard build orders.

      • +2

        No preordering allowed per NVIDIA!

        • So you can't deal with suppliers to have cards in the building on launch day? That's pretty wild.

          • +1

            @jasswolf: No, we have orders in place but can't offer them for sale as preorders. Only on street date.

        • Crazy - how are things looking for you re: the launch? Can't imagine there would be many spare 3000 cards for you guys to buy in bulk and chuck in systems - any idea what cards you'll have if any?

    • 2080S system below $1000 and 2070S below $900 would be interesting, but I do want to see them even cheaper. If you can use some witchcraft to price 2080S system below $800, I'll buy in a heartbeat.

    • As per the comments … i've registered to get a 3070 @ $809 … I saw a 1080Ti sell for $525 … and someone asking $700 for a 2080Ti.

      So if you have a cracker deal … there will be people interested (me included) but it comes down to the price

      That comment was related to the first question Luke asked .. dunno why it ended up here ???

  • +3

    Did the ol' PCPP sniff test before posting too, using an R5-2600 which is cheaper than the 3500X:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor ($209.97 @ Amazon Australia)
    Motherboard: ASRock B450M-HDV Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard ($94.23 @ Amazon Australia)
    Memory: GeIL EVO POTENZA 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 CL16 Memory ($80.30 @ Newegg Australia)
    Storage: Western Digital Green 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($37.00 @ Centre Com)
    Video Card: Asus GeForce GTX 1660 6 GB Phoenix OC Video Card ($332.20 @ Newegg Australia)
    Case: Deepcool Wave V2 MicroATX Mini Tower Case ($39.00 @ Skycomp Technology)
    Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2 500 W ATX Power Supply ($59.00 @ BudgetPC)
    Total: $851.70
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-03 14:19 AEST+1000

  • what about RTX 3090?

  • +4

    Is this system fast enough to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and to do photo editing?

    • Would also like to know

    • haha I dont think so for MFS 2020

    • +1

      I've played flight simulator on less. Just gotta lower your expectations (and settings).

    • There’s some videos on YouTube of FS 2020 running on the 1660, seems absolutely fine at medium settings/1080p.

    • Yes. Check the minimum required specs.

  • where is Rajeh when you need him :((

  • Is it possible to have Windows Pro unactivated installed instead?

    Really want to pull the trigger with the r3600 upgraded. Need to speak to the household treasurer first.

    Also are there any budget/midrange options like this with techfast express shipping coming soon?

    • +3

      Yep, we can preinstall Pro no problem. Just request it in the Notes field, or via email to [email protected] post purchase. We will look at another Express system later this week I would reckon!

      • +1

        Thanks Luke. Despite some minority vocal opponents of these budget system, just want to say that's it's reassuring to have an active and professional representative for these deals. You guys have always been upfront on the info.

        I'm so glad I didn't jump into the "other" PC deal. Will definitely buy one of your system, it just a matter of when.

      • Also keen to see the next express system. :)

  • I wonder who crazy enough to get 207/80 now, unless you really really need it immediately.

  • +3

    I guess a nice system with the cheapest option graphics card (or no card) might be interesting … such as a AMD 3700x with a quality B550 or x570 motherboard, fast memory and a fast 500GB SSD and no harddrive in a good case witha minimum 750W power supply … this gives people to upgrade to the better graphics soon and bring their own storage .

  • Hoping we can phase out those standard 1660 quickly and get them replaced with 3050 etc. ASAP. Any word on Ryzen 5 APUs? 4700G etc?

  • What power supply does this come with ? Brand name or generic ?

    • The 550W will be the Allied A550W. The 650 Bronze is the P650B from Gigabyte, the 750 Gold can be from a vairety of brands such as Gigabyte, InWin and Deepcool

  • Out of stock on the case… the one thing I don't want to spend $90 on to upgrade

    • Ignore this just bought the Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 Gaming PC instead

  • Interested to know of this is still available?

    And if Luke would be willing to customise outside of the listed specs.

    I like the small form factor of the deepcool case, and am primarily wanting to use the PC as a work station with some odd gaming/NVIDIA gamestream to my shield.

    Wanting to downgrade on the GPU to a 1650/1650 super and/or swap for a ryzen 3600 upgrade.

    What's everyone's opinion of the 3500X - I'm hearing mixed opinions being slower/faster than a 2600 given there's no hyper threading. Should I just take the 3500x and upgrade down the line to zen3?

    Is the B450 going to be compatible with the zen3 that are to come out? And is the PSU solid enough?

    I'm open to suggestions.. I guess I want to make sure the core components are future proof (within reason - for a sub 1000 build)

    • Still available yes, customisable no sorry.

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