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$30 off First Order ($1 Minimum Spend) @ UberEATS via App


Was served an Instagram ad today when browsing for delivery order for an interstate mate. This looks to be a better than the average discount so thought to share.

$30 off 1st order including delivery fees via app. Works for all stores I tried. Lunch for interstate mate sorted!

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      You also need a new phone

      • not needed, can just use a PC.

  • Account is not eligible for this promotion. TARGETED

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      Is it your first order? cos it has to be as the title says. Honestly this is a great deal

      • Have a new account, will try this afternoon.

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    i made a new account with new number and and email used the code the promotion worked but it got canceled after trying to order and the promotion code is gone i think they are using some sort of verification if you use the same payment method

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      My method - works without fail every time:

      1) Hard factory reset the phone. Unlocked via code purchased on eBay for only a few dollars. I have a few of these on the go: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/443093
      2) Insert new SIM card (therefore new a mobile number). Currently using a few of these https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547272
      3) Create new e-mail address
      4) Create new PayPal account linked to above e-mail address
      5) Link any prepaid Visa or prepaid MasterCard to the above PayPal account. Currently using this one which only has a few dollars left on it: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560522
      6) Install UberEATs and use the above mobile number and e-mail address (both are then verfied), and the above PayPal account as payment method
      7) Enter promo code for 1st time user (this one gets $30 off)
      8) Order food up to the value of the promo, total to be paid $0.
      9) Enjoy the free meal
      10) Delete the prepaid Visa or prepaid MasterCard from PayPal. Then Delete the PayPal account.
      11) Go to step one for the next meal.

      Worked like a charm just now, thank you Ops. I didn't have to wait for a targeted e-mail like usual - that's why I have a few of these phones set up, on the go. They each also have all those apps that get free birthday meals/deals installed to get the most value out of each phone/SIM/number/email address! ;)

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        Thank you for the detailed instructions.

        Do you have a list of businesses with first order discounts?

        • Sorry, I don't have a "list" per se. Perhaps other OzBargain members can type one up. "First order" deals constantly change as business (new and old) try and get "new" customers in. I also use these new SIM cards/numbers for the birthday deals every time I reset the phones. :)

      • So what do you use it for apart from uber eats? Because as is it looks like you just about break even with this one deal (minus time cost)

        • it looks like you just about break even with this one deal

          The sim costs only $1, so the "profit" is $29.

        • I am well ahead since I first purchased the phones for only $14.50c each (and they are all 4GX), plus a few dollars to have them unlocked via a code purchased on eBay.

          Each time some sort of deal comes on, I put in a new SIM card (therefore get a new number) with which I register for multiple deals - not just UberEats, but also all those birthday deals (so my birthday month is full of take-away that I get for free!)… my favourites being Nando's and Pancake Parlour. But other places also offer bonuses for signing up (like Red Roosters) and of course, the ongoing Hungry Jack's Shake and Win - with multiple accounts, which only need e-mail verificatioin not a new mobile number, it means that I just shake until I get what I want on the day (usually a free mediam coffee/hot chocolate or free large softdrink, sometimes the free medium fries). And then, there's also the free birthday whopper - which I have noticed they never ask ID for, so multiple accounts means I have a birthday quite often. Just don't go to the same HJ store on consecutive days - or even on the same day! ;)

          It also comes down to how you calcualte your "break even" costs (including what your time is worth). For me, it is not just about the one deal, but about all future deals I can get per new SIM card/number. That's why I use these really cheap and disposable phones - hard factory reset removes any tracking ID those apps may enter into the Android system. :)

          • @new2onlineshopping: Plus. multiple McDonald's app accounts means that whenever they send out their offers in bulk to everyone, I often get multple servings (eg $2 Big Macs, over multple accounts, feeds me and my friends and family pretty cheap)!

          • @new2onlineshopping: What are your other favourite deals which benefit with a new SIM?

      • Hi @new2onlineshopping,
        Two questions,
        -Can I use an old iPhone for your trick?
        -what's required to set up a new PayPal account and how easy to remove it?


        • Im doing your steps except i dont need a phone :)

        • Sorry, I am not a fan of the Apple eco-system so have never bought an iPhone. I imagine that if you are able to factory reset it, then this should work - however, I am of the understanding that an iPhone requires an iCloud account to be linked to the iPhone itself, in order to access the Apple store for app installation. Maybe another Oz Bargain user who is more familiar with iPhones can advise/answer your question.

          As for PayPal, all you need to set up a new PayPal account is a mobile number that has not previously been linked to any other PayPal account - when creating a new account PayPal will send you a code via text message to confirm that the number belongs to you (see https://paste.pics/3f4acd6f9f8b4d18f78e2b0c13d87939 ), before proceeding to the account creation page (which is where you enter your e-mail address). Uber Eats does the same thing, requires a new mobile number not previously linked to any other Uber Eats account, sends a confirmation code, then allows you to create the new Uber Eats account.

          As for removing PayPal, this is as easy as removing any app on your phone, just uninstall it. Don't forget to remove the prepaid Visa/prepaid MasterCard from PayPal first because it will only allow the card to be linked to one PayPal account (even if it has been deleted). I use the same prepaid card all the time and only keep a few dollars on it (usually $1 is deducted as a "preauthorization" fee, irrespective of the amount of the order, to confirm that the card is valid).

          I think that recently Uber Eats have updated their app and now no longer accept PayPal as a payment method - to be confirmed (since I just tried it this morning as I was running low on account - only three left, all with this $30 promo code already entered - and saw that PayPal is no longer an option in the Uber Eats Android app version 1.270.10004, updated 14 Sep 2020). Good thing that I have multiple prepaid cards… ;)

          • @new2onlineshopping: Hi @new2onlineshopping,
            Appreciated your detailed reply.
            I followed your instructions step by step using my backup Android phone.
            New paypal with a fake name and link a prepaid Master/Visa card. No problem adding paypal as a payment option in Ubereats(1.271.10006).
            I was wondering if I've used PMAU20 once on this phone. Do a factory reset and whether I can use PMAU20 again. Have you tried that before?

            • @ja912son: Once you factory reset your device and repeat the process, you can use the same promo code (if it hasn't expired) on the next account. That's why I love this particular promo code (PMAU20) as it won't expire until the end of November. Normally, I'd use this process to have accounts sitting there because after about two months of never being used, Uber Eats usually then send out a $30 off promo code to the e-mail address I provided.

              I am glad to hear that this has worked for you. It continues to work for me, but depending on the app version, I have heard that PayPal may not be a payment option. Don't forget to delete the prepaid card from your PayPal app before you factory reset and start this process over again because PayPal only allow each card to be linked to one account. Doing this ensures that you can use the same prepaid card over and over (since it is not being charged any money if your order is exactly $30 or below).

              Also, be aware that PayPal may restrict your fake PayPal account after a few days until you provide them with ID, which of course you can't as it is a fake account.So, I tend not to add PayPal until I am ready to place the order in UberEats.

              Enjoy - free meals until the end of November! ;)

              • @new2onlineshopping: hi new2onlineshopping,

                I have factory reset my device but the notification of 'this promo cannot be currently applied on your device' pops out.

                Any idea how to circumvent that? Purposely factory reset for that purpose but doesnt seem to work


                • @gardna: Have never seen that error, sorry. I will be factory resetting my phone again tomorrow (as I have work today) to order more on the weekend. If there's a similar problem to what you are having, I will let you know and also let you know of any work around that I may be able to figure out. But because I have never had the error you are getting, I am not sure how to help you. Are you using an Android phone or are you using an iPhone? Or a phone with a completely different operating system? I assume that you have set up completely new e-mail accounts, new mobile telephone number, and a new PayPal account/new MasterCard or VISA card details?

                  • @new2onlineshopping: Im using an android.

                    Did all of the above, new everything
                    Even the more inferior $15 off codes do not work


                • @gardna: I've found that a factory reset doesn't do the trick either…it could be phone-specific, but that doesn't sound logical either :)

              • @new2onlineshopping: @new2onlineshopping,
                This is new. I reset an old Android phone. New sim card inserted. Download app and I can't receive a verification code via text message when trying to sign up. Very weird…

                • @ja912son: I've never had that happen before. Hope it has resolved during this past week.

                  Also, you don't need to have the new SIM in the phone which has the UberEats app - I often reset my android phone and connect it to my wifi to install and use UberEats; the new SIM is put into my normal phone just for the verification text from Uber/and PayPal. That way, the UberEats app/PayPal app that is on my burner phone only ever gets a mobile number and never gets the SIM identification number (I don't trust apps not to steal that information!). Plausible deniability - if they only ever have a mobile number, I can just say that it was not me who signed up. ;)

                  • @new2onlineshopping: its kinda working now.. haha

                    ive gotten many $30 meals.

                    Could be something problematic with the one number in particulat

                    Thanks all =)

          • @new2onlineshopping: Paypal wont allow me to use it without sending photo ID. Do you register a Paypal account fully / officially then remove it?

            • @tunzafun001: Never had a problem with PayPal; I create the PayPal account just a few minutes before I am ready to order on UberEats. Then delete both the PayPal and UberEats accounts after my order is received. :)

              • @new2onlineshopping: recently? Paypal didn't work via uber, had to use a card.

                I then tried again a few weeks later thinking i didn't allow enough time between setting up Paypal and using it, and noticed in the top corner that Paypal wont allow any payment transactions until a photo is verified.

                Closed the account, repeat…same thing…though this time it wont let me close the account.

                i failed :(

                • @tunzafun001: I came across the similar situation once. Somehow PayPal detected that account almost immediately after I created it through some algorithm and asked me to upload photo ID right away before I can do anything.

                  Of course I can't upload photo ID. So now I can't even delete or close that PayPal account. It just sits there bugging me big time. I don't know what went wrong. Could be the email address associated with that PayPal account. It's from disposal email service @trashmail.com. or it could be the name on new PayPal account. Merlin was used

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        Shame on you for cheating the system. Its a first world country ffs.

        • +1

          LOL! Your comment made me laugh. Thanks for that. :)

          "If they don't want you to get inside, they ought to build it better." — Harold Finch, from Person Of Interest.

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        I applaud the effort you made to get the free $30 meal

        • At this time i think he got about ~$3xxx free meal already lol

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            @BurnSomeCashs: Yes, I need to turn in my OzBargain badge - I have only been using this about twice a week. Should have done it at least once a day, if not more. There's meant to be three meals a day, right? For breakfast, lunch, and dinner? LOL!

            At least the code is still valid until the end of November, so still more than a month to go. :)

            • @new2onlineshopping: Where do you get new sim card?

              • @BurnSomeCashs: Both Optus and Telstra are currently offering free SIM cards, delivered. Or just go to Coles/Woolworths/7-Eleven and grab a $2 SIM card for any network (I think Vodafone are currently on sale for $1).

                If you don't want to sign up for a new SIM, you can always just "borrow" your friend's/family member's/neighbour's phone to get the activation code that Uber Eats send - if they have not previously registered for Uber Eats. Great trick if you have a lot of elderly relatives who are highly unlikely to sign up for food delivery… Uber Eats does not care whether the mobile number that is registered is yours, and you can still create a fake e-mail address to attach to the new Uber Eats account even if it is a "borrowed" mobile just for their activation code. ;)

      • Thanks for sharing your tips. Where do you register new email? Does gmail trick work? E.g. a dot in gmail address ([email protected])?

      • Just to add, you dont need a Phone, or PayPal account or a real email address either. You can just enter a random fake email and add a credit card into the uber eats wallet on checkout, no paypal really required. use a PC in incognito mode. maybe reset your IP every time you create a new account.

        You can use the credit card maybe 3-4 times in a 30 min period before it gets axed by Ubereats, then just use a new one.

        The PayPal method may give you more opportunities to re-use the card as long as you remove as per OP advice, but everyone should have unlimited free credit cards by now… its easy.

        I am an expert uberEATS ordering guru by now ;)

        • Unlimited free credit cards? Teach us, wise one!

      • I can't add same card to new paypal, even though I deleted it from the another account. it says this card is linked to another account which I already deleted

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    So if I setup a new account in my brothers name his email and CC details to my address do you think it would work

    • i used a new email new phone and a new card through paypal worked for me

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        i used a new email new phone number and an old credit card and they flagged my account.

        • i said i used a new card through paypal why did you try an old card :)

          • @xauke18: so i got a new number, new email and new credit card this time… still flagged my account, maybe they got my phone id number….. need a new phone!

              • @povertytrap: i never used the phone i used tor browser for setting up the account and ordering i only used the sim to verify the number thats all

                • @xauke18: So you can just order via desktop (ie this code works without needing to use the app)? Paired with 10 min mail?

                  The alternative i guess is as above, install the app on one phone, verify the number on another.

            • @SS625: i never used the phone i used tor browser for setting up the account and ordering i only used the sim to verify the number thats all

  • Thanks OP, applied successfully to a new account, hope it will process with an order.

  • Thanks OP. Successfully added to new account!

  • I dont think you all realise .. this is $30 off the order

    includes the deliver fee as well…

    so if you purchase under $30, gonna cost $1

    • No. if you purchase $30 or under its FREE (i.e. $0.00). If you purchase over $30 then you just pay the difference.

      Sometimes you might see a $1 pre-authorisation on your credit card as with all online purchases, this is not a charge and gets reverted within 24-48 hours.

      Delivery fee is included with free $30 =)

  • Champ OP ordered in my name successfully , now on to another account :)

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    ✅ Get $20 off your first order with Uber Eats when you spend $1 or more. 🔥


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      Why not $30 off instead of $20?

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    So who absorbs the $30 cost is it the restaurant or uber. If it is the rest i feel kind of bad using mulitple phones to do it unless if uber absorbs it

    • +1

      My understanding is that the company, Uber, absorbs the costs (see https://help.uber.com/ubereats/article/how-do-promo-codes-wo... - the very first sentence says that Uber offers the codes) which should mean that the restaurant gets the $ credited to them by Uber. However, some resaturants also offer their own offers such as spend over x $ and get something extra for free - the costs for those more localized and restaurant-specific offers would be borne by the restaurant, I think.

      Happy to be corrected by someone who works for or is associatedwith Uber Eats. Or even by a restaurant owner who uses Uber Eats and can explain what they are charged or how promo codes work for them. I imagine that Uber provides these codes to get a bigger market share and given their exorbitant prices on the app, In have no problems using these promo codes on multiple devices.

      I will, however, reconsider if it is in fact restaurants that absorb the costs. Bargains are great, especially free food, but we have to look after each other - and being in Melbourne, during lockdown where many businesses are forced to shut, it is now more important than ever to support local businesses.

  • Legend, it worked

  • Anyone got any new vouchers for $30 after this one is due to expire end of this month, if you do or get them later please let us know! or create a new ozbargain post. Also if anyone finds that illusive $60+ voucher code for first time orders let us know ;)

    I think my neighbours suspect I am a drug dealer with all the uber cars pulling pulling up.

    • LOL @ people downvoting my post because of pure jealousy. =) I am glad I impacted your day.

  • Thanks Op, enjoying my uber dinner tonight :)

  • Any new code for December?