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Crucial BX500 480GB SSD $66 Delivered @ Harris Technology Amazon AU


Another top deal for a 480gb ssd, this time the Crucial model. Best price so far according to Camel, no better price on staticeice currently either

  • Boot up faster. Load files quicker. Improve overall system responsiveness
  • 300% faster than a typical hard drive
  • Improves battery life because it’s 45x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive
  • Micron 3D NAND – advancing the world's memory and storage technology for 40 years
  • Crucial 3-year limited warranty
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks, will be nice to upgrade my random 120gb SSD from many years ago to this. Brings me from like 2.1 TB to 2.5 TB total SSD storage lol. I'll dedicate this to shitty MMOs that I only login to each day for daily rewards in case I ever decide to play them again…

    • what is shitty MMOs ??

      • Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online

        • I love GW2. I log on daily also, but i actually play a bit as well.

          • @Rockgod70: Guildwars 2 is an extremely solid MMO still these days, plus free to play on entry. Easily 2+ years of very enjoyable content and no annual sub fee, its had significant improvement over the years. Plus - RETURN OF CANTHA incoming!
            I'm a bit of a loner on Daily T4 Fractals, learning raids, and fully ascending my alts though - Oipjo.8723
            Also - Good Deal.

            • @Oipjo: I've been playing since the original GW released and played most weeks. GW2 came out and I played through it twice with different characters prior to the expansions. I then had a break for a year or so (boy did i miss a lot in that year!). When the first expansion came out it was time for my son to now join in so I bought him an account as well. That lasted for about 2 months, he didn't seem interested. Path of Fire - he wanted mounts so I forked out for 2 expansions again, one for me and one for him. Again after 2 months he was over it.
              Then something happened and he was suddenly interested again so now most days we log on together to do the dailies and Monday nights we do storyline. No more Minecraft, he's right into GW2 now, which is good - i finally get my value after paying for all his expansions, and i enjoy the time together.
              It really does help with bonding. Now we're working on our Legendary Weapons, so plenty ahead of us.
              All this for the cost of a game. I look at some game releases these days and shake my head at what they're asking. Over $100!!?? You're not going to get as much out of them as you can get out of Guild Wars 2!
              And yes, now that it's free for base game (and half price for 1 expansion but you get both) it's such good value with long term enjoyment.

            • @Oipjo: I used to do the daily t1-3 after POF came out but stopped couple years ago when they updated them. The difficulty level spiked dramatically so it was more like raids with having constantly worry about positioning & skill order. Is it still like that or did they make it easier without having sink massive amounts gold?

              • @lestat87: Its probably got easier - Fractals are quite easy to clear now but still do require positioning and good rotations for T4, there's an additional level of Challenge Modes at the end of T4. Its actually not that bad moving from T3 to T4, there's a step up in difficulty, but the rest of the team also plays better. During progression; I found T3 to be frustrating sometimes because teams would not do the mechanics of fights, but in T4 you can be a little lazy with them because they can be a little forgiving (won't instantly die to most of them), and the rest of the team is also a step up in skill levels making it easier to clear content. Elite Specializations are also the normal now, with a lot of people specializing into the meta builds - doesn't take a massive amount of gold now to get to clearing T4s, just a bit of luck getting armor/weapon drops - so many different ways now to get Ascended level gear.

  • Is it better than Silicon Power one?

    • Yes, definitely. People have had issues with the silicon power one failing and losing data. I’d recommend this crucial one as I have it and it’s decently quick!

  • I assume there is no problems using this in a laptop?

    • No problems with using it in a laptop, fits into a 2.5 bay

      • Perfect. Thanks mate. Thought that was the case but never upgraded laptop parts.

        • Just make sure your laptop has sata and not a nvme drive, if it’s old then probs will have sata

    • Yep, fine. Perfect for a dirt-cheap upgrade of an old mechanical hard drive, if you need 500GB

      But most people would spend the extra (or even sacrifice capacity) for a faster SSD, if it's your main laptop you use a lot.

      • That’s for the advice. It’s an 8 year old laptop with an old HDD so don’t need anything fancy for it. Just something to make it not so painful to use.

  • How does this compare to the WD Green ssd, currently $69 at Umart? https://www.umart.com.au/WD-Green-480GB-3D-NAND-2-5in-SSD_47...

  • Looks like it's gone.
    Only third party sellers for me now

  • I'm seeing $73.50.

  • Looks like price has increased.

  • Am i the only one who seen frustration-free packaging….. like cmon is opening a tiny box that stressful.

    • The original idea was to eliminate packaging like plastic blister packs that existed for no real reason in the context of online retail, and instead have the items come from the manufacturer in more reasonable and recyclable packaging that's ready to ship as is. I've never seen/used an item packaged as such from them, but that's the idea at least. You're right, most things like this come in better packaging nowadays so there's less frustration as such, but there's still some reduction in waste if it can be shipped without an additional box.

    • This is the first time I've seen this, would you care explaining? So the frustration-free one is inside a plastic container thing, but the regular comes in a normal paper/cardboard box?

      • The other way around. Normally products are shipped in plastic packaging, to be displayed in stores. Wuite often they're pita to be opened too, we may need sharp tools e.g. scissors or knife.

        A few years ago Amazon started the initiative to make the manufacturers send them packaging in cardboard boxes instead, they call this frustration-free packaging. It's more environmentally friendly, cheaper for the manufacturers, and for Amazon too (usually results in smaller packs, less space in the warehouse).

        • I just saw this video describing them both. Hmm…yeah seems like a good initiative. Pretty-bad name though, it makes it seem like you are lazy if you choose this option. Should've gone with "Environmentally-Friendly Packaging" or something like that - but maybe the people in the boardroom thought that that would've been a mouthful.

  • What js the difference between this and the samsung one?

  • I keep missing out on these deals.

    • It's only $7.50 more atm. I mean I am all for bargains and saving but it isn't much more.

  • Wow SSD have come in price tremendously.

  • back in stock