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Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 Gaming PC [B450/240/750]: $999 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, we've confirmed next month's pricing so I'll be launching some more deals over the coming couple of weeks. We're still able to offer the 3500X | RTX 2060 combo with the Biostar B450 for $999, including 16GB 3000MHz RAM, 240GB SSD wtih upgrades available or for those bringing their own storage and 750W PSU. The $59 650W PSU upgrade will be the Gigabyte P650B; 750W Gold model may vary. Mobo upgrades are available to the MSI B450 and B550 Mortars. 2060 will more than likely be from Galax. The MSI MAG Forge 100R is back in as an upgrade option for $89 too.

PCPP seems to come out to around the $1049 mark when subbing in an R5 2600 for the 3500X (the 2600 is cheaper) so I feel like this still hits the spot price wise amongst the shortening RTX 2000-series GPU supply. This code also makes it $100 cheaper for OzBargainers than on our August deals page.

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 Gaming PC: $999 after 3500X-2060-SEP

A couple of other deals still running:


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    • That would be the accessories box, meaning Australia Post have separated the delivery. Some PCs (most Leaper variants) have integrated accessories boxes and PCs in the one outer, whereas none of the third party cases (MAG Forge for example) have room for power cords and other accessories in the PC tower box, so are sent separately. Most of the time they arrive together, occasionally they are separated. You can use the tracking number you received on the AusPost website to see where the other item is. It won't be far behind.

      • Umm….Luke…. I think they didn't request the unassembled computer when they ordered it by this comment "We ordered it prebuilt because we don’t know how to do it ourselves. Even if you’re sending the rest of the computer in parts, we don’t know how to assemble it? What on earth?" They said they are receiving parts, maybe they have someone else's order?

        • Pretty sure Luke’s response stated that it was the accessories box only and the pc tower is arriving separately.

      • Thank you. It’s all fine. The pc arrived the next day. I just didn’t understand why the tracking number didn’t track the actual PC, not just the power cable.
        I was concerned because I’ve been burnt before in the past ordering from overseas to only received part of the item and never the full thing.
        That was pretty fast too, delivered in exactly 3 weeks which probably 14 business days. Highly recommend.

        The box just contained the power cable, partner said power supply and I assumed it was the PSU, the box was just an old motherboard box that you guys repurposed, which I think is great to recycle.

        Couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

    • Yeah same happened for my friend. In his case the accessories box came 2 weeks before the unit.

      • I’m glad it was only a day then. I would have been worried.
        Only because it’s my first time ordering with this company, and I have had issues in the past ordering from o/s where I’ve been sent a cheap part of an item and never the rest, lucky I got my money back on most of those occasions. I’ll always use a CC when purchasing online for buyers protection.

        Glad this company is legit.
        Their prices are amazing.

        I probably should have opened the box but I felt uncomfortable opening his mail, that’s why I thought it was a motherboard at first.

  • @luketechfast: Is there any further discount for this build - the RTX 2060 have drop in price a lot in these last couple of days?

  • One more question for Luke. Would this config fit inside the matrexx matx 30 case from the $838 deal you posted?

    I like the form factor of that case vs the one included in this offer. Plus not a big fan of RGB fans and all that bling of the included case. Would it be possible to interchange/have this offer built inside the matrexx? Or will the 2060 not fit in the case?

    Is the matrexx case of similar quality/price of the one included in this offer?

  • Would this be good for MSFS2020?