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Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 Gaming PC [B450/240/750]: $999 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, we've confirmed next month's pricing so I'll be launching some more deals over the coming couple of weeks. We're still able to offer the 3500X | RTX 2060 combo with the Biostar B450 for $999, including 16GB 3000MHz RAM, 240GB SSD wtih upgrades available or for those bringing their own storage and 750W PSU. The $59 650W PSU upgrade will be the Gigabyte P650B; 750W Gold model may vary. Mobo upgrades are available to the MSI B450 and B550 Mortars. 2060 will more than likely be from Galax. The MSI MAG Forge 100R is back in as an upgrade option for $89 too.

PCPP seems to come out to around the $1049 mark when subbing in an R5 2600 for the 3500X (the 2600 is cheaper) so I feel like this still hits the spot price wise amongst the shortening RTX 2000-series GPU supply. This code also makes it $100 cheaper for OzBargainers than on our August deals page.

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 Gaming PC: $999 after 3500X-2060-SEP

A couple of other deals still running:


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  • price in title please

  • not a bad price, but can there be an option to purchase without the PSU for slightly cheaper? seems a bit shoddy especially considering it's unbranded, rather spend the little more for a Corsair or Thermaltake….

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    PCPP(au.pcpartpicker.com) seems to come out to around the $1049 mark

    I've been obsoleted :'(

  • This ok for Flight sim 2020? (*Medium to High-ish settings?)

    • I'm running similar specs, except i'm using a 2060 super. Runs between 30-60 fps on high end settings, 1080p. Obviously it can dip lower but it very playable.

      • Thanks, yeah just after a relatively smooth experience but doesn't have to smash it on the Ultra to highish settings.

      • Completely agree - 30 fps is perfectly fine for Flight Sim, you're not playing CS:GO.

  • Hey Luke, do you guys sell the 3500x by itself?

  • I ordered the August deal (hasn’t yet shipped)
    And I was just wondering if the PSU is definitely safe? I’m just getting worried after seeing so many people mention the default PSU as shoddy in a few different threads.
    Is there any truth to this?

    Is there anyway I can pay the extra $59 for the upgrade before it ships if so..Thanks

    • I brought the identical deal in May with the allied PSU. Still going 3 months later.

    • You always believe the seller and never the buyers who complain on the posts </sarcasm>

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      And I was just wondering if the PSU is definitely safe? I’m just getting worried after seeing so many people mention the default PSU as shoddy in a few different threads.

      I used to work in a computer retailer when I was a uni student, been building computers ever since I was in my teens. Power supplies are something that keep getting discussed on computer forums, but in the real world, they don't actually fail very often. Much of the discussion is just elitism without any real substance. Also, the idea that retailers somehow want to sell shoddy stuff is just bogus. Margins on PC hardware is extremely thin. If something fails often, retailers won't want to carry it because return and warranty claims eat up a significant amount of labour costs for the retailer, plus it makes customers unhappy which they will invariably take out on the retailer (even though the retailer isn't at fault).

      Power supplies are basic equipment. A high school physics student can probably tell you how to design a bridge rectifier with capacitor smoothing, then DC regulation to convert AC to smooth DC. There's no "special sauce" that an expensive PSU has that a cheap one doesn't. Higher wattage units and higher quality units simply use better components, e.g. higher quality capacitors, better PCB design, better quality traces, better voltage regulators…etc. The point is that these higher quality components can handle higher current flow (since voltage is constant, higher current = higher power).

      So why do PSUs get a bad rap?

      1) Back a long time ago, many retailers (specifically MSY) sold very cheap, bad quality PSUs which could not supply the current they were rated to be able to handle. These were the infamous SHAW units. They carried ratings like 860W, but in reality, were only able to supply around 200W. This led many users to load them up far beyond their capacity and as a result, they overloaded and overheated. There were some reports of the PSU killing other components (particularly the motherboard), but overall, these are the minority of cases, not the majority. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the PSU just would not turn on one day and had to be replaced, that's all.

      2) Since people are always trying to build the cheapest "in-class" system, e.g. cheapest 10900K + 2080 TI build, the PSU is an easy place to cheap out on. You get silly people who buy some 450W Thermaltake unit and try to put a 2080 Ti on it, then complain when their PSU fails. The truth is that the PSU itself would have been perfectly fine for a basic office PC or the like.

      In all of the systems which I've built for myself (which is a lot, as I upgrade yearly), my family, friends, relatives…etc. I've only ever seen three PSU failures (of maybe 60 - 70 PSUs I've deployed). In none of those cases did the PSU kill any other components. In my experience as a computer tech, I've also never seen any PSU failures that killed other components. Simply replacing the dead PSU and the computer was well and alive again.

      If you want me to test the Allied PSU and want to donate one, I'll put it on the oscilloscope and let you know what I see. Chances are it'll turn out exactly like this:


      (i.e. perfectly fine and anti-climatic). Enthusiasts like to laugh, but truth is that we've become very good at building solid state electronics.

      • Thorough…

      • Thanks for the detailed explanation which is based on real world experience.

        However one thing to point out from your info is 3/60 PSU failures is a 5% failure rate - not something to sneeze at if you're trying to have a usable / reliable PC.

        • However one thing to point out from your info is 3/60 PSU failures is a 5% failure rate - not something to sneeze at if you're trying to have a usable / reliable PC.

          Failed in their usable life, not DOA - all three of them failed after many years of use.

      • I had a Shaw PSU from MSY years ago in a system (650 or 700W on the sticker off memory). After about 4 months it blew spectacularly with a nice loud bang and a decent puff of smoke :(

        It didn't fry any other components though. Put in a thermaltake PSU and all was good again.

      • Thank you so much for the detailed response. I feel completely fine about it now after reading that. I hoped it was some sort of elitist exaggeration. I’ll keep the default power cable for now.

    • two of my friends had the allied psu. Both of them fried the motherboard and had to be returned

  • Hey luke, was planning to get this build for a friend literally in the next few days with a budget of $1300


    Your deal however makes this even more tempting due to the RTX 2060 and the fact i can add in a Ryzen 5 3600 and still be under budget.

    Can i ask what brand is the Solid State Drive: 1TB 2.5" SSD ? And i was kind of set on getting a MAX motherboard so the cpu works straight out of the gate.

    If we can work something out i'll literally buy in the next day :), let me know

    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor
    Case: TechFast Leaper Flair RGB MATX Case
    Motherboard: AMD B450M Motherboard [Supports m.2 NVME SSD & 3200MHz RAM]
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB Graphics Card
    Memory: 16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB) (Requires Min. B350 [AMD] / Z390 [Intel] Motherboard)
    Solid State Drive: 1TB 2.5" SSD
    Additional SSD Storage: No Additional SSD
    Hard Disk Drive: No Hard Disk Drive
    Power Supply: 650W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
    Operating System Activation: No Operating System Activation
    Networking: On-Board Network Port
    Processor Cooling: Stock CPU Fan
    Keyboard & Mouse: No Keyboard & Mouse
    Warranty: 1 Year Return To Base Warranty

    $1,315.00 is a steal for that price

    • The 1TB brand and model may vary - the ones we're currently using are Crucial MX500.

    • Case: TechFast Leaper Flair RGB MATX Case

      I regret not upgrading the case because it a really crappy $40 dollar MATX case in my opinion.

  • Hi Luke. I bought a computer from techfast. At that moment there was no B450 motherboard upgrade option due to stock. Now I want to change it as the default one is with limited potential to expand. How can I do this?

  • Is this a sensible option for some VR games like Elite Dangerous and the new Microsoft Flight Simulator?

    • I would say absolutely. Plenty of room for storage and other upgrades and come in well under the rest of the market in lower spec systems.

      • So it would need to be upgraded? Sorry, I don't really understand your reply.

        • The bundled 240gb drive will definitely need to be upgraded to store Flight Sim which is 150GB. I'm just saying that this system is priced well under market rate so you could upgrade any parts you wanted to and still be under what you'd pay for a lower specced system.

  • What's the current leadtime, Luke?

  • Great deal for a cheaper build … nice to see some components used. I am on the fence on buying one … in between a cheaper deal like this or a more rounded system with the Ryzen 3700 and RTX2070. I guess I just wait a bit more till I find a great deal (or maybe build one myself). Lets see what the new GPU cards will cost.

  • Last link doesn't work fyi

  • Would this be able to run relatively new games at med to high settings at a somewhat playable FPS. I just wanna be able to play recent games and have been holding out but feel like pulling the trigger. Also how long does it take to deliver?

  • Do you by any chance have a good deal for a r3600 system paired with a mid-tier graphic card ready for express option? Really want to pull the trigger hah

  • Really interested in getting one. I would most definitely upgrade the case.

    What would I get for a MB upgrade to a MSI Motar B450

  • Nice that Techfast is up to the September codes. I have a friend who ordered on a July code and is still waiting for delivery.

    So be warned if you order here you may be looking at some November codes on Ozbargain and still be waiting.

  • Hi, when will the code expire?

  • This is a good deal. If aesthetics is important then will need to budget a bit more for case modification. Needs more rgb fans, light strips.

    Then there is peripherals, desk, and lighting. You will want the whole set up.

  • Thanks for the deal, just ordered one in today.

  • Hey Luke, i ordered on the 21st, i now saw that you have made a few other upgrades available. Ive emailed you if its possible to upgrade 3 things, assuming it won’t cause much delay.


  • Hi, sorry for the noob question and inquiries.
    But during the cart section I can’t seem to find any coupon voucher code to input on my phone ?

    • On mobile, go all the way through entering your shipping info and the coupon code field is above the Credit Card number fields. On desktop, it's available throughout most stages on the right hand side.

  • Can we plug and use two or more GPUs with this B450? I have seen that some B450 doesn't support it and no display from any of the cards, looking not for gaming but for CUDA

    • +1 vote

      I confess limited knowledge here but my general understanding is you would need a motherboard with dual 16x PCIe slots, which the bundled version (Biostar B450MH) doesn't have, but the MSI B450M Mortar Max Upgrade does have. You would need to purchase the Leaper Air Maxx case for its ATX size as well. The no display thing is not something I'm familiar with.

  • The 2060 Supers upgrade looks to be out of stock. Getting anymore anytime soon?

    • Looking into stock at the moment - will add stock back to site if/when available!

      • Hey Luke with the Leaper Air Maxx are they supposed to come with a remote to control the fans(speed & colour) or control with software? I noticed the ARGB header isn't populated so I know the colour isn't controlled by that…..

        • For the majority of cases, the "cycle" button on the front panel will control the LEDs - this is for the Allied fans that are installed. A few of the earliest cases have InWin triple fan kits installed that have their own controller on a cable with a button to cycle the color, which will be installed inside the case.

  • How's the fan noise on this?

    And will this play relatively new games on a ultra-wide monitor set to 3440x1440 resolution at high FPS (e.g. 90+ FPS)? Assuming I get the 2060 Super.

    Games include: GTAV, Witcher 3, Far Cry 3, Outer Worlds.

    • +1 vote

      Pushing the system harder like this I would recommend a case upgrade to either the MAG Forge or Air Maxx to improve the airflow. The fans in both are good quality so I would say noise levels are pretty good - MAG Forge will be slightly quieter having 2 intakes versus 3 on the Air Maxx. I think it's a good investment. You'll definitely push well into 1440P resolutions and I would expect those sorts of frames in those titles, maybe not quite as high in 2020 games.

      • Thanks for the in-depth response, Luke!

        Would upgrading the CPU to the 3600 improve with gaming? In terms of getting high FPS on 1440p resolution?

  • Hi @luketechfast how long do you reckon it will take for this pc to ship to brisbane, queensland if i order tonight?

    • We're sitting close to the 14 business day mark for the majority of systems still. Shipping to Brisbane is likely a business week via AusPost.

      • Thanks,
        I have ordered my pc on sunday, i received the email that my order has come through but i wanted to know if the pc starts getting built straight away or do you guys wait a couple of days after the order to build it?

  • My friend received his in the end. Took 5 and 1/2 weeks and yes Aust Post delays in the mix. Can't imagine many customers being happy with this time frame.

  • I ordered a gaming PC 3 weeks ago for my partner. He was so excited to get the tracking number on Friday saying it was going to be delivered this week and spent the entire weekend setting up the spare room making room for it.
    Today, I got an alert that it’s on its way.
    And what arrived? A motherboard in a cardboard box.
    I am now quite concerned as that was a big purchase for us. I tried to find a contact number but couldn’t find anything other than email support. What is happening with the gaming PC we ordered? We ordered it prebuilt because we don’t know how to do it ourselves. Even if you’re sending the rest of the computer in parts, we don’t know how to assemble it? What on earth?

    Edit- partner just got home and opened the box and it’s the psu and etc .. not sure where the PC is.. do you usually ship them separately?